Review and Giveaway: Matcha Source

Matcha Source is a Los-Angeles based, online retailer of high quality matcha teas and equipment.  As a lucky recipient of a sampler pack, I was delighted to open up my parcel from Alissa to see a Matcha Box kit (which includes some Morning Matcha tea, a beautiful ceramic bowl from Japan, bamboo tea scoop to measure tea, as well as traditional tools to prepare the matcha–a bamboo whisk and stainless steel sifter), as well as additional packets of Gotcha Matcha Cafe grade teas (used for baking, smoothies, and so on).


Like many of you, I drink green tea (usually Chinese green) almost every day.  And while I’ve tried authentic Japanese green tea in the past (see my post about my visit with my Japanese penpal), that cannister of tea was finished so long ago that the memory had faded.  So I wasn’t quite sure of what to expect here.

One thing I already loved about this matcha tea, even before a single sip passed my lips, was the respectful, solemn nature of the authentic tea ceremony and the attention to detail in the equipment provided by Matcha Source.  I attempted to do my best with it (whisking furiously) and did achieve a slight froth with the bamboo whisk–but whether this was authentic or not, I couldn’t say!  I did appreciate the delicate bamboo fronds of the whisk, the heft of the bowl, and artistry of the Japanese pottery.  The equipment alone provides an exquisite combination of art and pragmatism all on its own. 


But then, of course, there’s the tea.

My first taste was taken from a hot cup of tea, pure and simple.  I adored it.  Intensely flavored, with a slight bitterness and clear umami aftertaste, the tea definitely announces its presence to your taste buds.   The HH wasn’t a huge fan (perhaps I made it a bit strong for his palate), but I could drink the stuff, straight, all day. No wonder my Japanese penpal told me she used to drink one or two pots on her own per day!

As the Matcha Source website describes it, the tea is “Complex.  Alluring.  Bitter.  Misunderstood.  Addicting.”  To that formidable list of adjectives, I’d add, paradoxically, both “astringent” and “smooth.”  The color is a brilliant, bright green, like an Irish clover. For those who enjoy green smoothies, you’ll recognize the subtle undertones of chlorophyll as well.

As a holistic nutritionist, I was also thrilled to review the incredible array health benefits conferred by the matcha. Because matcha is the entire tea leaf, ground up (versus the liquid only from steeping the leaves), the antioxidant and health benefits increase exponentially compared to standard green teas.  In fact, matcha provides ten times the antioxidant benefits of “regular” green tea! It also contains amino acids that naturally enhance your mood.

And there’s so much more that can be done with matcha as well.  I tried my hand at several recipes, including truffles, pudding, and a chilled latte (which reminded me very much of green tea ice cream). 

Well, it’s settled: I’m addicted to this healthy beverage.  Thanks so much, Alissa!

And now, you can sample it yourself! I’m giving away a Matcha Box to one lucky reader–CONTEST OPEN WORLDWIDE.

Even if you’re not a fan of the tea, wouldn’t this kit make a beautiful Christmas or Hannukah gift?

Here’s what you need to do to enter:

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Contest closes on Friday, December 4 at midnight.