Potato-Free Rutabaga Hash Browns

When I was an undergrad, I submitted a short story to the university literary journal, which was edited by my beloved mentor, John Ditsky (I guess on some level, since we’d already become friends by then and he’d always encouraged my writing, I kind of “knew” he’d publish the story). It was a tale about […]

Granola-Topped Blueberry Pie Bars

  I’ve never really understood the expression, “easy as pie.” In the home of my childhood, it was more like “almost-unheard-of-plus-totally frustrating-and-usually-botched-results” as pie.  Although my mom was a superlative baker, the one thing she almost never made (and when she did, it wasn’t very good) was pie. Give her a cookie dough, and she […]

The Week in Review: New York, Sandy and Lots of Food

[Random Broadway photo.  Can you spy the person in the crowd wearing a squirrel costume?] So, where the heck have I been this past week? It feels like a long time since I last posted on this blog. In reality, it’s only been since last Thursday’s Wellness Weekend. Even though Wellness Weekend does occur each […]

Flash in the Pan: Quick and Easy Grain-Free Squash-Based Porridge

[Sometimes, you just want a dish that’s quick and easy–no fuss.  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so simple to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).] […]

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Cupcakes

So here’s a scenario from my an imaginary 20-something woman’s life: Let’s say this woman just got a job teaching as a sessional instructor at a large college in a large North American city.  She’s very keen to do well on the job and practice all she’s learned about pedagogy. Her office, as it turns […]

Chai Ice Cream (No Ice Cream Maker Required!)

[Smooth, creamy. . . and oh so easy!] I’m so glad it’s ice cream season again, aren’t you?  Not because it coincides with climbing temperatures (though the 25C (78F) and sunny days are certainly welcome).  Not because it means the HH and I can bring The Girls down to the Beaches for lakeside walks (“We […]

Go Ahead, Indulge: Baked Millet-Squash Porridge

[How to indulge on a Sunday morning.] Recently, a friend emailed me a link to this interview with Bel Kaufman (author of the legendary novel Up the Down Staircase). What struck me most about Kaufman (apart from the fact that she’s still vibrant and joking  at 100), was her comment about growing up in Russia during […]

Corn + Corn + Corn = Pancakes*

*Or, Corn Cubed Pancakes *Or, You Don’t Need Math to Enjoy These Pancakes [Unadorned corny goodness, tall and proud.] I was one of those students who always did pretty well in math even though I didn’t understand most of it. In other words, I was a good memorizer. These days, I rejoice if I can […]

Caramel Ice Cream with Apple-Cinnamon Topping–No Ice Cream Maker Required!

Years ago, I saw a cartoon in a women’s magazine.  In the frame were two girls aged about 5 or 6, facing each other. Girl One (self-satisfied smile on her face): My mommy lets me eat candy every day. Girl Two:  (scowling): That’s not candy, stupid.  That’s broccoli. Girl One (crushed):  You mean. . . broccoli […]

Crumb Coffee Cake (Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Anti-Candida)

The quaint old notion of friends “dropping in” for a visit seems to have disappeared somewhere around the same time as shoulder pads, Eight Tracks, or Electric Light Orchestra. When I was a child, my mother and her friends would pop over to each other’s homes at a moment’s notice, stopping by without any embellishment (never […]