You’re Invited to A Gluten-Free Holiday Progressive Dinner Party!

It’s almost the holidays!! Are you as excited (and as yet unprepared) as I am? ūüėÄ This year, Hallie of Daily Bites had a great idea: host a progressive dinner party to provide you with some fabulous recipe ideas for your own holiday tables, making everyone’s life easier! Starting Monday, December 10th, a different blogger […]

Mum’s Original Review and Giveaway

[Yes, these Raw Caramel Cupcakes with Banana-Cacao Frosting are bursting with superfoods ingredients!] As many of you know, I spend some quite a bit a crazy amount of time every day on twitter. I love that I’ve been able to strike up acquaintances with other bloggers, writers, nutritionists and companies that way. Well, several months […]

Six Degrees of Cara’s Cravings (and Blueberry Ice Cream)

[Who made this ice cream?¬† Read on to find out!!] If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably have a good idea of the kinds of foods I eat or don’t eat, and my diet profile in general.¬† While I consume a vegan diet, I don’t generally talk about it too much with […]

I Feel So Nourished!

[Post-presentations with (left to right) Cara of Cara’s Cravings and Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free (one of the two Wonder Women behind the conference!), and me. We’re thrilled to finally meet each other in person!] I couldn’t let the weekend go by without posting a quick recap of my time at Nourished, the […]

Spectacular Spring Salad

Before I begin this review–and in the spirit of full disclosure–I must confess to you all that my opinions in this blog post are biased. No, not because I was paid to do this review (which I wasn’t); not because I received a free copy of the book (which I did); and not because I […]

Kicking Off the New Year!

As we prepare to f√™te the beginning of 2012, I wanted to take a moment to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy, festive New Year.¬† I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this blog would not be what it is today¬†without all of you–you, who stop by to read, […]

Black-Bottomed Almond Mousse Pie with Chocolate Ganache Drizzle

I actually first made this pie quite a while ago (some of you may remember that I posted about it on Facebook), but¬†I’ve been holding on to the recipe, clinging to it like¬†Scrooge gripping his last penny so that I could save it for this very post. Seriously, this is one is a show-stopper, a […]

A Gluten-Free Holiday V: Oatmeal Poppyseed Scones for Breakfast or Brunch

[On the menu today. . . recipe below!] Welcome to Week V of A Gluten-Free Holiday, the event conceived by Amy of Simply Sugar and Gluten Free, designed to bring you lots of GF holiday food ideas every Thursday right through to Christmas! This week’s topic is Breakfasts and Brunch–so of course, I just *had* […]

Homemade Edible Gifts

I thought this would be a perfect week to share some of my favorite recipes on the blog that would also make fantastic homemade–and edible–gifts. In my younger years, I made almost all of my gifts myself¬†(edible or otherwise).¬† Of course, the fact that I was a student living in penury (I won’t say I […]

A Gluten Free Holiday I: Healthier Over the Holidays with Lower Carb, Date-Free Squares

[Date-free Date Squares! Photo credit: Celine Saki.] Let’s get¬†ready for the holidays! This is¬†Week One of A Gluten Free Holiday–2011 Edition, so get those ovens fired up, pull out the fancy china, polish the silverware*, and start planning those place settings! The event is the brainchild¬†of our lovely hostess, Amy over at Simply Sugar and […]