Whole Grain Cereals Any Time of Year

Hope you’ll join me over at The Balanced Platter today, where I’ll be talking about quick and easy (and delicious!) ways to incorporate more whole grains into your morning cereal. I love a good whole grain cereal–any time of year! ūüôā [Disclaimer: this post may contain affiliate links. If you buy using these links, at […]

Pick-Your-Own Gluten Free Pancakes*

*Or, Thanks, Michael Ruhlman (for the rule, man). [Millet, buckwheat, oat and bean flour with chopped pears and cranberry compote] I’m all about freedom of choice. While my dad eats the identical breakfast every day**, I feel the need¬†to rotate among cereal (hot or cold), omelets, baked sweet potato and almond sauce, apple and almond […]

Easy Breakfast “Sausage” Patties and Biscuits with Smoky Almond Gravy

What?¬† Another breakfast recipe–and so soon, you say?¬† Well, you can never have too much breakfast is what I say.¬† I mean, breakfast really is the best repast of the trio of meals,¬†isn’t it? To begin with, if it’s breakfast time, you’re probably rested.¬† Your belly is¬†primed and ready to accept food¬†(after all, you have […]

Feeling Snacky: Crunchy Stalks and Branches

[Before I delve into today’s snack post, I want to send out a heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of you who responded to my last post. I was¬†bowled over by the outpouring of kindness and support¬†that you folks displayed.¬† And thanks to all of you¬†who shared your own story or struggles with […]

Lucky Comestible 5 (3): Confetti Quinoa and Wild Rice Salad with Cilantro (or Parsley)

[I thought it would be fun to¬†run¬†a little series over here at DDD: I’ll¬†profile one one of my favorite foods, or a food that I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, over several days.¬† For this fifth¬†edition, I’m focusing on¬†cilantro. The series is presented¬†on an occasional (and entirely arbitrary) basis, before I¬†move on to the next lucky […]

The Nerd Makes Good: A Double Ode to Okra*

* Or, Give Pods a Chance! [Okra pods, in the raw] I have a confession to make.¬† I haven’t told you all about this yet because, quite frankly, I was afraid you’d reject me.¬† Move that cursor elsewhere, and click.¬† At best, roll your eyes.¬† Maybe snort in disgust.¬† Maybe¬†gag, even. But I’ve decided it’s […]

Please Standby

I’m going to be dashing around town for the next couple of days, doing cooking classes (short notice, but if you’re in the Toronto area, I’ll be at the Bayview/Sheppard Loblaws tonight at 7:00–would love to meet you!), and then my friend Babe is coming to town¬†tomorrow, so I won’t have much time for cooking […]

A Bowl Lotta Love

[Thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments and encouragement for the hellish week of marking!¬† (And I know I still owe some of you emails. . . coming soon!) Some of you who are students noted that you’d be doing as much work on the other side of the red pen. Whether students, parents, […]

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas

I had intended a lovely post today, in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend to the south of us.¬† But time constraints (read: massive, unwieldly pile of essays and assignments to mark) have prevented me from following through. So I’ll just have to wait till the next batch of holidays in December to post […]

Blast from the Past: Barley-Hazelnut Salad

As someone who considers herself an unabashed fan (and follower) of popular culture, I love trend-watching (and also soap opera-watching, and celebrity-watching, and style-watching. . . plus reading trashy magazines at the supermarket checkout line. . . I could go on, but really, haven’t I embarassed myself enough for one day?) Over the years, I’ve […]