Antioxidant-Rich Nut Butter, Breakfast Bake, Plus Cocoa Cardio Review & Giveaway

[Your breakfast awaits.] Those of you who follow me on Facebook or twitter might already know that I’ve spent eight out of the past nine days without my computer. (It was infected with a horrible virus that three computer fix-it guys couldn’t fix; we lucked out on Number Four).  Because my full-time job occurs almost […]

Chocolate Malted Shake

Do you drink greens drinks? Made from dehydrated, powdered green vegetables (and sometimes other high-antioxidant foods like sea algae or healthy grasses), they offer an intensive punch of nutrients in a small scoop of powder that can be added to smoothies or other beverages. I’ve been taking spirulina (another type of green algae) with my […]

Chocolate Malted Shake, iHerb Shopping Spree & Madre Labs Review

The wonderful folks at iHerb have, once again, offered a $50 shopping spree to one lucky DDD winner! (iHerb is an online shop for all of your supplement and health-food needs. They carry an extensive array of products that you can order for delivery to your home).  Read all the details about the giveaway at […]