Food for What Ails Ya: Lentil Rissoles

Just like Anna Karenina’s unhappy families, everyone deals with illness in her or his own way. The HH, for instance, when struck with a cold or flu, takes to his (ie, our) bed for two days or so.  He doesn’t talk; he doesn’t watch TV; he doesn’t eat; he barely uses the bathroom. Then, after […]

Gold and Green Warm Summer Salad

  Remember last week, when I crowed about summer finally arriving in Southern Ontario?  Well, little did I know that that single day would constitute the entire season!  As of this week, we’re waking up to a distinct chill under ever-darkening skies;  there’s condensation on my car windows when I slip into the driver’s seat; and the […]

The Ultimate Slow Food: Lupini Beans with Garlic and Olive Oil

Even though the HH is of Scottish descent and I hail from the Poles and Russians (the joke possibilities are endless, aren’t they?), we live in a predominantly Italian neighborhood.   And while we enjoy a good relationship with most of our neighbors and have even become friendly with some of them, in some ways, living here […]

Vegetarian Veggie Burgers that are Made from Vegetables

I was around 12 when my friends and I first began to find ourselves interested in boys as romantic partners, and not simply background annoyances during art class.  (Yes, twelve is ancient by today’s standards!) During that year at school, we girls were all given a little blue pamphlet (because pink would have been so conventional, and […]

Curried Pumpkin Hummus*

* Or, Hummus in a World of Its Own As we often do, the HH and I made the trek to Montreal over the long weekend to spend the holidays with my family.  While I long ago became accustomed to toting along some sort of sustenance for these trips (my diet, even when I’m not on a candida cleanse, […]

Chili to Last Through the Winter

The three of you who were reading my blog last year at this time may recall that I am not a fan of winter.  “What?” the rest of you ask, “and you from Montreal?” Well, I’m here to tell you that being born in a certain place doesn’t automatically predispose one kindly toward the weather of […]