SOS Adzuki Beans: The Roundup

Here it is again, the start of another month. That means it is also the end of another¬†SOS Kitchen Challenge (and I’m not foolin’!). ūüėČ ¬†In March,¬†Kim and I featured none other than the delicious and nutritious adzuki bean. Our readers were inspired by both the sweet and savory possibilities, and delivered a multitude of […]

Raw Asian Slaw with Fennel, Beet and Carrot

So:¬†I’m going to¬†make an effort to¬†try to attempt to give it my best shot and¬†strive to endeavor to maybe have a crack at liking¬†winter a little more.¬† I mean, I can’t complain about it right through until April, can I? (okay, don’t answer that).¬† Well, with¬†inspiration from Alicia’s “Happy Thoughts” at the conclusion of each […]

A Bowl Lotta Love

[Thanks to everyone who left such sweet comments and encouragement for the hellish week of marking!¬† (And I know I still owe some of you emails. . . coming soon!) Some of you who are students noted that you’d be doing as much work on the other side of the red pen. Whether students, parents, […]

Three Shindigs and a Mid-Term (Break)

[Okay, so the post title is¬†a bit¬†obscure (I was alluding to Four Weddings and a Funeral)–but with the Oscars coming up in a couple of days, and with my¬†having seen, hmmn,¬†let’s see–a total of “zero”¬†of the movies, I¬†wanted to make reference to that¬†grand little Golden Guy in some way or other in this post.¬†] [Slice […]

My Favorite Mistake: Savory Filled Breakfast Crepes

I really hate making mistakes.¬† Not only because they sometimes wreak havoc (“What?¬† The model of Stonehenge on stage was supposed to be 18 FEET high, not 18 inches???” or, “What?¬† But I thought the BLUE was the¬†‘panic button,’ Mr. President!!!”), but also because¬†they make me feel really knuckle-brained sometimes (“Um, HH, can you come […]