Marry Me Brownies*

*Just in case there’s any doubt, I meant that in the sense of, “These brownies will make him/her/you declare, “Marry Me!” and not in the sense of, “You will want to marry these brownies”–though weirder things have happened. [What’s that I see beside these squares of bliss? Could it be–?!!] Now, I know it may seem a […]

Sugar-free, Dairy-free, Candida-friendly “Notella” (Chocolate Hazelnut Spread)

[Just look at that icy, smooth surface. . . dig in!] The Nutty Part: Ever since I created that Walnut-Cacao Nib Butter a while back, I’ve gone all-out nutty.  Seems a day cannot go by without my consuming some form of nut butter.  I had already been enjoying nuts on this ACD (one of the […]