Rustic Glazed Peach and Mascarpone Tart with Oatcake Crust

Every summer during my childhood, my sisters and I would wait impatiently for the appearance of certain foods that weren’t available the rest of the year: cherries (still a love affair there); watermelon (nobody could cut it like my Dad–one sharp thwack! on top, and the thing practically fell open in slices); corn on the […]

Rhubarb Swirl Ice Cream

Ah, the crazy, lazy days of summer. Well, at least I got it half right. ūüėČ Ack!! I’m going nuts over here!¬† Bonkers!¬† Batty! Off the deep end! Loco!¬† Folle!¬† Verr√ľckt! Whack! Or, as Susan Powter used to say, “STOP THE INSANITEEEEEEEE!!”.¬† Well, really, it’s my own fault.¬† I mean,¬†it’s crunch time at my job, […]

Minted Peach and Corn Salad

There are certain food combinations¬†that strike one as just so naturally compatible, you couldn’t imagine them any other way.¬†Consider the¬†seminal chocolate and peanut butter, for instance: could there be a happier marriage of sweet, salty, creamy, smooth, and enticing?¬†Or what about¬†vodka and orange juice, or pancakes and maple syrup, or french fries and gravy, or […]