Caramelized Onion, Shaved Butternut and “Goat Cheese” Pizza (Grain Free, Vegan)

When I was in grade school, there was exactly one boy (let’s call him Jerome) in our school who had a food allergy (to peanuts).  Jerome was already a bit too large (he towered over the rest of us; even in grade three, he was already level with our teacher, Mrs. B’s shoulders); a bit too […]

Lucky Comestible 6(4): Potato Terrine with Apples and “Goat Cheese”

[I thought it would be fun to run a little series over here at DDD: I’ll profile one one of my favorite foods, or a food that I’ve recently discovered and enjoyed, over several days.  The series is presented on an occasional (and entirely arbitrary) basis, before I move on to the next lucky comestible. This is the fourth entry on […]

Virtual Vacation by the Sea and Appetizers for Two

[Giveaway Alert:  Today is the last day to enter the cookbook giveaway!  Post your comment by 12:00 midnight (Toronto time) to be eligible to win a free copy of Sweet Freedom!] It seems impossible, but I returned to full-time work at the college this week after two months away. (Yes, just when most college students and […]

Swiss “Cheese” in a Mosaic Salad

When it comes right down to it, (and like most Canadians), I’m pretty happy living in this country.  Oh, sure, I complain about the health care system and the excessive taxes, but secretly I’m proud.  When I went to Europe, I openly displayed a Maple Leaf on my backpack (in those days, only actual Canadians did […]