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It Didn't Even Sound Like Her

It certainly wasn't the way I would have done it. 

I took an online course with a well-known author, who shared his writing process and how he had written three bestselling novels. 

Someone asked about how he revised: did he rewrite directly on the page, or use the first file as a template to then rewrite the content elsewhere?

He did neither.

“I use my first draft as a way to really discover what it is I want to say,” he told us. “I actually find my story and characters while writing. Then, when it’s time to revise, I don’t even look at the first draft again. I just write the novel from scratch as it now exists in my head.”

Wow. Seemed like a lot of work!

My own method couldn’t be more different. I might begin a draft and then revise certain scenes along the way, most often before the entire manuscript is even completed. Further revisions follow.

When I hired a book coach, her approach was different still.

It made me realize that there’s no “one right way” to write.

The path to writing a nonfiction book is similar. Each writer needs to find the method that works best for them.

Some authors like to plan out allll the details in advance, right up to the specific sentences, examples and illustrations for every chapter before they start to write. Others prefer to “wing it” for most of the draft, allowing stories and memories to flood back as they record them spontaneously.

And when we work together, I always go with what works best for you.

Recently, a colleague mentioned to me that when she received the final edits for her book from the publisher, she was shocked to see that “so much of it didn’t even sound like me.”

Clearly, that’s not the kind of editing you want!

A good editor helps you find your authentic voice and then use it in your book.

Even if your book was ghostwritten, you should read it and think, “yes, that sounds just like me.”

Just as there are myriad approaches to revising fiction, there are also multiple ways to write your nonfiction book.

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