When Your Diet is Perfect. . . and You’re Still Not Better

Not getting better video

It can be incredibly frustrating.

Your practitioner commands you to eliminate a whole list of foods from your diet so that you can improve your digestion, symptoms, and overall health.

It sounds nearly impossible–you mean, you want me to take out gluten? But what about bread? Bagels? Cereal? Pasta? PIZZA???.

Or it could be dairy (Milk? Cheese?? ICE CREAM????).

Possibly sugar (But how will I sweeten my coffee? Or eat chocolate? Or yogurt? Or–what’s that? Sugar is in healthy granola bars? And my favorite soy sauce? And salad dressings? And spaghetti sauce?? And canned soups?? And my deli meats??? And McDonald’s FRENCH FRIES???? And on. . . .).

You might even be told to cut out eggs, corn, nuts, soy, citrus fruits, shellfish–or any number of other common (or uncommon) allergens.

It’s tough, but you agree to do it. After all, your health is paramount, right?

So you follow the diet perfectly. You pine for your “regular” foods, but you stick with it. . . and then. . .


Your symptoms don’t resolve. You still feel like a wet dishrag that’s been sitting on the counter overnight. You’re fatigued, foggy-brained, bloated, in pain–and pretty ticked off.

So what’s going on? Is it possible to stick to your restricted diet 100%–and still not get better?

You betcha.

In today’s video, I talk about some of the other factors to consider if you’ve been following a restricted diet for health, but still not seeing the results you’d like. 

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Can You Love Food TOO Much?

Can you love food too much?

Is it harder to stick with your restricted diet if you happen to really (really, REALLY) love food? 

Being told that you have to cut out most (or all) of your favorite foods because of a health condition can be truly devastating. Besides the fact that you might not know about other foods and new, strange ingredients, you might also be wondering whether you’re going to ever get over losing all those foods that you’re so used to eating and that you love so much.

In fact, I hear from a lot of clients and people in my programs that part of the reason they tend to slip up when it comes to sticking with these restricted diets is because they just love their old foods “too much,” and find them to be irresistible when they’re out with friends, enjoying holidays with family, or at restaurants.

Believe me, I get it. I’ve been there! I was beside myself when, as a professional baker, I was told I’d have to stop using sugar, eggs, dairy and gluten. Can you imagine? What else would a baker, um, bake with? 

In today’s video, I tackle the question, “Can you love your food TOO much?” 

In other words, how does loving our food impact the way we approach and stay on our diets? How does it affect our psychology as we try to navigate a new way of eating? And what can we do about it?

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