Can Sweet Treats Be Part of a Healthy Holiday?

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Do you enjoy all the sweet treats over the holidays? 

Most often, the story I hear goes like this: you’ve been following a restricted diet, either for candida or another chronic condition like Lyme disease, arthritis, eczema, or something else. You’ve established a pretty good pattern of eating healthy foods, and you’ve stuck with it pretty well over time. You feel comfortable with the diet and you know what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Then the holidays suddenly arrive. You’re faced with a panoply of holiday treats and once-a-year foods, like pumpkin pie; pecan pie; chocolate truffles; gooey cinnamon rolls; eggnog; peppermint-everything; warm, creamy dips and spreads; stuffing–and on and on.

It feels somehow wrong to simply refuse these special treats. After all, they’re only here at this time of year. There’s the rest of the year still left to “eat on the plan.”

Plus, everyone else is eating all this stuff! Do you really want to be left out of the party?

So what do you do? Do you allow those treats back in for a limited time, or do you forgo them altogether and push through the holidays without them?

Well, I think there might be another way entirely.

Watch today’s video to see what I think is the best solution, depending on your own individual situation. 

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Why It’s So Hard to Say “NO” to Holiday Foods

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When I was a kid and through my 30s, I looked forward to the holidays every year. It was a time when I had free rein to eat as much as I wanted–basically, the entire season from October to April was a licence to pig out.

Then, when I was diagnosed with candida, I had to cut out a huge portion of my “regular” foods. Suddenly, the holidays weren’t fun any more.

For many people, when the holidays roll around, it suddenly feels really difficult to say “no” to unhealthy foods, even when they were previously totally accustomed to their new diet , whether anti-candida, sugar-free, gluten-free, or with some other dietary restrictions.

What is it about this time of year that seems to dissolve our willpower and prevent us from sticking with the eating plan we’ve been following the rest of the time? Is it something within us that’s being affected, or is the influence from outside of us altering how we eat?

I think it’s a bit of both. In today’s video, I talk about why we find it so hard to say “NO” to the foods we know we shouldn’t be eating at the holidays.

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Are You Addicted to Sugar?

How to tell if you're addicted to sugar

Recent studies have confirmed what many of us have suspected for years: sugar is addictive. In fact, long before “sugar addiction” was even a term, I used to say that I was a “sugarholic,” implying that my addiction to sugar was like an alcoholic’s addiction to alcohol. Turns out, I was right. But feeling compelled […]

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Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip

Candida diet, sugarfree, grainfree Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip

[If you love Thai spices, you’ll adore this dip. Thai Red Curry Sweet Potato Dip is sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free and low glycemic. Suitable for all stages on an anti-candida diet.] Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Stylist: Mindi Shapiro Levine; Food Stylist:Margaret Monroe Dickey Although I love to travel, I tend not to do it […]

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Discouraged By Holiday Food Restrictions?

vegan, candida diet at the holidays

It’s a story I hear from my clients far too often: “Everything was going just great! I was eating foods that are 100% compliant with my restricted diet. I was planning my food, taking lunch to the office, cooking extra on weekends so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what to eat for breakfast. . […]

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Juice Pulp Crackers (no dehydrator required!)

candida diet, sugar-free, vegan veggie pulp crackers

[Got extra pulp after making veggie juice? These Juice Pulp Crackers are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut-free, yeast-free, and low glycemic. Suitable for all stages on an anti-candida diet.] As soon as I graduated from nutrition school, I ran out and bought myself a 9-tray Excalibur dehyrdator (and also a Vitamix, and also […]

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When Your Diet is Perfect. . . and You’re Still Not Better

Not getting better video

It can be incredibly frustrating. Your practitioner commands you to eliminate a whole list of foods from your diet so that you can improve your digestion, symptoms, and overall health. It sounds nearly impossible–you mean, you want me to take out gluten? But what about bread? Bagels? Cereal? Pasta? PIZZA???. Or it could be dairy […]

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Can You Love Food TOO Much?

Can you love food too much?

Is it harder to stick with your restricted diet if you happen to really (really, REALLY) love food?  Being told that you have to cut out most (or all) of your favorite foods because of a health condition can be truly devastating. Besides the fact that you might not know about other foods and new, […]

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Greek Pasta Salad from Go Dairy Free

Vegan candida diet Greek Pasta Salad recipe on

If you’ve been reading my site for any length of time, you already know I’m a huge fan of Alisa Fleming from Go Dairy Free. I first met Alisa over 10 years ago (hard to believe, now!), when I was just starting out on the blogging scene and Alisa was already a seasoned professional. I […]

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The Most Important Thing You Need for Success on the Anti Candida Diet

candida diet one thing for success on

I’ve heard it over and over from so many of my clients. They start out really well on an anti-candida diet and really stick with it. Over time, they begin to feel better (yay!). They’re determined to be clear of candida forever. Over time, their symptoms improve, or maybe disappear entirely. And they really do […]

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