Does Candida Influence Your Behavior?

 Worried woman about candida influencing personality

So often at the holidays, I hear from people who worry that they’ll give in to their own cravings to eat all the holiday foods. More often than not, though, many people do just fine when they’re on their own; it’s only when they find themselves with other people that the temptation feels too big to handle and the cave.

What is it about other people’s requests or insistence that pushes us to eat? Why are they so influential? In many cases, you might not be as easily influenced if you weren’t also dealing with candida.

In today’s video, I talk about the different ways that candida can have an impact on your behavior–sometimes in ways you might not realize consciously. This will also affect how you feel about others’ insistence that you eat, and what you do or don’t do about it.

If you’re worried about how you’ll navigate the holiday period, take a look at today’s new video and follow the suggestions about how to stay strong when you feel like others are having too great of an influence on you.

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How to Handle Nosy Questions About Your Food at the Holidays


Someone asking a nosy question about your food

For most people, the holiday season is full of positive experiences. It means anticipation, excitement and looking forward to the parties, meeting with relatives, animated discussions and lots (lots!) of yummy foods.

When you’re dealing with dietary restrictions, however, it may be a slightly different scenario.

Instead of delighting at seeing your extended family members, you dread having to answer questions.

Instead of pouncing on the buffet so you can pile all the holiday foods on your plate, you shun the table, trying to sneak a few “safe” foods when no one notices.

Instead of proffering a glass with wine, champagne or eggnog, you hope that no one notices your wimpy glass of soda water.

And most of all, instead of showing up to proudly participate in all the holiday discussions, you slink out of the limelight, praying that no one will ask you “THE QUESTION”:

“Why aren’t you eating? What’s wrong with you?”

In today’s video, I talk about why that question may feel so negative, as well as why people feel they have a right to impinge on what should be your own, private, business.

Oh, and what to do about it, of course.

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How to Resist Cultural Pressures to Eat Unhealthy Foods at the Holidays

spooky halloween decorations

The other day, I was taking The Girls for a walk through our neighborhood, and I couldn’t help but marvel at all the amazing Halloween decorations. Houses were adorned with streamers, strings of lights, laser shows, witches, faux skeletons and corpses, coffins. . . you name it. It occurred to me how much Halloween has […]

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What You Must Know To Eliminate Cravings

Ricki talking about how hard it is to deal with cravings on a candida diet

With the holidays upon us, it’s pretty hard to avoid thinking about all the special, once-a-year, foods that abound right now. And for so many of us, thinking about the foods means that cravings hit. When I hear from readers and clients around the holidays, what I sense more than almost anything else is fear. […]

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Cookie Dough Bars from Incredible Plant-Based Desserts by Anthea Cheng

[Who doesn’t love cookie dough? To me, the dough is almost better than the cookies. These bars provide all the joy of raw Chocolate Chip Cookie dough without any of the drawbacks! Plus, they’re vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free and yeast-free. Suitable for Stage 3 and beyond on an anti-candida diet.] One of […]

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People Who Try to Derail Your Eating Plan

It seems to be particularly common around the holidays, but truthfully, this can happen any time. You’re at an event, or a party, or a celebration of some sort, and there’s food all around. But you’re dedicated to your healthy way of eating. You know exactly which dishes (if any) you can eat, and which […]

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Macadamia-Rosemary Cheese from Vegan Mediterranean Cookbook

[A simple and delicious vegan cheese that’s sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free and low glycemic. Suitable for all stages on an anti-candida diet.] I’m one of those people who has waaaay too many cookbooks. I mean, who needs almost 300 cookbooks?! That said, I have my favorites. Those that I cherish and leaf […]

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You Are Not Your Symptoms

When you’re not feeling well and dealing with symptoms due to your condition, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. For instance, when I was first diagnosed with candida, I dealt with a rash that covered my torso; recurrent sinus infections (4 infections and 6 courses of antibiotics in 3 months); foggy thinking; overwhelming fatigue; constipation, bloating […]

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Where do you draw the line?

Ricki talking about where you draw boundaries with other people

For most of my adult life, holiday visits to my family back in Montreal caused me undue anxiety and stress. As a people-pleaser who also hated confrontations of any kind, I’d often acquiesce to my parents’ wishes (even as a “child” in her 30s or 40s), which left me feeling less than festive. Because trips […]

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If You Think You’re Too Old to Succeed on a Candida Diet

asking if you are too old to change and stick with it

I hear it all the time. “It’s too late for me, I’ll never be able to change.” “I’m too old.” “I’m too set in my ways to completely change the way I eat.” When people are faced with the changes required to stick with a candida diet, sometimes it feels as if you’re facing an […]

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