The first step to tackle anxiety

Video of Ricki talking about anxiety

Right now, you might be experiencing anxiety and stress. . . beyond the usual. 

At the time of this post, the world is in the very center of the COVID-19 pandemic. My hubby, the Girls and I are at home about 99.9% of the time (we leave the house only to walk the dogs).

Since November, 2019, when the first case of the novel coronavirus was reported out of China, things changed quickly.

As of today, we’ve all moved from a world in which the vast population on the planet was free to move around within our communities, find or purchase food, interact with other people, plan events like parties, weddings, conferences or even sports events.

It’s natural to feel anxiety when you’re sequestered at home and your normal routine and circle of friends and family has changed; it would be strange if you didn’t experience it right now. However, it’s how you react to it and what you do with it that can make the difference between getting through this next period in history successfully, mind and health intact, or suffering through to the other side.

In today’s video, I talk about the first step to addressing the anxiety in a way that allows you to deal with it effectively. 

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Homemade Soft Gluten-Free Tortillas

[These easy-to-make tortillas are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free,  dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut-free and low glycemic. Suitable for all stages on an anti-candida diet.]

Rolled up gluten-free tortilla shell with plant-based filling

The first time I tasted a burrito, I was in my 40s (I know–gasp!).

Even worse, I have never gotten to try an authentic (wheat flour-based) wrap. By the time I was ready, my diet had become 100% gluten-free, and wraps were off the table (so to speak).

So I’m very excited to report that now I (and you!) can have both! If you follow a gluten-free diet and you miss soft tortillas that are yummy, pliable and don’t crack into pieces when you try to roll them up, you’re going to love this recipe from my friend Nele of The Nutriplanet.

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Why you keep slipping up (and what you can do about it)

Ricki looking upset about slipups

Just last week, I noticed something different about our (relatively) new puppy, Zoey. Ever since we got her, we’ve been putting Zoey in the crate at night when we go to sleep. Even at a year old, she’s still not mature enough to know that she shouldn’t eat tissues out of the waste paper baskets, […]

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How do you know if it’s working?

Ricki is confused about whether the anti-canidda diet is working or not

Recently, one of the new members in my Facebook group, Food Restrictions Made Easy, asked this question:  “I’ve been on the anti-candida diet for several weeks now. How do I know if it’s working?” It struck me that this is a question that might be on your mind, too. For those of us on restricted […]

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What’s your relationship with your symptoms?

Ricki talking about your relationship with your symptoms

You might not think of the way you deal with symptoms as a “relationship,” but there are many similarities. Do you treat your health with respect? Do you dump healthy eating when something “better” comes along? In today’s video, I talk about how we sometimes consider our symptoms when we try to decide whether to […]

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The First Step to Healing from Candida

Ricki talking about the importance of acceptance with candida

It can be a real shock to be told you have to change your diet dramatically, no matter the diagnosis that accompanies it. Whether you have to cut out sugar and simple carbs because of diabetes, or grains and legumes to follow a Paleo diet, or gluten because of Celiac disease, or sugar, gluten, eggs […]

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Everything Bagel Cheese Ball (Dairy-free, Grain-free, Sugar-free)

Creamy dairy-free cheeseball cut to reveal the interior

Back in the Decade of the Dinner Party, throwing a bash for New Year’s Eve was just a normal occurrence. These days, now that The HH and I are both “of a certain age” (and given the fact that our newest family member, the Zoey pup, is basically equivalent to a 14 year-old teenager, in […]

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Why Acceptance Can Be a Good Thing

Ricki Heller talking about acceptance

“I’m just going to accept that this is the way my life is now.”  When I heard those words from my client, my heart sank. Not because I think acceptance is bad–I actually think it’s a good thing–but because the meaning behind her words was, in my opinion, far from accepting. And that, I thought, […]

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Does Candida Influence Your Behavior?

Worried woman about candida influencing personality

  So often at the holidays, I hear from people who worry that they’ll give in to their own cravings to eat all the holiday foods. More often than not, though, many people do just fine when they’re on their own; it’s only when they find themselves with other people that the temptation feels too […]

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How to Handle Nosy Questions About Your Food at the Holidays

Someone asking a nosy question about your food

  For most people, the holiday season is full of positive experiences. It means anticipation, excitement and looking forward to the parties, meeting with relatives, animated discussions and lots (lots!) of yummy foods. When you’re dealing with dietary restrictions, however, it may be a slightly different scenario. Instead of delighting at seeing your extended family […]

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