If You Worry You’ll Never Love “Healthy” Foods

Ricki looking disgusted with healthy food

I often hear from people who’ve adopted healthier diets who tell me, “There are so many weird and new foods. I just can’t see myself ever loving them as much as I love my normal foods.”

Have you felt that way about your healthy diet? Do you believe that you will never enjoy eating this way as much as you enjoyed your previous foods?

It’s totally understandable that if you have recently begun a new diet and the ingredients are new to you, you may find them different or challenging. I remember being a little freaked out by okra, for instance, or psyllium husks when I first learned about them.  (There are actually lots of ways to make this transition easier, and these are steps I teach to clients when we work together).

But the most important thing to note is that you can learn to love these foods just as much as (or more than) your “normal” diet. And once you do, there will be no reason to go back to the old way of eating, ever again.

In today’s video, I talk about how the transition can happen–either the easy way or the hard way. (You want to take the easy way!)

I share my own experience so that you can avoid the hardships that I went through when I first made the switch.

Do you feel as if you truly love your new diet yet? Do you believe that you can get there? Let me know in the comments!

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My top 4 tips for cooking healthy over the holidays

Ricki talks about cooking for restricted diets over the holidays

Does this pattern sound familiar?

You take the time to buy all the foods you need to stay healthy throughout the year. It’s sometimes a bit of a challenge, but overall, you manage to stick with it and eat foods that support your health.

The more you eat those healthy-for-you foods, the better you feel. Of course, you appreciate it–it feels great to feel great!–but inevitably, over time, you begin to take it for granted. It should be normal to feel good, right?

And then the holidays arrive. Suddenly, there’s pumpkin everywhere, and chocolate, and whipped cream, and parties with wine and hors d’oeuvres. . .  and before you know it, you start to feel resentful.

“Why can’t I just eat like a normal person?” you might ask yourself.

Or you might think, “Well, I’ve been so good for such a long time. . . maybe I can have just a little of the crab dip or the cheesecake. . . “.

And before you know it, you’re eating All. The. Things.

You figure, “I’ve already wrecked it for the holidays, so I may as well just enjoy the food until the new year. I’ll start again in January. . .”.

Except, your body is feeling it.

What was already starting to feel easy–like climbing the stairs to the bedroom, or hiking with your hubby or playing with the grand kids–is hard again. Waking up with aches and pains, feeling sluggish, foggy brained, and dealing with embarrassing digestive issues–it’s all back, with a vengeance.

Well, before you fall off the wagon and start that dreaded cycle this year, know that you CAN stick with your healthy eating through the holiday season.

You can cook all the foods you love, share them with family and guests, and enjoy a festive feast that everyone else will love, too.

Keep reading, or watch the video below, for my four top tips for how to cook healthy through the holidays–without falling off the wagon.

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The 2 Key Questions to Ask to Stay on Track

Ricki explains what questions to ask to stick with it for life

For so many of the clients I deal with, the idea of eating healthfully seems fraught with all kinds of hurdles that interfere with the best of intentions. You want to stick with healthy eating, but sometimes it’s too hard when everyone else around you is eating “regular” food. Other times, there are insensitive people […]

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Why Self-Care Doesn’t Work (and What To Do Instead)

Ricki gestures about why self-care doesn't work

Have you heard that self-care is essential if you want to really want to maintain optimum health and allow yourself the best chance of sticking with healthy habits–including eating a healthy diet? Well, I’ve heard the same thing. And while taking bubble baths or walks in nature are great, it seems to me that what […]

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Breakfast Brownies or Brownie Bars (Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free)

A plate with a chocolate-glazed, sugarfree, glutenfree breakfast brownie

[If you think that healthy food needs to be boring, tasteless, or (dare I say it?) nasty–well, you’re in for a very pleasant surprise. Breakfast Brownies are here! These delectable brownie-muffin cross are delicious enough for dessert, healthy enough for breakfst. Plus, they’re vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free,  dairy-free, egg free, soy-free and optionally nut-free.] If you’ve […]

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Your Thoughts About Healthy Foods

Ricki making the sign of the cross to show how people react to "healthy" foods

Quick–when you think of “healthy food,” what comes to mind? Is it flavorless, gummy, chemical-tasting, oddly crunchy, with basically no appeal to anyone? Sadly, for most people, that’s exactly the kind of thing that comes to mind when they think of healthy eating. Whether you’ve had to change your diet because of chronic illness, food […]

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The Main Reason People Fail with Healthy Eating

Ricki explains why people fall off healthy eating diets

Nobody starts a new eating plan thinking that they’re going to break it. When you begin your sugar-free, gluten-free, egg-free, or dairy-free journey (or whatever “free” is equivalent for you), you’re not looking ahead weeks or months and imagining that you’ll go out to dinner with friends and order a martini. Or that you’ll be […]

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If you think you can’t change the way you eat (Part 2)

Ricki explains how to love healthy foods

“I’ve tried to eat healthy foods, but they just don’t taste as good as the “real thing.” Have you found yourself thinking this way? The thing is, if you’ve tried to change the way you eat in the past, you probably already know how important it is to change your diet, for your ultimate health […]

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If you think you can’t change the way you eat (Part 1)

Ricki talks about how to change your diet permanently

“I could never stop eating sugar or gluten–I love my food too much to give it up!” Does that sound like you? Do you feel like you love food so much that it’s taken over your mind and heart? Maybe you’ve heard things like, “well, we pay attention to people we love. We don’t sneak […]

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Lessons the bank taught me about sticking to your healthy diet

Ricki talks about how a visit to the bank can help with your healthy diet.

As I write this, much of the world is just heading into Stage 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic (if you’re reading this and don’t know what that is, lucky you! Just Google “2020: the lost year” or something like that). Where I live, just north of Toronto, Stage 3 means mandatory masks in all public […]

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