How to Deal with Setbacks, Part Two

Ricki gestures while talking about getting over setbacks with your health

If you follow a restricted diet for health reasons, you have likely experienced setbacks at some point.

I know, I know: for most of us, as we barrel along with our new diets, feeling confident as we begin to feel better, we imagine a healing trajectory that brings us from where we are right now (cookies, ice cream or my old favorite, frosting) to where we want to be (fit and healthy, eating kale chips or steel cut oats or Paleo pancakes with gusto).

It often comes as a surprise, then, when we fall off the diet, or, worse, experience a flare-up of previous symptoms.

What to do in those cases?

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How to Deal with Setbacks, Part One

Ricki looks aside while talking about dealing with setbacks.

Ever since I first started my anti-candida diet, I’ve been asked this question countless times (before the ACD, the most common question I was asked was, “When are you due?” Yes, really.).

This week, on my YouTube channel, I was asked once again in the comments: “Can you show us what you eat?” In this particular case, the person was asking about what I eat when I experience symptom flare-ups. 

The question came at an appropriate time, since I’ve been dealing with a recurrent health problem (we’re not yet sure if it’s connected to my chronic candida or not) for about 3 weeks. It’s finally under control, but it got me thinking a lot about how I handle these kinds of things. 

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What does it take to quit sugar?

Ricki talking about how to quit sugar for good

We’ve all been there (except for my husband, apparently): You’re working at home, producing great work. . . but suddenly, mid-afternoon, you’re overtaken by a massive sugar craving, and go searching for something sweet. If you’re anything like I was as a supreme sugar addict, you might even start to ransack the kitchen (looking in […]

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The Ultimate Keto Fudge (sugar-free, dairy-free, grain-free, optionally nut-free)

Keto chocolate fudge stacked on a plate

[Who wants a plate–I mean, a piece?] One of the holiday delights that I absolutely cannot do without is fudge. (In fact, if you check the archives of this site, you’ll find not one, not two, but THREE recipes for chocolate fudge!). So why a new recipe now (when it’s not even the holidays any longer)? […]

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Birthday Cake and 2021: How to Get What You Want

Ricki talks about changing your perspective to get what you want

How is 2021 going for you so far? Is it living up to expectations?  If you were hoping that January 1, 2021 was going act like a magical switch that would change our lives in an instant, you were not alone. Tweet Pin It

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How I Got Out of the Symptom Swamp

Ricki talks about how to stop focusing on symptoms so much

One of the worst parts of dealing with candida, for me, was the recurrence of old symptoms each year. Every year around Christmas time (the same time that my symptoms first blew up and my body was covered with a horrible rash), I’d experience a flare-up of the old rash. For the first 6-7 years […]

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Two key shifts that helped me clear my candida

Ricki talking about how she cleared her candida

The other day, I had a sudden realization: although I often refer to myself as “95% symptom-free, 99% of the time,” it has actually been over a year since my last symptom flare-up. Ever since I first healed from candida in 2010 (I started the diet and protocol in 2009), I always felt that candida […]

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If You Worry You’ll Never Love “Healthy” Foods

Ricki looking disgusted with healthy food

I often hear from people who’ve adopted healthier diets who tell me, “There are so many weird and new foods. I just can’t see myself ever loving them as much as I love my normal foods.” Have you felt that way about your healthy diet? Do you believe that you will never enjoy eating this […]

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My top 4 tips for cooking healthy over the holidays

Ricki talks about cooking for restricted diets over the holidays

Does this pattern sound familiar? You take the time to buy all the foods you need to stay healthy throughout the year. It’s sometimes a bit of a challenge, but overall, you manage to stick with it and eat foods that support your health. The more you eat those healthy-for-you foods, the better you feel. […]

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The 2 Key Questions to Ask to Stay on Track

Ricki explains what questions to ask to stick with it for life

For so many of the clients I deal with, the idea of eating healthfully seems fraught with all kinds of hurdles that interfere with the best of intentions. You want to stick with healthy eating, but sometimes it’s too hard when everyone else around you is eating “regular” food. Other times, there are insensitive people […]

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