Imagine getting that draft done–in less time than you ever thought possible! It can be done, buit it takes planning, consistency and focus. 

Having accountability is THE best way to ensure forward momentum with your writing

With accountability, you are most likely to finish that manuscript in record time.  

Let’s face it: even when we start with the best of intentions, many book projects meander along until something else interferes . . . . and eventually takes all your time. 

Accountability coaching keeps you focused and writing until the book is done. 

It’s also a great way to get the support you need to finish an existing draft (in fact, many of my clients come to me with a partially-complete book and just need a bit of additional support to get it completed).

Here’s how Accountability Coaching works:

Together, we determine a feasible schedule for you to write your draft, based on your outline and projected word count. 

During our time together, we meet every two weeks to review the work and any challenges you’ve encountered. While reviewing what you’ve written, I’ll make suggestions based on your questions and you set a goal for the next two weeks. 

Your schedule is flexible and works to fit within your lifestyle, not to overtake your life! 

Accountability coaching is offered on an ongoing basis, with a minimum 3-month commitment. It can be extended at the end of the 3 months.


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