Connect with your audience in a way that only stories can achieve.

YES! Help me tell more stories!

Running an online business today is more challenging than ever. Audiences have "seen it all" and they are no longer willing to buy simply because you present a great service or product.

It's not enough to know your target market inside-out.

It's not even enough to have a marketing machine that tells everyone about you and how you're the greatest secret around.

Why? because people want to relate to other people. They want to know who is the human behind the brand, and they want to know something about your values and behaviors.

That's why today, more than ever, your business needs The Power oF STORIES.

Stories are hardwired into us as humans. Stories are how we connect with each other, how we relate to others, how we learn, how we see ourselves.

Once you touch someone with a story, they'll be connected to you in a way that no other means can accomplish. And that likely means they'll want to buy, too.

"Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller,
waiting to be released." - Robin Moore

Will stories be helpful for you and your business? They will if:  

• You've been trying to grow your audience for a while, but things seem to have stalled. 

• Audience engagement isn't what you think it should be.

• You feel as if something is "missing" in your content, but you can't quite pinpoint what it is.

• Your typical content focuses on the details of your service or product more than anything else.

• You find yourself sharing "information" or talking about what you do in your content most of the time.

• You wish you could figure out a way for writing content to flow more easily and to feel more natural for you.

• You've heard that stories can be helpful in your content, but you have no idea where to even begin.

Even if you think stories wouldn't work for your particular niche and even if you don't consider yourself a writer, adding stories to your content can absolutely be a game-changer!

When I started my first online business fifteen years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I posted recipes for fun, and because I've always written stories, I told a story around each recipe--where I found it, why it was important to me, how it fit into my life at the time.

I couldn't believe how quickly my audience grew! Without realizing it, I was creating a personal connection with my readers, one that had them coming back daily to read my content.

Within a few months, I was seeing more than 100,000 views per month on my blog. Posts would receive dozens of comments, and readers started emailing me about the stories I told.

But the best part? My audience was so connected that when I finally launched my first product, a self-published cookbook, it became a bestseller overnight and even caught the eye of Ellen DeGeneres, who recommended it on her site. An agent and two traditionally-published books followed.

That's the power of stories to transform your content. 

It's much easier than you think. Stories are all around you--you just need to know how to find them and share them effectively. I can help with that!

I've  been writing stories since I could hold a pen. When other kids played outside, I often chose to stay at my desk and write a story, play, or novel. After completing my PhD in English, I taught literature for 25+ years, further deepening my understanding of how stories are made and how they play a role in our lives. And when I started my online business, I used stories daily to promote my work and my brand.

Telling stories is a natural skill for most of us--it's just that we forget what we already know when it comes to transferring those skills to the context of our businesses. But I'll show you how to tap into your natural storyteller!

This is a recorded workshop. You'll get the recording (for life) as well as any handouts to download and keep.

"There isn't a stronger connection between people
than storytelling." - Jimmy Neil Smith

Here's what you'll get in this info-packed workshop:

• Why stories are so important and how they influence the way people respond to your message.

• Where to find stories in your everyday life (they don't all have to be about you!).

• How to weave stories into your content in a way that sounds natural and engaging.

• The best ways to write a story so it resonates with your audience.

 Common mistakes to avoid so your stories don't fall flat.

• All your questions answered!

• A recording of the workshop (yours to keep forever).

• Handouts and worksheets to keep.

• And much more!


It doesn't have to be scary! Using stories can be fun. It's a chance to tap into your creativity and share some real moments with yur audience. In this workshop, we'll cover it all--and I promise it will be fun! Once you get going with stories, you're going to love sing them, and may wonder what took you so long.

It's time to tap into your inner storyteller. Will you give it a try?

A practical, info-rich workshop where you'll learn WHY stories are so effective, HOW to find and incorporate stories in your content, and specific techhniques to write stories that people will relate to and remember.

YES! I'm IN!

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