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What you’ll find in this infographic:

  • Details about five lesser-known symptoms of candida and how they might be affecting your health and vitality so you can get help and get back to your life
  • Immediate actions you can take to start getting the symptoms under control to treat your candida in a less invasive, more natural way. Allowing your immune system a bit of a break will help set the stage for healing.
  • Further information about where to seek help for candida overgrowth if you do think you’re dealing with a systemic infection. The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll feel better and like your “real self” once again!


Consider Candida: 5 Surprising Candida Symptoms

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I created this handout to help guide you if you suspect you might have candida, or if you’ve been recently diagnosed.  As I mentioned on the talk, there are many other symptoms besides the obvious yeast infections. If you’re dealing with any of these chronic conditions listed here and haven’t found relief, it’s worth checking with your healthcare provider to dig a little deeper and see if it is , indeed, candida. Then you can move on to get the help you need!

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