The key to start writing is having a clear idea of your book’s main topic and the most important points to back it up. 

Having a roadmap helps you know what to write when you sit down to get going each day. It relieves the pressure of “what the heck should I say?” 

If you’ve been itching to write but have no idea what to say, the Book Builder session will help you determine what to write, and how to write about it. It’s your blueprint for moving forward with your book. 

You might already have a jumble of ideas, but no clear theme or topic rising to the top. In this session, we’ll tap into your areas of expertise (even if you don’t yet know what they are!), identify key ideas, determine which ones are viable, and expand on important concepts. Once we’re done, you’ll have a strong foundation for a complete book, one that can guide you through the writing process.  

During our brainstorming session, you’ll gain clarity about your topic and the main points in your outline.

Here’s how a Book Builder session works:

In this session, we’ll work together for up to three hours to establish your book’s main topic and points in support of it. Even if you’re not sure about what to write, I’ll ask questions and we’ll brainstorm with various techniques to help you find the best idea for your book based on your existing experience and knowledge.

Next, we’ll work through the ideas for the book to create a roadmap that outlines chapters and chapter titles, main points for each, and even some specific illustrations or examples that you can use in the manuscript.

You’ll leave with a clear idea of what your book is meant to say and to whom you’ll say it. You’ll be able to fill in the blanks with the full content of the book once you get writing.

This is a single session with an optional follow-up session if you need a bit more time to hone your concept.

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