Ricki’s Raves 5: Summer Edition

I’ve decided to start a little series called Ricki’s Raves, in which I share some of my favorite items (both food and non-food alike) that I truly love and use all the time. Today, I rave about the products I’ve been enjoying over the warm summer months. But you can use them all year-round!  

Ricki's Raves


With summer in full force, The HH, The Girls and I have been enjoying the warmer weather and ease of the season. I love that I can simply grab the Girls’ leashes and be ready for a walk within minutes (though of course, Ms. Elsie does take a bit longer to get moving these days. Then again, I hope to be as spry as she is if I make it to 92 human years!).

It also means I rely on some quick and easy methods for cooking and self-care during the summer. Here are some of the products I’ve been using that I just love–and that make life a lot easier (and cooler, too).
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Anti-Candida Superstar Foods Part 1: Antifungal Foods

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We all know that an anti-candida diet is essential when you’re fighting the beast that is yeast, and there’s a whole list of “do not eat” comestibles. But I think there’s a special category within the anti-candida diet that I refer to as “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods.” 

Superstar foods are the ones that can actively help your healing along, in one of four main ways:

  1. They actively kill off some of the excess fungus and yeast in the body (ie, anti-fungal foods);
  2. They help to reduce inflammation, thereby allowing your own immune system to operate more effectively (anti-inflammatory foods);
  3. They help to heal leaky gut, which is almost always an issue with candida (healing foods); and
  4. They actively boost the immune system, allowing your body to effectively heal itself (immune-boosting foods).

I’m going to add one more “Honorable Mention” category, too: Hypo-allergenic foods–that is, those foods least likely to spur allergic reactions–which will also lessen the load on the immune system.

I’ll deal with each of these categories in a separate video as part of the “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods” series.

In today’s video, I talk about my top three choices for anti-fungal foods that actively help to reduce the amount of yeast an fungus in the body. 


Let me know in the comments: Do you eat these foods regularly? What’s your favorite way to cook and eat them? 


  • Which oil contains two potent anti-fungal compounds, and why you may want to watch the quantities you eat
  • Which saturated fat is actually good for the immune system, the heart and easier to digest
  • Which people should consider reduce the amount of healthy fats they eat
  • The broad-spectrum antimicrobial that won’t kill off the “good” bacteria when you take it–so you can safely eat probiotics at the same time!
  • A common root vegetable that is said to have powerful antifungal properties
  • How to incorporate these three foods into everyday menus


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Sugar-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Berry Clafoutis (Candida Diet Friendly)

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[Beautiful, elegant and impressive, this Berry Clafoutis is vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut-free, yeast-free, and low glycemic. Suitable for Stage 2 and beyond on an anti-candida diet.] It’s the July 1st/4th weekend–which means celebrations! We celebrate Canada Day here north of the 42nd parallel, while our American cousins to the south will be partying […]

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Fermented Foods on an Anti-Candida Diet: Yea or Nay?

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