Olivado Review and Giveaway

Click here for the review and giveaway.

Why isn’t the review on this page?  I’m complying with the rules of BlogHer, which state that I must post any reviews and/or giveaways on a separate page if I didn’t purchase the items myself.

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  1. Wee tot… *big silly smile* 😀

    • Sounds just as cute when you say it, River! 😉

      As some of you may know, I have maintained a fervent wish to visit the antipodes ever since I was a wee tot (okay, maybe a bit older than “wee tot,” but isn’t the phrase, “wee tot” incredibly cute? It always brings a smile to my face. Go on, try saying it now: wee tot–see what I mean?)

  2. “Wee tot” sounds very Scottish.

  3. Forget about silly old NZ; come to Australia first! 😛

  4. very interesting recipe for whipped cream and it sure does look very creamy 🙂

  5. So I must know, are the BlogHer ads worth it? They seem to have so many rules!

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