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Living Candida-Free (Kindle & paperback)
Ricki’s newest book, Living Candida-Free: 100 Recipes and a 3-Phase Program to Restore Your Health and Vitality, shows you how you can succeed on an anti-candida diet while still eating delicious food. The book includes tips on dealing with challenges of the diet, a full program, and more than 100 recipes, all free of gluten, eggs, dairy and high glycemic sweeteners. Read more about the book here. 
Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free (Kindle & paperback)
Ricki’s latest cookbook, Naturally Sweet & Gluten-Free: Allergy-Friendly Vegan Desserts: 100 Recipes Without Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, or Refined Sugar, features 100 recipes, all without gluten, eggs, dairy or refined sugars. Learn how easy–and delicious–it can be to bake everything from muffins to layer cakes to brownies to chocolate chip cookies in a healthier, allergy-friendly form. Read more and get a sneak peek of the book here.
5-Cookbook Package (downloadable PDFs)
Get all 5 of Ricki’s most popular digital cookbooks in one delicious package! You’ll save over 30% when you purchase all 5 books together in this bundle. The file contains Good Morning! Breakfasts (2nd edition); Holiday Desserts without Sugar, Gluten, Eggs or Dairy; Living Candida-Free Sampler; Sweet Favorites, Candida-Free!; and Top 12 Candida Diet Stage 1 Recipes. Note that all recipes in this collection are free of gluten, sugar, eggs and dairy. Click here to purchase now, or click on the title of each book to see exactly what’s in each one.
Holiday Desserts without Sugar, Gluten, Eggs or Dairy (downloadable PDF)
There’s no need to ever miss out on any of your holiday favorite desserts, even if you’re following an anti-candida diet and can’t eat sugar, gluten, eggs or dairy! From shortbread to sugar cookies, gingerbread, cheesecake, ice cream, truffles, chocolate bark and more–you’ll find it all inside. Foolproof recipes that everyone can enjoy! Each recipe comes with a color photo and easy-to-follow instructions. Happy Holidays!
Learn more or buy the book here. 
Sweet Favorites, Candida-Free! (downloadable PDF)
Do you love sweet treats like I do? This ebook offers all of your favorite sweet treats, made candida-free without sugar, gluten, eggs or dairy! You’ll find the most decadent, rich and gooey brownies, chocolate chip cookies, ice creams, muffins, pudding and pies–plus incredible chocolates and fudge cups. Seven of these recipes have never been offered publicly before. Really, any favorite sweet treat is here for you, so you can enjoy without worrying about breaking your candida diet! Learn more or buy  the book here. 
Top 12 Candida Diet Stage One Recipes (downloadable PDF)
If you worry you won’t be able to eat delicious, tantalizing food on an anti-candida diet, this cookbook is for you! From beverages, through appetizers, salad, mains and dessert, I’ve chosen the most popular recipes for Stage One of the diet for you. No need to wander through the blog’s index–they’re here, all in one place, with full color photos and printable pdf recipes. Learn more or buy the book here.

Good Morning! Breakfasts, 2nd edition (downloadable PDF)

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day–and you don’t have to give up fabulous, easy-to-prepare breakfasts just because you’re on an anti-candida diet! This cookbook offers a wide variety of favorite breakfast dishes, plus six brand-new recipes not on the blog or anywhere else, with loads of full-color photos in a printable pdf format. From no-cook porridge to waffles, smoothies and fabulous savory breakfasts, you’ll be all set to start your day off right! Learn more or buy the book here.

Living Candida-Free Sampler (downloadable PDF)

Candida diet-friendly recipes similar to those in Living Candida-Free, but not in the book. These are bonus recipes Ricki created so you can get a sense of what delicious ACD-friendly recipes are like! All free of gluten, eggs, dairy and high glycemic sweeteners. Learn more or buy the book here.

Sweet Freedom Ebook (downloadable PDF)

(Only about 25% gluten-free). Over 100 original dessert recipes without wheat, eggs, dairy or refined sugar. Learn more or buy the book here.
A Sweet Life Thanksgiving (downloadable PDF)
Recipes free of sugar, gluten, eggs and dairy, with stevia-sweetened desserts. (Available between September and November each year; ends at US Thanksgiving). Learn more here.