Fourteen Recipes for Your 2014 New Year’s Eve Party

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As this year winds down, I’ve been thinking about the blog over the past 12 months  resolutions for the year  how much I hate winter what to serve on New Year’s Eve. Having had such a low-key Christmas made it easy for me: I’m cooking up the same holiday menu I had planned for that night! I already shared part of our dessert yesterday with this Cranberry Ice Cream; tomorrow, I’ll post the main dish for y’all.

For today, though, it’s all about hors d’oeuvres and snacks, for those of you throwing a New Year’s Eve party.

These are my fourteen top picks from the blog for dishes that work well as appetizers, nibbles, offerings on the buffet table, or hors d’oeuvres for a cocktail party. And most of them are easy and quick to make–so you’ll have more time for that celebration! (Oh, if you’re throwing a sit-down dinner instead, you’ll want to check out this menu).

For each recipe, I’ve indicated to which stage(s) of the Anti-Candida Diet (ACD) they correspond as well.


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Nibbly Snacks (Finger Foods):

These are great for more informal, hands-on snacks. No utensils required!

#3: Sweet Cinnamon-Curry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds (all stages)

#1: Easy, Smoky BBQ Kale Chips (Stage 2 and beyond; for Stage 1, sub macadamia nuts for the cashews)

Quinoa Pizza Balls (a real favorite on the blog!–Stage 2 and beyond)

#4: Fava Bean Balls with Cranberry-Tomato Chutney (all stages)

#2: Coconut Crusted Tofu Appetizer Bites with Pineapple and Creamy Green Curry Dipping Sauce (Stage 3 and beyond)

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Appetizers/Hors D’Oeuvres:

For something a wee bit more formal, or if you have snacks set out on a buffet table, these spreadables are perfect.

#1: Veganzola (“Cheese Ball”) Spread (all stages, with noted substitutions)

#6: Sweet or Savory Sweet Potato Spread (all stages)

#3: Mock Liver Pâté (Chopped Liver) (all stages)

#5: Carrot Pâté (a personal favorite!) (Stage 2 and beyond)


What’s a party without some yummy drinks? These are perfect for teetotalers, but you can add rum or brandy to the nog–the HH always does! ;)

#2: Holiday Nog (Stage 2 and beyond)

#4: Almost-Instant “Kombucha” (all stages)

Candida diet, vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free new year's reicpes on

Sweet Snackin’:

Because we can all use something sweet!

#3: Coconut Raspberry Truffle Cups (stage 2 and beyond)

#1: Chocolate Caramel Slice (ie, Bars!) (stage 3 and beyond)

#2: Bonus Sweet for All Stages: ACD-Friendly Chocolate Fudge!

Come back tomorrow when I’ll share my New Year’s Eve sit-down menu (which was supposed to be our Christmas sit-down menu!).

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  1. This is perfect! I never thought I’d say it but I’m getting a little sick of hummus! That sweet potato spread is being made very soon. I’d love to make those fava bean balls too but I’m not sure I can get dried ones here, just the fresh kind…
    A very happy New Year to you Ricki!

  2. What a fabulous post with so many great ideas. LOVE the almost instant kombucha! Happy New Year :)

  3. Thanks for posting all these great recipes. Happy New Year to you and the dogs!

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