EL-LENd Me A Hand!

[The Ellen Show recommends Sweet Freedom!  Read this page to see how it all came about.  And please send Ellen a note asking her if I can serve vegan, sugar-free treats on her show, too! (There’s a cookbook waiting for you. . . ).]

Is it my second adolescence?  Another midlife crisis? A sure sign I’ve finally gone bonkers? You decide! And please leave a comment with your best ploy for how to get me on the show where I’ll serve up VEGAN, SUGAR FREE homebaked goodies for Ellen and the gang**–I’m open to anything! (well, before the senility sets in, anyway).

[Elsie’s definitely on board! (or is that a little board on Elsie?)]

One night when I was sixteen, I watched Marvin Hamlisch (composer of A Chorus Line, etc.) on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.  The previous guest was Adrienne Barbeau, the buxom actress who played Bea Arthur’s daughter on the sitcom Maude. I was appalled as I witnessed Hamlisch, seated on the couch beside her, stammer and fidget (eyes flitting repeatedly toward her massive chest) while more or less grovelling for a date on air. Despite his musical genius, despite his fame and fortune and an upcoming gig at the Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, it was painfully apparent that Hamlish reverted to a tongue-tied nerd when faced with a beautiful woman who, clearly, barely registered his existence.

As soon as I got up off the sofa and turned off the television (no remotes in those days), I went to my typewriter and typed a letter to Marvin.  It said:

Dear Marvin Hamlisch,

Someone with your reputation shouldn’t have to lower himself to ask Adrienne Barbeau for a date.  Obviously, she doesn’t appreciate your genius.  If you ever come to Montreal, I would go on a date with you any time. 


(Miss) Ricki Heller

I addressed it to “Marvin Hamlisch, c/o Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, USA” and popped it in the mail.

The following week, I received a handwritten letter on Marvin’s personal stationery.  It said:

Dear Ricki,

If I ever get to Montreal, you’re on.


Marvin Hamlisch

Sometimes I think back on that letter and ask myself, “Wow, did I ever really have such audacity? Where did that starry-eyed insouciance go?  And why didn’t Marvin ever call me for that date?”

Then I remember: oh, yeah.  I was sixteen.

Well, dear readers, I’ve decided it’s time to dredge up my inner 16 year-old once again. And you can help!

Even at my advanced age, I’m still a pop culture groupie. I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s for as long as I can remember (almost as long as it’s been since I heard from Marvin).  I love her even more now that she’s vegan and sugar-free–and I want to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show so I can bring her some amazing baked goods from my cookbook, Sweet Freedom!

And what’s more, I’ve vowed to give a FREE COPY of Sweet Freedom, the ebook (identical to the paper copy) to every single person who participates in this campaign! (And isn’t giving away free things very Ellen-like of me?)  😉

Am I a little bit crazy?  You betcha!

 [Here, Mum, you’re going to need this for when you’re on the show.]

As someone who’s followed a whole foods diet for over decade, I know first hand how much a healthy diet can affect your well-being (just look at the impact of the ACD on me over this past year!).  Based on the cookbook’s reviews and all your fabulous feedback (thank you! thank you! My blog readers are the best!), I’m confident others will agree that treats from the book are both healthy AND delicious.  What better venue to spread the word than The Ellen Show, especially since the show’s star herself has adopted–and now promotes–this same way of eating?

[Elsie’s so into this, she’s even asked me to change her name!] 

Besides, I’d be a perfect guest for the show! We have so much in common, Ellen and I:  She loves dogs; I love dogs. She eats a vegan diet; I eat a vegan diet.  She’s sworn off sugar; I’ve sworn off sugar.  She loves American Idol; I love American Idol. She’s gay; I’m—


She loves dogs; I love dogs!

And you can help!  On April 2, 2010, I tweeted for an entire day nonstop, with every single tweet that day directed to @TheEllenShow–with NO laptop, NO BlackBerry, NO pre-scheduled tweets–just me sitting at my desktop computer, typing away (with the occasional bathroom break)!  The major blitz is over, but I’d like to keep the campaign going!

Ellen’s website says, “Ellen has never felt that any goal was too far out of reach. When she began campaigning to get on the cover of “O” Magazine, she vowed to never give up! Her persistence finally paid off. . . ”  So, how inspiring is that??

Together we can make this happen! On April 15, 2010, my book was featured on the Ellen Show’s “Books Ellen Reads” page!! YES–the word is getting out, and Ellen is listening!! I couldn’t be more thrilled.  But I still want to bring freshly baked goods to Ellen and her audience!

If you like my recipes and want to see me serve delicious, vegan and sugar free treats on The Ellen Show, you can help out by tweeting Ellen at @TheEllenShow, sending an email in support by clicking here, posting on Ellen’s Facebook page, posting a link to this page on your blog, or in emails to friends and family so they can play along, too!  DDD reader Marie also pointed out this page on Ellen’s forums that asks you to recommend people for the show, so if you’re a member of the Ellen community, you can support the quest there, too.

You can also Stumble this post if you’re seeing this page on StumbleUpon, put it on Facebook, tell your local librarian, get a tattoo, or do anything else you can think of!

Don’t forget to hop back here to leave a comment telling me what you did (so I can send you a free copy of the book when I get onto the show)!

[“I can help Mum, too!  What?  What do you mean, it’s not as funny as Elsie Ellen’s sign?”]

If I get invited on the show, every single commenter who participates in this blitz will win a FREE copy of Sweet Freedom, the ebook , which is identical to the paper copy!

And even if I don’t get asked to appear on the show, I’ll still choose 10 names at random on Sunday–three people will win hard copies of the book, and seven will win ebook.  It’s my way of saying “thank you” for all your support! [Update: To see the list of the first 10 winners, check this post.  And when I get asked on the show, everyone else gets one, too!]

I think it’s a win-win-win. If Ellen invites me to her show, she’ll have the opportunity to try some amazing, healthy baked goods.  I’ll get to fulfill the dream of a starry-eyed teenager (and, more recently, a starry-eyed menopausal blogger).  And you will get a FREE copy of my cookbook–everybody wins!

[But where’s Mum?]

With your help, we can do this thing!  Let’s show the world what “grassroots marketing” really means!  Let’s prove to those aloof, impersonal corporations that even the little guy (okay, technically I’m not quite “little” yet–but 45 pounds is nothing to sneeze at) can drum up support for an independent project without a huge any marketing budget! Let’s help Ellen discover some truly delicious sweets to eat on her sugar cleanse–and share them with the world!

Just click here to send an email or tweet at @TheEllenShow.

“Mum, that’s a great idea! And we know The Ellen Show would be lucky to have you. But, um, we are your usual kitchen helpers, you know. . . so does that mean we get to be on TV, too?”

**Phase I achieved success on April 15, 2010 Just look who’s reading Sweet Freedom now! Whoo hoo!



  1. EEEEK! This is SO exciting! I know that you will be invited to come on the Ellen Show. You are so talented how could they not have you??? GOOD LUCK!

    • Voracious Vegan,
      Don’t get too excited. . . yet. I’m still waiting to hear! (But if you send an email and/or tweet, maybe that will help. . . ) 😉

  2. You’re so funny! I love that you’re doing this, and I definitely think you should be on Ellen! Can I come in your suitcase? I’ll sit in the audience…

    • Iris,
      If you promise to tweet and/or send an email to Ellen, I promise to save a suitcase just for you. 😉 (We’re allowed 2 checked bags, I hear. . . )

  3. Yes, Ricki, this might just be crazy enough to work. :) I hope you get to cook for Ellen!!

  4. Send goodies to the show? Overnighted? With a copy of the cookbook, perhaps.

    I’d aim for a particular production assistant or something if I were to take that route. Someone who would appreciate being noticed and might have SOME input.

    But if I ever run into Ellen or Portia in town, I’ll certainly talk you up like a(nother) crazy woman. 😉

  5. I don’t know if I did this right, but I tweeted to Ellen here:

  6. Yeah, what an amazing opportunity, I am fully in support!

  7. Can I tweet at Ellen without having a twitter account?

    I would be so thrilled to see you on the show :)

  8. Alex,
    You do have to be on twitter to tweet, but anyone can send an email to the show in support of this quest! Just click here to fill in the form.

  9. OK, I’m in! Here’s the post I left at The Ellen Show (because I do not Twitter, ever, under any circumstances, even if it involves bamboo shoots and fingernails!):

    Ellen, darling, you MUST have Ricki Heller of Diet, Dessert, and Dogs blog fame on your show for some viddle talk, or she will expire/explode/excommunicate and we will never hear from her again (and I need me some new recipes from time to time, so we don’t want that to happen!)

    Leave emails too, Twitternuts!

  10. Carolyn,
    I love that you posted your email in the comment! Thanks for the peek (and please, everyone else, feel free to share, too!). Thank you so much! 😀 And yes, Tweeters, feel free to email as well! (I can’t very well call my supporters “nuts,” can I?) 😉

  11. That’s a great dream and I think it will come true. I tweeted for you. It’s gonna happen.

  12. So I’m finally getting around to commenting. Been loving your twitter campaign, you’re so amazing! I’d love to see you on the show and I certainly hope they notice all your efforts over at The Ellen Show very soon!!!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  13. I tweeted this, I do hope you get on the show, that would be the COOLEST!

  14. Cindy Diamond says:

    Ricki, Keep following your Dreams!
    Why not?
    Ellen, watch out!
    Good Luck.
    p.s. If you need my help on the set, let me know and I will clear my calendar.

  15. Get a publicist or third party to contact them — they probably don’t pay much attention to their twitter; it’s always better coming from someone other than you, unless you’re already close friends/have connection — at least thats what my PR gal tells me!

    • Happy Herbivore,
      I appreciate the advice–but unfortunately, I have neither a publicist nor media contact, so I am “relying on the kindness of strangers”–AND all my blog readers and twitter readers! Since mine is a self-published cookbook, there’s no publishing company behind me to provide a marketing budget, or to get in touch with TV shows, radio, stores, or even amazon and spread the word. (Every single book sold so far was the result of me or the word of mouth from my amazing readers!) I realize the tweets are probably not generated by Ellen herself, but hey, I’m having fun (and hope you all are, too!) 😀

  16. Ricki, you truly are an inspiration and I really hope you get to be a guest on Ellen’s show!

    I’m not sure how to make sure you get noticed, but it must be effective to have all of your twitter followers and blog readers write to Ellen. Do you have any followers who are followed by @TheEllenShow? I remember getting an e-mail a few months back saying she was following me, and I was in awe. Anyway, an @ reply is an @ reply, so it doesn’t make a difference if she follows the people who are encouraging her to contact you… but she might be more likely to see the tweet.

    I wish you the best of luck, though, and may we all resurrect the positive aspects of our inner 16-year-olds 😉 (not the lazy, hang-out-at-McDonald’s aspects–those can stay in the past).

    All the best :-)

  17. I wrote, I included a photo of myself, and my website and I appealed to her on behalf of all vegans and soon to become vegans. Oh, and I am sharing this on FB and retweeting like there is no tomorrow.

  18. Hi Ricki,
    I tweeted the following:
    @TheEllenShow have Ricki Heller author of Sweet Freedom on your show to serve up her goodies to you and your audience – yummy!
    I couldn’t find your twitter account info to reference!
    Hope this works, I would love to see you get on her show!
    Best of Luck!

  19. oh my goodness Ricki! I didn’t see this post before, those pictures are so cute and made me laugh – something that really helps start the day on a good foot :)

  20. This is so awesome Ricki…I really hope you get on!

  21. Ricki, I have been a huge fan of your site for a while now and am hoping to get your cookbook once I can afford to buy a new cookbook! I am a huge Ellen fan and always contact her show so I will absolutely take this on for you and send a ton of emails! I think you are great and I know Ellen would love your recipes (and dogs) too!

  22. Best of luck. I’ll do my part with an email and tweet. Positive energy coming your way!

  23. Awesome job with the video !!! The Girls are a shoe in for a best supporting actresses award! Keep up the great work!

  24. I love the video! So cute! :)

  25. There is a forum on the Ellen “Community” pages, suggesting to Ellen she have Ricki on the show…sign in and cast your vote to get Ricki on her show! There’s strength in numbers! We can’t keep on good thing (Ricki’s great sweets) all to ourselves..Spead the word!

  26. GO AND PUT IN YOUR VOTE! Get Ricki and her sweets (that includes Elsie)on Ellen’s show! Tell others! http://community.ellentv.com/forum/topics/ricki-hellergreat-book-great

  27. I just found your blog and I love it. It would be AWESOME if you got on Ellen. I love her!

    I’m going to email her right now. :)

  28. Oh, except I can’t, because I’m under 18. 😐 I posted on her facebook wall instead: Have Ricki Heller of the Diet, Dessert, and Dogs blog on your show! It’d be really awesome, plus you’d get free food.

    Good luck!!

  29. S Brown says:

    I couldn’t post on Ellen’s wall (thanks to Facebook glitches) but i did post the following in the discussion forum under “Would be Great Appearance”

    It would be great to get author Ricki Heller on the Ellen Show. She has authoried the book “Sweet Freedom”. This cookbook would be amazing for so many people. Imagine all the sweet wonderful treats that must be will-powered away if you can’t eat sugar, wheat, eggs or dairy. This book gives you the recipes.

    Here is a link to the author’s website http://www.rickiheller.com/


    I would really like to receive a copy of your book as my husband has been diagnosed diabetic and my brother is as well. Denying sweet deserts just isn’t fair. Unfortunately I would not be able to buy your book right now as unemployment and bills stacking up prevent me.

  30. Rose Mansell says:

    Hi There Ricki,

    I’ve emailed the Ellen site and requested a “Guest Spot” on her show for you, re your sugar-free vegan recipes!

    Good Luck. Looking forward to receiving the e-book, as I’m sure you’ll eventually be there, on my TV, in living colour!!!


  31. you should send Ellen copies of your book for her audience [ ie] the olympic tickets, earring glasses , tube socks etc . you have to give a few to get more . it is called self promotion you will get the benefit of hours of commercial without the cost . you should send to Gail King [ Oprah ] too Helen’s friend get it. also DR OZ promote , promote , you have to give a lot to get more good luck.

  32. Just tweeted and FB and sent Ellen a email, nagging her to let you be on the show. I mean, why wouldn’t she?? Your awesome!

  33. Sent a tweet to our Girl Ellen saying you are a Hoot and you MUST be on the show. Love your sense of humor in your youtube, and even more so your writing style. So glad I found you!
    Was a veggie when I was 16-25, and then lost my way. Now 54 Vegan for just over 2 weeks now and having a good time with it. I have fibromyalgia and was just diag Diabetic ( My husband is Diabetic and insulin dependent), read Dr. Neal Barnard after seeing him on PBS. I was a B&B Innkeeper for 20 yrs and a Private Chef, who had taken a few independent cooking courses in Natural food cooking; so I think it’s helped me to adapt this time faster. I guess when the time is right, it’s right. Looking forward to trying your recipes and reading you and SEEING YOU ON ELLEN!
    Fondly, Jeanie

  34. Shared a request via twitter….hope it helps!

  35. Popping in (again) to say THANK YOU to all who’ve sent emails, tweets, etc. to The Ellen Show. I know we’ll get there if enough requests are sent to Ellen–why WOULDN’T she want to try some amazng, vegan, sugar-free treats–exactly the kind of foods she’s trying to eat?? The show is now on summer hiatus, but let’s blitz them with messages for the fall! 😀

  36. Nancy Morency says:

    Hi Ricki,
    I’m a fellow CSNN grad and although we haven’t met, we have a few common friends. I have tried several of your recipes and acheived great results. I love your enthusiusm and the effort you are making to get on Ellen. I submitted a suggestion on the Ellen website today to support having you on the show. I know with all of the positive affirmations the RHN community is sending you, it will only be a matter of time before we are watching you on tv.

  37. Michelle says:

    Hi Ricki,

    I just posted my suggestion on Ellen’s website, all the very best to you! I am so excited for you, I can feel the energy that will send you straight to Los Angeles!!!

    Everyone should have as much enthusiasm as you, it was fun just being a tiny part of it. GOOD LUCK!!!

  38. Hi Ricki,

    I just stumbled on your blog yesterday and I’m so glad I did. I think you’d be fantastic on The Ellen Show, and sent an email to the show in the hopes you’ll be featured in the fall. With your energy and enthusiasm, I’d say you were tailor made for it – good luck!

  39. Jasmine says:

    Hi Ricki,

    I just found your blog and absolutely love it! I’m on an anti-candida diet now and I think these sweet treats and savory recipies are going to save me. Just emailed the ellen show as well! Good luck to you and hope you get it!


  40. Tia Foster says:

    I just found your blog, and it is awesome. I am trying to eat more healthfully and organically and am so excited about your recipes. They look fabulous. I emailed the Ellen Show and wish you all the best. Good luck!!

  41. I sent the Ellen show an e-mail telling the staff how much I love you and Ellen and why you’d be the perfect guest. I hope another little message counts.

    Good luck!!!!!

  42. Ricki,
    I emailed Ellen to recommend she have you on her show. I hope you make it there! Good luck!

  43. Hi Ricki,

    I just emailed Ellen to have you on the show. Good luck lady, the Universe is conspiring to get you on there :)

  44. I love it! This is fabulous and I can’t wait to hear when you’re going on because you are definitely going to make it on – this is exactly what Ellen loves! I have shared your link on Facebook, but I’m not too sure how I can share that with you other than telling you. I will comment back later today because I’m also going to add this to my blog. Fabulous!

  45. AlaskaSmiles says:

    I have just emailed Ellen too to have you on her show – and you must take the dogs! OMG – with the signs – they are precious! I love Ellen’s show!

  46. Tweeted, emailed and sent some magic heathen vegan juju just for good measure as well.

  47. Hi Ricki, thanks for the many recipes on here, I’m inspired (and I love seeing the photos of food). As you know I emailed on Ellen’s website this summer. I know we’ll all see you on Ellen’s show very soon. ~ Melanie

  48. I emailed the Ellen Show on your behalf after I found your blog today as part of vegan MoFo. Good luck and keep promoting your ideas, everyone could use some more vegan know-how and sweets in their lives!

  49. Hi Ricki, I sent Ellen an email asking her to invite you on the show. I think it would be a great idea if you could appear on the show and promote healthy baking!

  50. Hi Ricki, I just found your website a few weeks ago and now I can’t stop reading your recipes everyday! I guess you can say I’m quite a fan now and I think it’s great how your recipes gives hope to all ACD followers. I noticed I’m nearly a year late and I’m not sure if you’ve already made it onto Ellen’s show but I sure hope you did/do because you’d really help create more awareness on candida and the ACDiet! Good luck Ricki :)

  51. Hey Ricki – Just wanted you to know that I emailed Ellen on your behalf. Fingers crossed!
    Luck of the Irish to you –

  52. So, I just found your blog today… did you ever make it on Ellen?

    • Hi Alicia,
      Thanks so much! I’m going to say, “not YET.” 😉 Still keeping fingers crossed. . . still hoping readers will email if they think I should be on! I’m going to do an update post about it next month. :)

  53. Well, I will definitely email her on your behalf… this was the cutest post, and I loved that the dogs posed for you for the blog. My three might sit still long enough for that… well Charlie would anyway… Lucy and Samson, I’d have like a minute…. LOL

    • Aw, thanks so much, Alicia!! I may do a one-day blitz in future so her inbox will be flooded all at the same time. . . will post about it if I do decide! Do you have a blog somewhere where we can see pics of your fur babies? :)

  54. I don’t have a blog yet… LOL… but I am on facebook, alicia long norton… I believe my photos are public if you don’t want to friend request me. LOL.

    My three mutts are spoiled brats. The baby, Samson, has to have a bath.. he has become very stinky in the past few days. He absolutely hates baths, but he tolerates them. Mommy gives him a yummy snack when he’s done. :)

  55. Stephanie says:

    I wrote to Ellen begging her to have you on! I have so enjoyed your recipes since going on ACD. My boyfriend even eats and enjoys what I make from your recipes because they don’t taste like my usual “hippie” food.

    Good luck!!!

    • Stephanie, thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I’m thinking that a blitz at the end of the summer is the best idea, right before the new season begins. Hope you’ll come back and join in then! 😀

  56. Paula Chihill says:

    Hi Ricki, just found your blog- OMG, I’m going to have a field day w/ your recipes! You’re right, Ellen knows all about persistence, so don’t give up & good luck! :) This is what I wrote on the page to recommend a guest:

    Hi Ellen, Please have Ricki Heller on your show. http://www.rickiheller.com/ellen/

    She said she would bring you some amazing baked goods from her cookbook, “Sweet Freedom”. How can you pass that up?! :)

    This would be a huge blessing for a lot of people who can’t have gluten or sugar!
    Thank you.

  57. Therese T. says:

    I sent ellen an email, hoping you get to go on the show!

  58. So Ricki,
    Is 2012 going to be the year? When is phase 2 of the blitz?

  59. Nancy Levy says:

    Hi Ricki,
    I sent Ellen an email in support of what you’re doing, asking her to have you on the show so you can share some yummy desserts with her, her staff and some lucky audience members because…
    I make gluten-free desserts too. I try to avoid wheat for more reasons than you have room for here!!! (And than I have time for!!)
    I love my planet and think that dairy products are best when they are consumed by baby calves, although sometimes I am a baby calf myself.
    I love that you don’t use refined sugar in your recipes – me too.
    I love that you love dogs – me too (although my dog Sam doesn’t care if the desserts she eats are wheat-free – she eats ANYTHING!!!)
    I think we are all full of candida and the world would be a healthier, happier, more peaceful place if we would all be less yeasty.
    I teach at Seneca too, and I am known as the “one who always eats walnuts and wierd drinks.”
    So, I hope to meet you one day – GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Ricki, I did it all! Website, Twitter, Facebook. Hope you don’t mind, I told them I’d be happy to join you if they want to hear from a “real person” who recently made the switch 😛 I JUST learned of your book via VegNews newsletter and it sounds great so I’m supporting you even before I get a copy. Best of luck to you! Please return my follow on Twitter as I’d love to stay connected!

  61. Hi Ricky,
    Im a pastry chef from Ecuador, found your blog through amazon.com ,while I was looking at your interesting book… I sooooo want to get it, so, i wrote to Ellen, i cross my fingers that i can help u get in the show
    Good luck :) and thank u for your contribution to Chefs work :)

    Big sweet hug

  62. Hi Ricki, I’m a Holistic Nutritionist who just came across your blog and I love it! As a definite non-doglover (in my defense I was attacked – though not hurt- as a child and am just scared to death of dogs!), you have even helped me to start to see the cuteness….albeit from a distance. Lol. I realize it’s been a while since you started this campaign but I just sent a note to Ellen — I think you’d be great for the show, what the heck is taking her so long? Best of luck, I know it will happen one day!

    • Hi Rebecca,
      Thanks so much! Any and all help is appreciated–LOL!! And thanks for the tweet, too. :) Honestly, if you met Elsie, I think you’d change your mind about dogs. Then again, I totally understand not wanting to get too close!

  63. Hey Ricki, I’m a bit late to the game – but it’s never too late to be on the Ellen Show, right?! Hence I have stumbled your ELend page and also suggested you to Ellen to be invited to the show. And I am also happy to review your book on my blog if you like :-)
    Hope you and the girls are happy and ok.

    • Hi Sandra,
      No, NEVER too late, of course! Thanks so much! And thanks for your interest in the book, too–I’d be delighted to have you review it! I’ll send you an email asap. :) Thank you!


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