The Girls

[That’s Elsie on the left, Chaser on the right. . . summer 2012.]

Elsie and Chaser on[Same sweet faces, summer 2014].

Elsie and Chaser, my fur babies and the loves of my life (after my HH, of course–or maybe on par with him).

(“Um, excuse me, Mum, but I asked you to call me Ellen, not Elsie.”)

They’re often my inspiration, almost always my companions (and especially when I eat), and will frequently comment about what I write here. (“But you actually appreciate our input, don’t you, Mum?“)  And of course, I do appreciate their input. Especially when they help out with my crazy menopausal quests:

[That’s my Elsie  Ellen Girl.  Just look at those little pigeon toes!]

Chaser on[And Chaser has her own charms, too.]

(That’s Chaser on the left, Elsie Ellen on the right).


[Chaser’s not really drunk; she just looks that way all the time.]

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  1. This is hilarious Ric! It really perked me up after our depressing conversation…

    I didn’t remember to tell you but, tres apropos, I rejoined WW on Thursday night at Mark’s (quite strong) encouragement. Unfortunately, he is unsure if he can be available to be home every Thursday night so that I can go!!!! Great support. Anyway, tonight is his office Xmas dinner at Terra so going to be a toughie.
    Better than NOT joining I think.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Congrats on re-joining! Whatever works, is what I say. Sorry you found the conversation depressing, though. . . just remember to try not. to. be. so. angry.

  3. Beautiful girls, Ricki! I love that Chaser has one beige leg. ^_^

  4. Argus,
    Thanks! We love them :). Chaser’s coloring is really strange, actually–under the black, she has a layer of beige all over! I’ll try to take a photo one day to show everyone.

  5. beingbebe says:

    What lovely doggies!
    What can be better than food and dogs?

  6. I loved the cute pics of the girls especially the one where Elsie & Chaser are sitting by the front door!!!

  7. stilllifeinbuenosaires says:

    So cute! Are they related? It looks like they have the same nose.

  8. You have beautiful puppers girls!

  9. I just came across your blog today and am really enjoying poking around. We have different eating styles, but my pups love to help me in the kitchen too!

  10. I just found your blog through the Good Eatah. I bookmarked it! I love anyone who loves to cook and loves their dogs!

  11. So dog-gone cute (and dog-gone corny) but I had to comment here. After learning more about you, I see we are truly kindred spirits. I’m currently back at Bauman College for my chef certification after getting nutrition credentials.
    Also – just learned I have an allergy to eggs – BUMM.ER. So I will definitely be looking here for inspiration with baking!

  12. Those dogs are absolutely adorable. They look like they have the silkiest fir. What do you feed them?

  13. What sweet girls!

    I have a three year old Australian Shepherd, McKinley 😀

  14. Love the girls pictures Ricki! Sent you an email and a pic of my two girls….not only do we have that and trying to eat healthy in common…I too have been on my own Ellen quest since 1/2009…my goal, to celebrate my 50th birthday with ellen on our mutual birthdate of Jan 26,2011. Maybe we’ll see each other there!!! You can bake the cake!!
    ( Made that suggestion to Ellen too!)

  15. Your babies are so adorable. I see that they eat a lot of the foods you cook but I was wondering what you feed them as their dog food. Do you feed them vegan? If so, do you give them supplements and which ones? I am trying to find a balanced vegan diet for my 4 babies, Emmy, Buddy, Zar and Jack.

    Thanks for any advice.

    • Ashley,
      Thanks for your comment, and for reading! As for my Girls, I don’t feed them 100% vegan. After much thought and research, I decided to try to stick with what they would eat naturally if left to their own devices (except for the garbage–ha ha!). I know that dogs (as opposed to cats) are able to live on a vegan diet, but they never do so if given a choice. So we continue to use some of our regular kibble (it’s an all natural, organic and locally made one) along with fresh veggies and fruit at every meal. With their kibble, I always mix in a ground up apple and some sweet potato, along with whatever else we’ve got handy–usually cauliflower, kale, collards or broccoli. It’s all ground up and mixed in with their regular food (I use the food processor). Then they always have a little “dessert” of a few baby carrots, hand fed (they are very spoiled!). 😉 They love the apples and sweet potato–sometimes the sweet potato is cooked, but usually raw. I also cook any leftover bits of veggies I have from cooking (broccoli, beans, peppers, potato, tomato, etc) and then give it to them along with the broth, which holds all the minerals and many vitamins. They also both get some flax oil with every meal and sometimes some nutritional yeast. But I change it up pretty much every day–after all, no dog in the wild ever eats exactly the same thing day after day for years! It seems to be working as they are both extremely healthy, happy, and get great reviews from the vet.

      • I would be so interested in the kibbles you feed your fur babies. Is this something you make or have you found a good alternative on the market. love, gail

  16. Thanks for the great tips. I wonder if my babies would eat Kale or broccoli?? =)

  17. Hey, girls, you’re quite adorable. My foster dog would just love to pounce on your heads and kiss you to death. I hope she finds a home with a dog sibling as sweet as you (otherwise she’s stuck with me).

  18. They are beautiful!!! And I totally know what you mean about them being your fur babies. I have 2 of my own and that’s exactly what they are. I don’t know what I would do without them. Great to see your site and I look forward to your guest blog on Simply Sugar & Gluten Free.


  19. Hello Ricki, your girls are absolutely beautiful! I love Chaser’s coloring! I read your post of July 11, 2010 and want to thank you very much for it. I am going to start adding in the sweet potatoes and apples. Sometimes I give our Freckles, broccoli and carrots but will also start using the beans and tomatoes. Excellent Post!!!

  20. Aw, they’re gorgeous girls! I love that you include them in your blog. :)

  21. Your two girls are beautiful! Hope you can find you way to Ellen one day. I went a few years back with my mother-in-law and a couple of her friends. We had a great time.
    Regarding dog food, what’s in your dogs kibble or what is the name of it? I’ve always tried to feed our 8 year old lab Cleo the best, but she recently got diagnosed with osteosarcoma…when she was 2 we almost lost her at the age of 2 for unkown reasons so we think she actually was born with a weakness. Anyways I’ve been looking up cancer sites for canines and they recommend high omegas, lower carbs and a good amount of proteins. Cancer feeds on carbs….it’s too late now to save her but we want the best for our 2 year old rescue Ace. Sorry for such a long post.

  22. Love your girls. They’re absolutely gorgeous and should be enough to get you on Ellen. I particularly like the banner on your website with the picture of those 2 sets of pleading eyes – were you holding a tasty treat behind the camera for that shot? My 6 year old greyhound boy is very adept at making little round eyes at me while flopping the tips of his ears forward to make himself ultra adorable when there is food in the offing..
    Sadly he is allergic to soy, gluten and all grains so cannot eat Vegan dog food. I feed him a high quality Canadian kibble with plenty of fresh veg and a bit of fruit, and he is doing well on this.
    Pats and hugs to your girls.

    • Thanks so much, Kate! Your fellow sounds adorable, too. :) I don’t remember the circumstances of the pleading eye shot (it was a couple years ago), but it’s a fair guess that food was involved. 😉

  23. What a beautiful pair of dogs! They caught my eye on your home page because they look very much like my two boys. They’re retriever/Aussie mixes, one all black and the other with shepherd markings just like your Chaser. =) He also has that “always drunk” look! hahaha

    • Thanks so much, Amy! And I think you’ve captured Chaser’s personality perfectly–hard to believe there’s another one like her out there! 😉

  24. Emilie Vest says:

    I stumbled across your website as I am a burgeoning vegan who strives to be gluten free/sugar free! I was shocked to discover that you have a dog that looks like my dogs older sister! Further investigation proved that she is a border collie/lab mix and- down to the white chest, furry tail and lopsy ears- identical to my own fur-child!!
    She is gorgeous and so is Chaser! Best of luck and congrats on living with two beautiful fur babies!
    Emilie (& Libby)

  25. I like the 4th picture where Ellen has this cocked “look” like, “Huh?” “What in the world are you saying to me?” “Your voice is all happy but your words are all gibberish to me with that camera pointing at us.” 😉

  26. Chaser looks exactly like my sweet Phoebe who was my constant shadow. She’s been gone a long time now but I still miss her. She was so much fun!

  27. Janice Van Coughnett says:

    JUST discovered you thanks to Radiant Health’s posting of your Quinoa Pizza Balls. What took us so long to connect? You in TO, me in Calgary…..and especially given I am fur kidless yet a Fairy Dog Mother extraordinaire. So glad to have met you…..I know we will be spending lots of time together. I have also been telling my dentist for years that I expect a pedi/mani on my upcoming visits…, love, love! JVC

    • Great to “meet” you, Janice–and thanks so much for commenting! Welcome! :) (and do let me know when the dentist finally agrees to those mani/pedis)! 😉

  28. Love, love this site. I didn’t think anyone else was gluten-free, passionate about healthy eating and loved dogs!. I also call my two dogs, “the girls”…how funny. Except mine weigh 8 lbs. and are Miniature Pinschers. Sending hugs and kisses to the girls.

    • Thanks so much, Annette! Nice to meet a fellow health foodie who loves dogs! And so funny about “The Girls”! They appreciated the hugs and kisses. :)


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