Mint Smoothie

The home I grew up in could very well have been the original inspiration for the mantra, “Reuse, Repair, Recycle.” My dad, the quintessential progeny of The Great Depression, still saves everything from empty jam jars, to twine from UPS boxes, to old socks, to almost-moldy tomatoes, and puts them to use again in some other context (pre-personal stainless-steel bottles to transport iced tea on a road trip; means to repair broken screen door latch; protection for hands while emptying garbage; and lunch, respectively). Seems I’ve earned my title as Femme Frugal honestly.

Besides, I’ve always considered myself pretty eco-friendly, being the bag-saver, container-reuser, water-conserver and late-night clothes washer that I am.  With all the talk of eco-consciousness, carbon footprints, 3 R’s and whatnot these days, I fully expected I’d eventually go “green”; I just never imagined it would be quite in this way.

You see, our lives have been overtaken by green. Each time I glance out the window at the side of my house, leave via the front door, or stroll round toward the back yard, I’m confronted with GREEN. Mint green, that is. Yes, the RH household has been invaded by rogue gangs of wandering mint, all vying for supremacy in the ‘hood.

Mint abounds. . . .Mint surrounds. Mint embraces us with its color and scent, tickles us as we tiptoe through the grass, envelops us at every turn.  We are circumscribed by mint.  Yes, dear readers, you were all so right (or, as the HH often translates it from the French, “You have reason”) about that gypsy mint! My days are now lived from within an undulating, leafy, lush sea of green.  Inhaling the verdant aroma from the garden, my mind reels with a heady jade intoxication.

Oh, and you know what else?  We’ve got no shortage of mint around here.

So, what to do when you’re inundated with a tasty but not overly utilized herb?  You improvise, that’s what.

Sunday morning, with the weather finally warming up, I thought I’d prepare a refreshing, cooling and nourishing drink for the HH, who was still fairly wilting from the effects of his cold (and, come to think of it, a looking a little green himself).  Fresh fruit is a great option for anyone suffering from weakened immunity, as it digests fairly easily and quickly, without taxing the system too much.  I had just the idea.

Around here, our freezer tends to house a variety of frozen fruits at any given time.  As I’ve mentioned before, even though we choose the smallest organic produce box for delivery each week, often there’s still too much fruit for two of us to consume in a mere seven days.

As a result, I end up chopping and then freezing chunks of overripe mango, pear, banana, grapes, or even (as I did a couple of weeks ago), watermelon for later use.  These frozen cubes generally work beautifully in smoothies or when I want to whip up some nearly-instant sorbet.  Sunday, I opted for a smoothie.

I had been thinking about Mojitos ever since someone mentioned them in a comment last week, but since I have no interest in drinking alone (I know–how un-writerly of me), and since the HH wasn’t up for alcohol (unless I was going to rub it into his congested chest), I took the general concept of citrus + mint and ran with it.

Rummaging through the various containers of frozen fruit, I uncovered both pear and watermelon, which I imagined would offer a refreshing sweetness without an overpowering flavor (as banana, for instance, might).

Don’t let the intense grassy color deter you–the taste is just right, not too sweet, with a lovely minty flair. It’s refreshing and fairly light, so if you’re thinking “breakfast,” this is the type of smoothie that works as a beverage alongside  your main meal rather than as a beverage instead of your main meal. It would also make a lovely postprandial sip (and maybe even better with a splash of rum–I’ll have to save that version for when the HH is feeling better and I’m permanently candida-free).


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  1. Mint AND rum for breakfast? I like the way you think.

  2. Our fathers would get along. Mine preaches that “we all had to be environmentalists, there was no such thing as frugality after the war”.

    I guess if you can be green on the outside, why not be green on the inside with your fabulous smoothie? Yum!

  3. This looks amazing!

  4. I reallyreally wish I loved mint. 🙁

  5. That smoothie looks AMAZING!!!!! I love mint 🙂
    YUM!!! 🙂

  6. My dad collects stuff like a magpie and more than anything he loves a project to think about how to use bits and pieces in innovative ways

    very interesting smoothie – would love a taste – and lovely photo because drinks are something I find hard to photograph – maybe on one of your mint posts you could share a photo of the mint jungle 🙂

  7. I do know how mint can try to take over your life if you aren’t good at disciplining it! It’s really one of my favorite summer flavors though, and this looks delicious!

  8. I LOVE mint with fruit — especially watermelon! (And strawberries, too!) How I wish I had a garden . . . !!

  9. Megan,
    I wasn’t actually suggesting the rum in the breakfast version, but some days, I think that might be the better choice!!

    Must introduce our dads! Mine also used to say that, when he grew up, “Everything was organic.” Of course, he’s right 🙂

    Glad you weren’t scared off by the color! Thanks. 🙂

    Well, can’t love everything, right? And with chocolate in the world, you can certainly do without mint. 😉

    Thanks so much! Glad it appeals.

    Our dads would get along, too. I had to laugh when I read your photo comment–it’s totally by chance, believe me, as I know nothing about photography and use my little point and shoot (which I got for FREE with Air Miles–see, I really am frugal!). But I will definitely take a pic of the mint jungle before I pick it all.

    Thanks so much! I am definitley growing to love it more as I eat it now almost every day. . . am going straight to your archives to dig up more mint recipes 🙂

    Hadn’t thought to simply eat it straight with fresh fruit–that will be tonight’s dessert, I think! Thanks!

  10. Ricki, your smoothie looks absolutely delicious. I’m quite thirsty now, so if you happen to glance at your computer screen and find that the smoothie is gone, you’ll know where it went– my tummy!

  11. Haha, we save EVERYTHING around here – true hoarders :0D And we recycle everything we can!!

    That smoothie is positively gorgeous – delicious way to “go green,” for sure.

  12. you do love me. Before I realized I was dealthy allergic to alcohol, I love any drink that had mint in it. Now I know what to do with my mint leaves!

  13. Ooh! How refreshing. Now I know what to do with the mint from my herb containter garden. I love how you tied the napkin around the stem of the glass — just beautiful, Ricki!

  14. Great mixology going here, Ricki! That green doesn’t daunt me a bit. Just clicked back to your instant sorbet. You are a genius. My husband, the resident frozen dessert master, will definitely try out your recipe this summer.

  15. Courtney says

    What a great way to use up your mint! It sounds so good and your photo is lovely 🙂


  16. This smoothie looks so refreshing. Every ingredient seems perfect for a hot summer day.

  17. madcapCupcake says

    Oh my goodness, does this ever look cool and refreshing!! I wish I had one right now…this looks perfect for the heat wave we’re heading into 🙂

  18. Great idea. Your Mint Smoothie looks and sounds quite refreshing! And, of course, you can never have enough ideas to keep up with that delightfully irrepressible herb.

  19. veganhomemade says

    That color might even scare me off, but from the ingredients list it sounds delicious! I bet it’d be good with a splash of spirits too.

  20. Hi Ricky, got the entry! – Thanks! 🙂
    Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – I was at work.

    I love that first photo, btw!

  21. CCV,
    Ha ha–at least I hope it was refreshing! 😉

    I knew you were a gal after my own heart–yay recycling!

    Happy Herbivore,
    Well, you can pretend it has something with a kick (or just add extra mint, and you’ll feel a kick anyway) 🙂

    Thanks so much! Hope you can use up lots of that mint (and I’ve got plenty of extra if you run out. . . ) 😉

    Thanks so much! Hope you (and the hubby) like the sorbet, too–let me know if you try it!

    Thanks! Well, it uses some of the mint, anyway (I think I’ll still have to give away loads!)

    I’m hoping you’re right–if we ever GET a real “summer” day here!!

    Madcap Cupcake,
    Thanks so much, and thanks for your comment! If you do give it a try, let me know how it works (and good luck with the heat wave)!

    It did provide some nice refreshment. But “delightfully” irrepressible? Now I know what everyone meant about it taking over!! 🙂

    Vegan Homemade,
    Well, you could just close your eyes. . . I think omitting the lettuce would make it less green, too 😉

    Thanks so much. And glad you got it! Looking forward to the WHB roundup as well. 🙂

  22. Your mint smoothie looks very refreshing! I could use one right about now.

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