Anti-Candida Desserts: What Do You Eat?

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[Raw key lime tarts–NOT an ACD-inspired recipe (yippee!) See below.]

[IMPORTANT EDIT, 2019: Since I began an anti-candida diet in 2009, some of the “accepted” sweeteners have changed. At that time, it was believed that agave nectar was acceptable for an anti-candida diet; later, for stage 3 and beyond, coconut nectar or coconut sugar were considered acceptable substitutes. These days, the only sweeteners I use are very low glycemic, such as Lakanto, xylitol, stevia and the like. Please only use sweeteners that you know work with your body!]

After the great response I got from my Anti-Candida Breakfasts post, I thought you all might be interested in some ACD desserts.  Since this phase of the diet is very clear about NO SWEETENERS (except for stevia), NO FRUIT (except for limes, lemons and avocados), and NO FLOURS (except for bean flours, in teensy amounts), we ACD followers have to get pretty creative when it comes to satisfying the sweet tooth. And believe me, my sweet tooth has been mighty insistent of late.**

So today’s post is all about desserts–the non-sugar, non-sweetener, non-flour way!  Doesn’t that just sound unbelievably appetizing?  (I know, I have been deluding myself this way for over a month now). OOOOOH, YUM!  Read on to share my pain  be glad you’re not me  find a few surprises you might actually like!


[Pure yum!]

One of my favorite junky sweet treats when I was in my teens and 20s was Nielsen “Macaroons.”  They were essentially milk chocolate (or should I say, “milk chocolate flavored“) rosettes–sort of like Hershey kisses with toasted coconut in them–and I adored them.  I’d stop at the Bulk Barn on my way home from class and purchase a small bag, then munch away during the bus ride home.  In my 20s, of course, I was able to do so without any ill effects or physical consequences (well, except for the time that guy in the seat beside me put his hand on my knee–not connected to macaroons, I reckon).  My, how times have changed since then!  Not only can I no longer eat that way, but these days, I’d be whacking that guy’s hand with my umbrella and disturbing fellow passengers by shrieking at the top of my lungs.

Although I haven’t eaten the Nielsen variety in about a decade, these little confections reminded me of them–only much, much healthier.  To me, these sweets taste like actual milk chocolate (not chocolate “candy”), mixed with coconut.

Now, I know there are about 17,428 versions of a “nut butter, carob and coconut” treat on the Internet, but this one is my own (original!) creation, and dear to my heart.  And besides, I’d love to know whether any of you out there agree about the taste (or is it simply my ACD-addled tasted buds playing tricks on me?).


Chia “Tapioca” Pudding


[This is carob, but for a chocolate variation of the pudding, use chocolate almond, soy, hemp or other milk]

As I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of my favorite treats, even when I’m not following the ACD.  This version boasts carob, cinnamon, and a touch of stevia.  If you’re feeling adventurous, add a teaspoon or two of ground flax seeds to the mix as well. (You wacky dessert-lover, you!)


**Every  source you read about the ACD says that, as long as you stick to the plan, your sugar cravings will disappear in 3-4 days.  Excuse me while I guffaw.  I’m well in to Week Five, and sugar is calling to me just as loudly and insistently as ever.

PS.  To read about a non-ACD dessert recipe by yours truly, flip open the May/June issue of Clean Eating Magazine for my second Happy Endings recipe!

UPDATE: SOME OTHER ACD-FRIENDLY DESSERTS on below. This is just a partial list that was last updated in 2013. For a full list, see the Desserts Category in the Recipe Index (note that Wellness Weekend posts may contain non-ACD recipes):

For many more dessert ideas, please see the Recipe Index (desserts after March, 2009 are ACD-friendly!)

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  1. DEEELISH!! Who needs that candida anyways 😉

  2. carob coconut cookies? wow!

  3. So impressed with those great sounding ACD treats. I know when I was on it I tried some of the crazy pumpkin pies and stuff – I thought they tasted good, but it must have been due to my withdrawal because noone else would eat them. THESE actually sound delicious though! I might have to try those carob treats. And I’ve been looking to make chia pudding for months now.

  4. YUM! Those tarts are beautiful. And I’m going to try the “macaroons” tonight.

  5. Those carob coconut sweets sound wonderful. Just the type of treat I would enjoy! Lovely pictures too. I want one – or two, or three – right now.

  6. Love the direction your recipes are taking, albeit due to the unfortunate candida situation. Because I’m cooking for an almost-two-year-old, healthy treat ideas are most welcome. Hope you continue posting such recipes once you have the malaise under control.

  7. I once had a hot cocoa with stevia and I thought there was some liquorice in it, too 🙂 Apart from that I’d eat any of your precious and delicious creations, especially the key lime pie.

  8. I didn’t feel so bad for you after the breakfast recipes. These however- aren’t quite doing it for me 🙂 I am not a fan of the taste of stevia. Natural or not it just has that taste to it. I think you’ll definitely be able to adapt the smoothies if you so choose.

    As for the reason that no squash are allowed- its the complex carb thing. Those little guys love to feed on undigested disacharides.

  9. Oh Ricki hold on! It’s almost over!!! Those sweeties sound great, and avocado key-lime pie is one of my favourite things in the world (was the first raw recipe I’d ever made). Giving up fruit would be so tough for me (that was one of my problems when going hard-core marcro – not much in the raw fruit dept.). But your aim is true! Hang tight!

  10. i need to get a tart pan – i want to make those tarts (avocado & lime = the best ever!)! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! Ricki, you’re just too awesome! i never would have thought to use spaghetti squash like applesauce, and your chai pudding and carob-coconut sweeties look (and sound) absolutely divine! ooh my gosh! i’m gonna keep an eye out for your tweaked “chocolate pudding” once you get it all good to go. all of these treats sound so scrumptious! hooray!

  11. Beautiful desserts!!!!

  12. I like the look of the coconut truffles, they look moreish!

  13. Well, first of all–are you anti-splenda? Using that in place of stevia would do it, if you aren’t. However, if you disike splenda there’s the option of simply adding the cocoa to (soy) yogurt.. if you can eat that? My only reference is “” and it says soy yogurt is fine… I mix cocoa with yogurt all the time to make a pudding.. that might naturally be sweet enough? No matter what you do, its going to be more of an unsweetened dark chocolate taste than a sweet, milk chocolate… On the plus: you’ll likely grow to enjoy that taste anyway!

    To be honest, most of those desserts look right up my alley anyway: i hate when things are too sweet!

  14. A yummier and healthier version of Nielsen’s Macaroons? That sounds great! And the raw key lime tarts is intriguing… Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  15. That “apple sauce” looks fabulous and sounds so interesting! I just may have to try it because I am intrigued…I love spaghetti squash and apple sauce, so really–how bad could it be?!

    And yay for chia pudding! I tried it after your post and was in love…wow. So good! Thank you!


  16. Oooh the key lime tarts look perfectly tasty and easy! I’ll have to try the recipe when the weather warms up!

  17. I just have to say that your sense of humor is still “sweet.”

    And eeewww, I had that same hand on knee bus experience when I was in my early 20s (and no chocolate to distract me!). I’d like to go back and give that jerk a loud piece of my mind and a smack on the head.

    Those carob-coconut sweeties look good. They remind me of what we used to call, “bliss balls.” (that should spice up your search results!)

  18. WOW! those are creative sweets indeed. I don’t know if my tastebuds could ever be that creative 😉 i need some chocolate on a regular basis!

  19. You are so darn cool Ricki! I currently have all the ingredients for your pumpkin hummus on my counter and plan on making that as soon as I’m done writing this comment. But now you’ve kept me even more busy with these recipes. Up next: your carob coconut sweeties.

    BTW, I LOVE Clean Eating. I wish it came out monthly! I’m so excited to see your recipe in it!

  20. holy deliciousness! I don’t know what to look at first!

  21. These balls are so good – unusually for me, I saw the recipe about 15 minutes ago and have already made the recipe (or my version of it) and it is simply delicious – glad you did the small version as I am alone with these and can’t be trusted to even wait to put them in the fridge!!!!

    Oh and you are amazing the way you have found great recipes when on your ACD! Was wondering if you can eat cocoa nibs when on ACD – I put some in the balls which is quite nice too.

  22. just saw you have pics on your banner – looks great!

  23. Seriously impressive! I love making avocado pie filling, surprisingly yummy. I will have to give those little nut butter bites a try too!

  24. does my marriage proposal still appeal?

  25. Mihl,
    You can make any of these with regular sweeteners if you wish–I’m stuck with stevia because it’s the only one allowed on the plan!

    Squashes actually ARE allowed on this program, but only once a day, so that’s why I’m using the spaghetti squash in this recipe. I’ve seen so many variations of the ACD that I forget which ones do and which don’t allow sqashes or other carby veggies (such as sweet potato or potato). Something like a whole squash or sweet potato, because of the fiber and other components, actually won’t raise your blood sugar as much or as quickly as even some grains might (or a rice cake, for instance), so they won’t leave as much for the yeast to feed upon. The “Bible” of ACD, “Complete Candida Yeast Guidebook” by Martin and Rona, even allows steel cut oats. Go figure!

    Yes, sorry to say, totally anti-splenda. I know they “say” it’s derived from sugar, but it is nonetheless a man-made, fabricated chemical substance, and current research suggests that it’s almost as, if not just as, dangerous as aspartame. I can handle the chocolate w/ stevia–just not my favorite. Maybe this will actually cause me to back off the chocolate a bit! 😉

    So glad you liked the “pudding”! It really is one of my favorites. And you can really play with the flavors!

    Thanks for the kick to my search results! 😉 The last recipe for dirty rice hardly had an impact at all on the searches. . . I was so disappointed!!

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to hear how you like the hummus. And I agree–Clean Eating SHOULD be published monthly (that might mean more opportunities for me to develop recipes–ha ha!) 😉

    Can’t believe you’ve already tried them! And so glad you like them. I’ve been having to curb myself, even though they’re sugar-free–certainly not fat-free! 😉 And thanks re: the banner. 🙂

    Always, and forever. 😉 Now, we just have to figure out what to do about the HH and your hubby. . . .

  26. those carob coconut sweets look incredibly yummy!

  27. The lime tart looks magnifique. Your pictures are so amazing.

    I like your banner!

  28. I’ve researched on the raw food diet before, and have always been FASCINATED by the amazing creations they come up with. these look so delicious, and I’ll bet they’re even better than the “cooked” version!

  29. The jaundiced zucchini line cracked me up. 🙂 I love both yellow squash and zucchini.

    That tart sounds so fantastic, what a great use of ingredients. Brazilians each avocado as a dessert here, sweet instead of salty. They will sprinkle sugar on them and eat them raw or mix them with a banana for a smoothie. It was interesting to see this dessert use avocado. I’m sure it offers a lot of great texture.

  30. those actually sound like pretty awesome desserts, ricki! i wonder where in my terrible town i could find chia seeds…i’m desperate to try that stuff as a pudding! and good for you for being creative with your sweets cravings. i know how bad it is when you really feel like you HAVE to MUST have something sweet asap or you might explode (we don’t often have sweets in the house as i am bad about eating way too many and michael just doesn’t care that much). sometimes, it makes me feel like crying, but that is usually accompanied by severed pms haha…

  31. severed! i meant severe, of course.

  32. The Chia pudding looks absolutely divine, Ricki, and so do those “candies”! I doubt I could live without fruit or grains though… props to you!

  33. I’ve got to remember to whip up the chia tapioca pudding! The carob coconut treats look fabulous, too. I kind of wish I hadnt’ seen that recipe, how easy it is, and the fact that I know I have each and every ingredient in my kitchen already.

    Way to go, being into week 5! I hope you’re feeling better on the ACD!

  34. I bought chia seeds to try that pudding! but now i forget where i put those chia seeds! sigh…

  35. Everything looks sooo good, especially that chia pudding and the key lime tart, oh my!

  36. yum–I just made your carob-coconut sweeties and they are delish! your recipes never disappoint. I’m sooo looking forward to the release of your book.

  37. i hate that stevia after taste!!!!

    those carob coconut sweeties look amazing!!! I love anything with coconut 🙂

    chia seeds fascinate me!!! i love how they absorb everything and make it into a pudding 😉

  38. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your recipes sound and look delicious. It’s easy to be on a cleanse when you’re eating like that! 🙂

  39. allularpunk,
    Chia is pretty common here in Toronto, but I’m not sure about the States. I know that many American readers use them, though, so they must be available somewhere. Anyone?

    I AM allowed grains, but only gluten-free, and in small amounts. Once I get to later phases of the diet, I can re-introduce spelt as well (I CAN’T WAIT!!)

    Thanks so much. I AM feeling better, but not quite enough just yet. . .I’ll be writing about it next week.

    Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked them, too. Which version did you do?

    Veg Next Door,
    Thanks so much for your comment, and for visiting! The diet isn’t “hard,” exactly. . . just not what I really want to eat! 😉

  40. Yay! Pie, pudding, and cookies in one post! They all look fantastic.

  41. YUM! I know what you mean about the stevia/cocoa combo.. not the best.. but it will do when you aren’t eating any other sweets..

    I have never used avocado in desserts even though it is very popular in so many recipes. I just can’t go there!

  42. Amazing post, Ricki!! I have most of my high-raw clients (the ones I have here in NYC and the ones I’m phone counseling) on candida-sensitive diets, and they are thriving. This will give me great recipe recommendations for them!!

  43. Wow – you are ambitious! That lime tart looks so professional, and delish. I made one similar after a raw dessert class I took at Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley.
    btw – is the only way to receive your posts thru email via the ‘news’ format? I didn’t get this one and just want to make sure I didn’t fall out. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  44. Oh, amazing tart! I love key limes so much, it’s just such a pain to zest those tiny things… Anyway, I’m sure the effort would be worth it for this recipe. 🙂

  45. ricki, you have no idea how useful this post it to me. i’m cutting out almost all d=sugar and see a huge difference in my energy levels. i’m not 100% sure of how safe stevia is, but you have many desserts here i’d love to try with sucanat.

    thanks again.

  46. This is awesome, I can’t wait to go explore some of those recipes you’ve listed. I’ve never been a fan of coconut, but those carob-coconut sweeties look amazing. Thanks Ricki!

  47. Gena,
    Glad the recipes can be of use! 🙂

    I’m afraid I don’t know what the email news format is (!) . . . I get all my blogs through Google Reader. It’s great–you might want to check it out. 🙂

    It IS worth it, but you don’t have to zest the lime if you don’t want to. . . you can just garnish it with something else (much easier, as the zest isn’t in the filling, anyway).

    I should clarify that Sucanat actually IS sugar–it’s just unrefined sugar. But both are derived from the sugar cane plant. I’d opt for agave if you’re looking to cut out sweeteners–it’s the lowest glycemic of the natural sweeteners (apart from stevia, of course, which has a glycemic index (GI) of zero.).

  48. You’re simply a trooper and a creative one at that. You always seem to find a rather cheerful way of getting around the restrictions.

  49. That key lime tart looks absolutely AMAZING!!! Thanks for the wonderful recipes — you can bet I bookmarked this page!

  50. oh wow, i can’t wait to make these little goodies 🙂 acd or not, delish!! i had to laugh at your story about the boy’s hand on your knee 🙂

  51. Ooo! The carob-coconut sweeties sound and look delicious. I’ll have to save that recipe. The chocolate pudding looks really good! I’m sure you’ll come up with something less pucker inducing and more delicious.

  52. These are some seriously creative desserts!

  53. oh yahoo. I’m totally going to make those carob balls sometime very soon…they look perfect and I am SO jazzed!!!

  54. Use erythritol in combination with stevia for sweetening if you want it to taste like sugar. Anyone I feed the combo to can’t tell the difference. It performs exceptionally well in sugar-free baking, once you get the hang of it. 😉

    Erythritol doesn’t feed candida. It’s amaaazing stuff–all natural, already present in our body, with trace carbs and cals. Really makes a sugar free way of life sustainable for the long term. Not sure if you can find erythritol in Canada. I’ll love to mail you some sample packets I have lying around from my last order. It’ll be thanks for all the inspiration I get from your blog, Ricki!

  55. Ricki,
    I totally want these (as in, like, now) but I don’t have a mini food processor. Any ideas of what I could use instead?

  56. Wow. Those key lime tarts WILL be made soon. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes!

  57. Darn. I was soooo hoping to find something that I could make!
    I not only have candida, but some pretty bad food intolerances. I can’t have avocados or squash! *sigh*
    Your almond ‘feta’ recipe looked fantastic and then I saw the garlic content. Darn!

  58. you are a life saver! those carob-coconut sweeties are a godsend for my 11 year ols son who is on the ACD! I can’t thank you enough.

  59. Thank you so much for your site and recipes! Can’t wait to try some of these. Truvia is a version of stevia i find has less weird taste. I’ve also been baking with xylitol which is also an anti-fungal–have you tried that. And I’m about to try Lakanto with erythritol blend that has no effect on glycemic index. Supposed to bake well and taste great. Have you heard of that? check out And thanks again from another ACD-er.

  60. This website is awesome! I am on a miserably strict diet, but you just brought hope back to me…. Thank you!

  61. All of these pictures are great. I am not too fond of the stevia myself… it’s kind of like the Splenda taste. I don’t like the taste, regardless of what it’s in..
    Seiko Ananta

  62. I’m a little late here, but those coconut carob macaroons are AMAZING. Even my strongly-anti-carob boyfriend took one tiny nibble, then gobbled the whole thing down, AND THEN ASKED FOR ANOTHER. He said it was almost magical how chocolaty they tasted.

  63. I know this is an old post, but I just had to second your comment that the sugar cravings don’t disappear. If anything, I find they’re getting worse!

  64. I have been ACD for years. Recently I have been drinking these raw green smoothies made with Spinach, parsley, cucember, pinaplle and lime juice (all fresh) and stevia for my health – and guess what? My sugar craving has diappeared! I even have two per day. My energy is exceptional and I feel great!

  65. recipes look great and very similar to what i eat on my raw diet but.. not on my ACD. This must be a very different and much less strict Anti candida diet than the one I use. A true ACD surely doesnt allow nuts unless they are fresh cracked.. due to high mould content unseen to the human eye. or any fruit ( apart from lemons and avacodo)( unless you are at the re-introduction stage) , anyway as a raw foodist.. i agree with Deanna.. Green juice.. I dont use pineapple during the first 3 months of an ACD.. so id go for.. baby spinach, cucumber, lemon juice, fresh ginger and stevia :).. also salt is not advised on anti candida either.
    The only reason know al this is years of studying.
    carob I know is allowed very occasionally but shouldnt be eaten in the first few weeks. Also on an ACD you should ALWAYS take proper supplements to deal with the toxic die off.. if you dont it doesnt work well at all. My protocol for the ACD is overseen by a professional anti-candida nutritionist who enables me to test frequently for what supplementation my body required during the die off period. I would advise anyone doing ACD to make sure they are covered by something like this or it can be harmful with all those 70+ toxins flying around with no extra help to cope.

  66. Elena,
    There are many versions of the ACD out there, and the diet is different for everyone, depending on how severe are your symptoms, how long you’ve been on the diet, and what your doctor or naturopath believes.

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m following (mostly) the Whole Approach diet. They don’t allow fruits or sweeteners in the first phases, but do allow certain nuts that they consider to be less likely to harbor molds. I am now on Phase II, so have re-introduced some of those other ingredients you mention.

    I also do, of course, take supplements with my diet and have been on prescriptions anti-fungals as well, and have mentioned before that an anticandida diet won’t really be successful without them.

    Nevertheless, I would still not recommend that someone follow the exact same regime as I do, unless they’ve been seen by a candida specialist and it has been prescribed for them as well. Some people do well with some fruits and agave right from the beginning; others, like me, will have to make due with stevia for a year before any other sweetener can be introduced. I think an individual approach is best in all cases.

  67. wow! just made your carob coconut sweeties. adapted them a bit to what i had (xylitol for a sweetener for starters) next time i might add a dash of cinnamon + ginger. thanks so much for sharing this adaptable and tasty recipe!!!

  68. Nannette Siegel says

    You should try using KAL Brand Stevia in your chocolate pudding. It comes out so good with brand as does everything. Thanks for the recipes

  69. I’d seen the recipe for your carob-coconut sweeties featured on Choosing Raw, but didn’t get around making them until yesterday… so, so good! Thanks for sharing.

  70. SO authors of this site, YES WE can have cocoa and carob? So many diet say no, everyone doing this feels pretty confident it wont feed yeast?

    • Hi Audra,
      I am neither a doctor nor a medical professional, so I can only speak for what worked for me personally. I followed the Whole Approach diet and it does allow carob in the early phases. They mention that cocoa may cause some people to crave sweets, and should be taken with extra magnesium to help alleviate that kind of response (and here’s a comment about eating it on the diet from the moderator of their forum). For myself, both seem to be okay, though I don’t find it a problem eating chocolate (unsweetened, of course) ever day. 😉 If I begin to feel as if I’m craving (ACD friendly) sweets a little too much, I don’t eat them for a few days to allow my system to “clear.” For a sweets-a-holic like me, that will probably have to be my pattern for the rest of my life. I can’t speak for anyone else. . . with this diet, you kind of have to experiment and see what works best for you. Good luck with it!

  71. I see dates in the lime tarts? When can you can dates on the ACD diet? I thought they were full of sugar? Also Agave is a yeast feeder, my doctor said dont be fooled by its low glycemic index. Theres articles on it on it.

    • Hi Audra,
      No, there are no dates in the lime tarts. Yes, dates are too sweet for someone on the ACD. If you had read the entire recipe, you would have seen that I added a specific ACD-friendly variation without the dates. As a Holistic Nutritionist, I know many different alternative health care professionals who have different ideas about agave. Some like it, some don’t. Since it doesn’t bother me in small quantities, I use it on occasion. However, once again, the recipe has an ACD variation without agave as well; please check the recipe.

      I removed your original link to Natural News because it went to the home page and there is no mention of agave there. If you are referring to the article by Remy Nagel that first appeared on that site, it has since been discredited. I have also discussed agave at length on this blog, and made reference to this article and this one in response to those who oppose it. As with anything else, I assume that, as educated consumers, we will each make up our own minds about what we are willing to ingest. If you don’t like agave, please don’t use it.

  72. Well thank you for clearing that up. I hope soon one day will enjoy xagave.

  73. I just made the carob-coconut sweets last night, they are incredible! My fiancé just loves them as well, and he’s not on the candida diet! I’m going to make another batch for Christmas ’cause they’ve just made this diet so much easier – knowing that there’s a treat I can have! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Also just to say that I used Xylitol in mine instead of stevia – we can’t get Stevia in Ireland 🙁 But it worked fine and they’re still delicious!

    • THanks so much for this–I’m delighted that the recipe worked for you (even with xylitol) and that you enjoyed them. And anything that makes this diet easier for others makes me very happy! 😀

  74. Additional sugars you can eat — Hi,I had been suffering with severe candida symptoms with no breaks and no release for over two years. I finally found a doctor in Colorado that used to suffer from this as well. She put me on her variation of the diet and in one month, I was symptom free. I kept on the plan for two additional months and then ate normally. Until a month ago, I have been symptom free for two years. I went back to the diet and its already working. With that said, I wanted to let you know that other sugar are okay to eat in moderation that “wont” feed Candida They are: Light Agave, Palm sugar (Which is coconut sugar) and surprisingly “100% pure” maple syrup.(Its a bit pricy but worth it $8 – $12) I used all of these sugars daily and was able to stop my candida in its tracks.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for your comment, and for reading my blog. 🙂 I’m so glad you had success with your form of the diet. Unfortunately, those sweeteners do NOT work for everyone in the early stages of the diet–and I know this because I’m one of the people for whom they don’t work. I was absolutely not able to eat coconut/palm sugar, agave or maple syrup during the first year or so of the ACD regime. Even today, if I consume something with maple syrup (even just a wee bit), I have to be very, VERY careful the following day to eat a completely sweetener-free menu, or else my candida symptoms return within 24 hours. For people with milder forms of the syndrome, I know that agave and coconut sugar are fine after the first week or so. In my case, and anyone else who has a very difficult case, it is essential to be very careful and avoid all sweeteners except stevia until stage one has been completed. Coconut sugar is lower gylcemic and I love it, but it does still convert to glucose in the blood, and that can cause problems with candida.

  75. Hello Ricki-I am new to all this CANDIDA business and have placed myself on a no grain no sugar diet ths past month based on my detective work in diagnosing myself after a 7 day hospital stay this past summer-unfortunately I am currently laid-off (ie no insurance) and attempting to cure myself without the assistance of a doctor-my primary care does not believe in the existence of systemic yeast even when I sit in front of her-white as sheet with dark circles- and say something crossed over into my brain this summer and it feels alive!! Its been incredible reading all of your fans responses today to your scrumptious recipes-it gives me strength to continue my journey.

    • Bet, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling with candida. It can be truly horrendous, and it requires a lot of patience and determination to stick with it. . . but it will get better (even if it takes a bit longer than you wish it would!). There are so many people out there’s who’ve changed their diets and lifestyle to conquer the candida that I’ve read about or heard from. I really believe it’s something from which we can regain our health with persistence. Hang in there. And good luck with it!

  76. Wow, what a great collection of ACD desserts! (I’ve never used that acronym before and I can’t get over how close to OCD it is-lol) I have been sweetening my tea with stevia and it has been a lifesaver for me b/c I have a big sweet tooth. What kind do you use? I use NuNaturals which is supposed to have no bitter aftertaste, and I can say that is seems to hold up to it’s claims (so far) but I haven’t tried it with chocolate yet. Just wondering if that’s what you used here in the pudding.

    • I never realized how close it is to OCD, either–ha!! I use NuNaturals stevia whenever I can get it (it’s not sold in Canada yet), but NOW brands is a close second for me. I would avoid trying to sweeten chocolate with nothing but stevia–in that case, the bitterness of the chocolate seems to be weirdly enhanced by the stevia if you use too much (I go for a “70% cacao”-type taste). I did use NuNaturals in the pudding, though. 🙂

      I should also mention that it became impossible to keep up this list–so I haven’t updated recently. You can find all the desserts (the ACD-friendly ones will show up first, the older ones at the end), by clicking on the “dessert” category at right (you might need to wade through some Wellness Weekend posts–not all desserts there are ACD-friendly). 😀

    • Veronica, if you don’t mind my 2 cents, I actually think the stevia-chocolate combo works better if there is some coconut in there or some other flavor that is stronger like that.

      • I agree–I usually try to temper the cocoa with carob powder (if you get the right balance, it still tastes like chocolate but isn’t bitter). 🙂

        • Thank you both! I did try making hot cocoa with stevia (NuNaturals) and it worked very nicely, but that may be because of the natural milk sugars (probably not an ACD-friendly treat). I haven’t tried it with any other chocolate yet but will keep your suggestions in mind.

  77. I finally made these! Because I finally got my hands on some almond butter. So good, I needed a good way to get the almond butter down. I used some cocoa instead of carob (can’t find any) and double almond butter instead of tahini, and it was great. Thanks for being an inspiration and great resource!

    • Yay! I’ve made them with double almond butter, too, but I like the tahini for a different flavor–and also for the extra calcium. 🙂

  78. Jillian says

    Hi Ricki – I am just wondering if you use an alcohol based vanilla extract in your recipes? I am following the ACD diet, and haven’t used vanilla or peppermint extract in 4 months because they have alcohol in them, which isn’t allowed on the ACD diet described by Whole Approach. Do you use extracts based in something else? Or do you find the small amount of alcohol is fine?

    • Hi Jillian,
      I think everyone is different–I used vanilla powder in the beginning (you can get it from Navitas Naturals), and fresh peppermint leaves when I wanted those flavors. At this point, the tiny amount of alcohol is okay for me–I don’t notice a difference. But as I said, you may react differently. Sometimes I think the only way to know is to give it a try! But you should check with your healthcare provider first before making any changes to the diet. 🙂

  79. Hello,Oh my goodness you have some delicious looking treats! I’m looking for something for my birthday,my favorite is pumpkin pie,but having just started Candida Phase One diet,that is out,as are a lot of your goodies.Can you recommend anything? I can’t even have nuts,flours,berries,any sweetener…hoping to find something out there! Thank you!

  80. The carob coconut sweeties may just save me! Thank you! They are great!

  81. Hi,
    Thanks for the recipes, they look great. I noticed that you used dates and agave nectar in some of them which can trigger candida. Dates are a dried fruit and are not recommended. Agave is not tolerated by some of us either. Maybe for later phases but not phase 1.

    I can only use stevia in phase one.

  82. Oh sorry, I just saw the reference to variations- thanks!

    • Hi Paula,
      Glad you found them! I eventually began to tag each recipe according to the stage of the diet for which it’s suited, but this post was written before I began to do that. By Stage 3, most people can eat coconut sugar, coconut nectar, agave (in moderation) etc. so it really opens up the possibilities. 🙂

  83. I LOVE the Coconut Sweeties! I make them with 1/2 carob and 1/2 cocoa and roll them in palm sugar. It balances the bitterness of the stevia and gives them a slight crunch. So yummy! I’m making up a batch of 20 today so that I don’t run out! I also love the Chia Pudding. I have trouble not eating the entire batch in one day! 🙂

    • Thanks so much, April! I love the sweeties, too. But one question: are you on an anti-candida diet? If so, the coconut sugar should only be used in later stages. Yes, it is low glycemic, but it can still spark sugar cravings (at least it can in me). When I first started, I had the sweeties with stevia only. And thanks for the reminder about the chia pudding–haven’t had a good chia pudding in ages! It’s great with coconut milk, too, for a really rich and creamy version. 🙂

  84. I am on the maintenance diet – I just stay on it all the time. I can handle a very limited amount of sweetener. I’ve only tried the pudding w/the almond milk so far. I will have to try the pudding w/the coconut milk, sounds yummy! I also love coconut “mousse” made w/coconut cream, stevia and cocoa. So good! Don’t know what I’d do without all of these great recipes. 🙂

  85. Does anybody have a recipe for ACD lemon tart or pecan pie?

  86. Ricki I have just adventured into this ACD over 30 days now. Some of my smythoms have left. Felt really great at first, but some symthoms have returned. Staying strict on the diet.
    Don’t quiet understand what is going on. I also ordered all 3 of the e-cookbooks but haven’t received anything on them yet. Ordered them on Jan. 22nd. Let me know if you have any suggestions on what I should do.

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Since we’ve now emailed each other, I know you have received the ebooks–and thanks for letting me know! I think you are referring to symptoms leaving and returning. It may be a detox reaction (though I’m not a doctor–just a guess. I would check with your own healthcare professional to be sure). It took me quite some time to see all the symptoms disappear, and I do still have minor flare-ups depending on how strictly I follow the diet. So hang in there! 🙂

    • Hi Carolyn

      I’ve had a bad run with Candida over the last 3 years. Nobody seemed to know what was wrong – All the usual symptoms. Turns out I had multiple parasites (blastosystus hominus and Chryptosporidium and fluke worms) On top of that a raging systemic candida infection. I’ve gotten rid of the parasites and am now well on the way to getting rid of the candida. You have to realise the candida overgrows in your system because your immune system has been getting a hammering (usual causes such as mercury poisoning, antibiotics etc)It is imperative to rebuild your immune system and health as a whole, while taking antifungals and probiotics. Ive had great success with Candigest (antifungal), threelac (probiotic), colostrum (immune system) and hydrogen peroxide. These four natural meds are all magic and in my opinion a must. Of course I adherred strictly to the ACD. Thank goodness for sites such as this for recipes and advise. Stick with it, you will get there!!

  87. As a wellness coach who focuses on chronic conditions like candida, this is a GREAT resource for my clients. Thank you for all you do!!

  88. Your recipes are a God send! I’ve been on the anti-candida diet and avoiding several food sensitivities for 4 weeks now and the cravings are worse than ever! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL OPTIONS, now I can enhance my limited diet without feeling deprived!

    • Sophie, that is so awesome to read! Thank you so much for letting me know–it’s because of people like you that I keep writing this site and it warms my heart to read that it is helping you. Good luck with the diet and your healing journey–you will get there!

  89. Hi,
    I “stumbled” across your blog and love it! I’m fairly new at this ACD diet (1 year) and so needed some encouragement and ideas for ACD dessert recipes! Thank you! I wonder if any of your readers went on this diet solely because of a cough??? I did, after going from doctor to doctor for over 10 years. A wonderful chiropractor finally diagnosed me and my cough has improved significantly with diet, probiotics and anti fungal supplements. It’s still hard for me to believe that Candida can cause such a cough but if I cheat and eat sugary or high carb stuff it gets worse! It’s very hard to remain faithful to such a strict diet!!! That’s why I love your blog. I don’t feel so alone.

    • Thanks so much, Sharon. I had the same feeling when I first found someone else with this condition and stumbled on THEIR blog. I think half of healing comes from not feeling alone on the diet! No, I’ve never heard of someone being diagnosed based solely on a cough, but I’m not a doctor, so that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. And if the diet works to keep it at bay, stay with it, I say. I am the same way; if I veer too far from the diet, symptoms return. So that tells me something! Welcome to the blog and thanks so much for commenting. Best of luck with the diet (though I’d say after a year, you are already an expert at it). 🙂

  90. Hi. Im new to this diet. I have recently been diagnosed with candida and a leaky gut. I have also had several food reactions, including anaphylaxis to almonds. Coconut is also one of my allergies. Do you have any other options for flour to use? Is buck wheat okay since it it not truly a grain? Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Angela,
      There are lots of recipes without coconut or almonds on the blog if you take a look through the Gluten-Free Index (or you could use the search function and look for “buckwheat.”) 🙂 The diet I followed allowed buckwheat, but you should always check with your healthcare provider, as there are many different versions of the diet, and your doctor or ND will design a diet that works for you. Good luck with it and hang in there! 🙂

  91. Where is the “chocolate pudding” recipe? Thanks!!!

    • Hi Chris,
      I wasn’t happy with the final taste/texture of the pudding, so I didn’t post a recipe. I will do so when the recipe is perfect. 🙂

  92. I have been battling yeast for 20years on and off.I can’t believe how difficult it is to ridyourself of yeast.Trying to find out about baking with xylitol.Do you know if yeast reacts to xylitol?I took yeast fighters for years and have been on a prettystrict diet.Just started drinking wine again about a year ago and it totally screwed me up

    • Hi Lisa,
      Sorry to hear about the battle–it is really a rather tenacious organism, isn’t it? From what I’ve read, xylitol doesn’t feed the yeast, but I don’t use it, so I’m not the best person to ask about it! I haven’t tried wine again (it’s been 4 years)–I do recall that it caused a reaction when I used to drink it, though.

  93. Hi, I have been doing my own candida diet for the last 4 months. Getting info from a couple of sites.
    For 2 years I have been on a high raw diet. I have not touched processed foods for over 2.5 years now. I eat very clean plantbased foods. But I have a sweet tooth and made lots of snaks using dates or raw honey. Loved oat groats and sweet potato.
    For the last 3 months stevia has been my God send. However Im sure its not good for me. But I could not have gone 4 months without it. I am at the stage now Im getting sick of making my zucchini coconut bread which I eat everyday as a snack. I need some new sweet ideas.
    I noticed you use carob powder. Can you tell me at what stage can you introduce a green apple or blueberries or even carob powder or raw cacao powder?
    And if so how much is allowed? Like one green apple a day or a 1/4 cup blueberries etc?????
    What accurate testing can be done to find out if you have candida?

    Thanks so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

    • Ricki Heller says

      Hi Teniel,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I’m not equipped to prescribe what, or when you should eat certain foods, as I’m not a doctor or naturopath, and everyone is different. I do share what I did on my Candida FAQ page, and you can see my diet there, as well as when I reintroduced certain foods. Let me know if you can’t find answers to your questions there, and I can certainly elaborate.

      I’d also take a look at the Whole Approach site, and take their test, which is a great way to help determine whether or not you have candida. Although there are tests for the candida albicans organism out there, apparently very few of them are accurate (since we all have candida in our bodies all the time).

      Hope that helps! 🙂

  94. This recipes do look great but most of these aren’t suitable for people on the Candida diet because they do contain sugars and cacao is not allowed on the Candida diet.

  95. how long does this usually last because it hurts really bad im only 12 so it sucks and its i dont know how but its on my teeth i think and i cant eat anything so i was just wondering how long do i have to go through this thanks~Alissa Nicole.

    • Hi Alissa,
      Sorry you’re feeling so bad! I don’t know whether you actually have candida or not; you will need to go see a healthcare provider who knows about candida to have it diagnosed and treated (I’m not familiar with candida on the teeth, for instance). Not everyone can go on the diet safely, so please be sure you check with your parents and doctor before you do anything. If you do go on an anti-candida diet, it could last anywhere from 4 weeks to a year. . . but I wouldn’t worry about that until you know for sure that’s what you’re dealing with. It’s really not that bad, I promise (I’ve been on this diet for a long time). 🙂

  96. Stephanie says

    I just made the coconut sweeties and I am SO impressed, and thankful. It’s been a struggle (mostly mental) for me and my husband the past 30 days. I was feeling so much better for about a week 15 days in now my symptoms are back. I’m exasperated but I’m not giving up. Its easier to stay on track when you have some “divine moments” of sweets-eating. You’re positive attitude and innovative thinking have been a joy to read. Thank you Ricki.

    • I am so glad you liked the recipe, Stephanie! Thanks so much for coming back to let me know. Your experience sounds pretty typical (at least in my experience). Sometimes the body expels the yeast/toxins and you feel worse before you feel better. Hang in there! And have some coconut sweeties when you need them. 😉


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