Flash in the Pan: Almond-Crusted Root Vegetable “Fries”

[Good news! This recipe, along with more than 100 others, is now available in my cookbook, Living Candida-Free. Everything in the book is free of gluten, eggs, dairy and sugar–and all suitable for an anti-candida diet!]


[Rutabaga “fries”–who’d have ever thought?]

[Sometimes, you just want to eat something now.  I’ve decided to offer a mini-post every once in a while, for a dish that comes together incredibly quickly or else is so easy to make that no recipe is required. Here’s today’s “Flash in the Pan.” (For other FitP recipes, see “Categories” at right).]

I  hadn’t intended to post another Flash in the Pan so soon after the chia pudding a while ago, but it’s been that kind of week over here at the DDD household. . . and all I’ve had time for are lightning-quick recipes.

No matter; these oven fries have quickly become a new little obsession.  They’re a simple, speedy way to spruce up your more conventional oven fries, and a convenient means to use root veggies that you might not normally consider eating (to wit, rutabaga–in fact, this is the only way I’ve ever had that vegetable and actually liked it!).  And with the crazy Canadian weather still throwing a few final chilly rainstorms our way, these are a great comfort food.


[Parsnip fries–they’ll make you a fan of parsnips!]

You can use pretty much any root vegetables you fancy here, or mix up several in one batch for a tasty, higher-protein side dish.


[Sweet Potato fries–a classic!]

So far, we’ve had these with rutabaga, parsnips, and sweet potatoes, but I can envision all kinds of variations:  regular spuds would be a perfect foil for a spicy, almondy crust; or how about your favorite squash, cut into fries?  You could even bake up some cauliflower florets this way.

I’ll be back next time with a “real” recipe for some yummy burgers. . . AND an exciting book giveaway!

Mum, we’d be happy eating pretty much any variation of these. . . or how about just giving us some of that almond butter coating?”


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  1. This is such a genius idea! I am going to make these tomorrow.

  2. YUMMO! I wish I could reach into the screen and grab all of those delicious looking root veggies!

  3. What a fabulous idea! Just made sweet potato fries yesterday – wish I had this recipe then

  4. I love veggie fries!

  5. Oh I’m going to have to try this! I love root vegetables. I’ve never thought to coat them with almond butter mmm.

  6. Parsnips, ok. Sweet potatoes, yes. But, rutabaga? Um, not so sure. I might take your word for the rutabaga and try the others – they look crispy and delicious, and I love most root veggies.

  7. I love sweet potato fries but never in a million years would have thought of the other root vegetables. This is what I call having your cake and eating it too!

  8. This is so interesting! I never would have thought of an almond butter coating. They sound delicious.

  9. oh my gosh! those all sound so good! i need to try the parsnip ones!

  10. Can’t wait to make these! I may or may not be plotting a peanut butter sweet potato version 😉

  11. Ricki, you are amazing! These sound wonderful. I will make soon 🙂

  12. Using almond butter is a very interesting idea! I’ll keep it in mind for next time I’m making veggie fries.

  13. Oh dear – now I will have to buy more almond butter as I am already going through my stash with the coconut balls you posted recently and I sometimes would like roast vegies but want some protein in my meal so this is perfect!

  14. Absolutely brilliant! Wonder if it would work with cashew macadamia nut butter…

  15. This is SUCH a great idea, WOW! I can just see the possibilities. Fabulous, thank you for the recipe.

  16. Wow, great idea!

  17. What a great idea! I’m temporarily without an oven, but I’ve got these bookmarked to make as soon as I’m in a proper kitchen!

  18. Excellent idea! Can’t wait to try them!!!

  19. That sounds amazing, I love roasted veggies and with almonds on too – genius!!

  20. This is really intriguing to me, as I thought I would see almond flour, not butter in the coating. Plus, as a low-carber, I could do rutabaga, or maybe even portabella mushrooms.

  21. I wonder if this would work on my beets?

  22. What a cool idea! I will have to try this out!

  23. Oh my oh my I think this is brillant! How do you come up with so much goodness? And burgers on the horizon? What could go better with these fries, really?

  24. Whoa, I’m in love. Are any root veggies in season in the spring/summer? Or do I need to kind of wait until fall for these? Oh, screw it, I’m gonna grab some parsnips and have at it, these look too good.

  25. Wow, these look a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I adore parsnips, and I love sweet potato combined with nut butters (one of my favorite food combos, actually), and I’ve been eager to try rutabaga, and you’ve brilliantly dressed them all up SO temptingly… YUM! You are a genius! (We knew that already, but this just seals the deal… 🙂

  26. Yum! I’ve made daikon fries before as well and they are really good..

  27. Holy moly these look good!!

  28. Oooo…I love the idea of doing this with cauliflower! I love roasted/baked cauliflower, and doing it like this sounds fantastic!


  29. Ricki, this is brilliant. I am going to try this very soon. I just need to pick up some almond butter.

  30. I’ve gotta admit… I’ve never actually had rutabaga! It always sounds so scary.. But with your recipe, I’m sure it would be delicious, so perhaps I should give it a chance.

  31. Just came across your blog, fantastic!!! Love all your photos, recipes, stories. Lots of fun! I may be doing an ACD soon. Even if I don’t, I need to reduce my sugar intake. I am saving tons of your recipes!
    I just LOVE any kind of fries. My fav are rutabega and butternut squash fries. Are winter squash allowed in your ACD plan? I’ve heard yes and no from different sources.

  32. Every time I see rutabaga in the store I am tempted to get it but have NO clue what to freaking do with it. This recipe looks AMAZING and has inspired me to get that rutabaga for it!

  33. We often make sweet potato fries and had parsnip fries not long ago (using just olive oil and salt), and you’re right! They’re fantastic.

    Now I’ve GOT to try rutabaga fries! Thanks for the great idea.

  34. Mmm these look good. I’m a fan of carrot fries, and sweet potatoes for that matter. Parsnips and rutabaga are a good idea, I have to try them out soon.

  35. Those fries look insanely crunchy and delicious. Thanks for sharing Ricki!

  36. wow, what a neat idea! i’ll have to give it a try sometime 🙂

  37. all i can say is WHAT AN IDEA!!

  38. Ahh, somebody get me into a kitchen, this instant! I must make these immediately!!

  39. Yum1 What an awesome idea!!!

  40. Cowgrrrl Cookies – Ricki! You are awesome but I can’t keep up trying to cook all of your great recipes. Ranger Cookies were a thing of the past until this post – I think I have everything to make a batch but then that Frigal Fritata calls and now Sweet Potato Fries and I just don’t have the time! Not that I’m complaining mind you. But when your recipe book is published with all of your desserts I may end up eating only dessert for days on end!!

  41. These are genius. I wish I had thought of these when I made my sweet potato fries. They needed a little something special, but I didn’t know what.

  42. i love almond butter and to combine it with vegetables.. and make them crispy – amazing – i really want to try them!!

  43. Oh wow, these are right up my alley! I have sweet potatoes, now I need rutabaga! yum.

  44. This idea is just awesome. I am trying this ASAP!

  45. This sounds like a fantastic snack idea, how come nobody though of it before?!?

  46. This is an outstanding recipe! When did you say your book was coming out?

  47. I really like oven baked fries. Often mine never come out crispy. I am still trying to work on making them crispy. These fries look amazing!

  48. Hi,

    Your recipes are great! I have tried to print some – off the expeired website and the new one, but no luck. Are all of the recipes in your book? Please send me the most current link with the ability to print recipes. Thanks,


  49. Thanks for the recipe! I can’t wait to try these! Look so yummy and crispy! I’m sure my hubby will love these too!

  50. I am SO glad Angela (from Oh She Glows) pointed me in this direction! Both yours and Angela’s version of these parsnip fries just look divine–I can’t wait to try them!!!! 😀

  51. omg ricki, these are delicious 🙂

  52. OMG these are our new obsession in our house

  53. I made these last night with sweet potatoes and they were good but not as gorgeous as yours! Mine weren’t really crisping up so I left them in longer and ended up burning a lot of them. 🙁 It was fun to try something different though! Probably if I had used a harder/more sturdy root vegetable like rutabaga they would’ve crisped up better.

  54. Parsnip fries are roasting in the oven as we speak! 🙂 Thank you for the recipe & inspiration!! I am sure they will be absolutely amazing!!!

  55. MyThy as in "Mighty" says

    Hi Ricki,

    I’ve been enjoying your blog but too afraid to post. I’ve made these parsnip fries with almond and peanut butter (separate times). I recently purchased peanut flour from Trader Joe’s. Do you know how I can incorporate this into this recipe? Maybe add a 2-3 tbsp of peanut flour to the mix?



  56. Parsnip fries are roasting in the oven, we made our own almond butter because I couldn’t find any at the market, will have to try a slightly less mega-mart locale I guess, but they are browning up and look lovely! Thanks for the recipe!

  57. Soooo yummy. I can’t believe how long ago you posted about these and I’ve only just made them. I got a swede (rutabaga) in my veg box and suddenly remembered this recipe 🙂 Thank you

  58. I used a sweet potato and two turnips. I figured if you can use rutabaga, you can use turnips. Well, the turnip fries were maybe a bit too turnip-y, but not bad. I didn’t get my fries to crisp up (I never manage that, even though I’ve followed several recipes which are supposed to result in very crisp fries), but it was tasty nonetheless.

    I’ll be sure to try the cauliflower variation! And parsnip of course. But that’s a given, because parsnips are awesome, I just didn’t happen to have any.

    • I’ve heard other people say they can’t get them to crisp up, but mine get fairly crisp (not quite like fried, but nice and solid with a bit of a crunch on the outside). I think you just really, REALLY have to bake them for quite a while. . . and I can almost never wait that long. 😉

  59. Thanks for this yummy recipe, Ricki! I stumbled upon it and now we’re trying these tonight with sweet potatoes, tahini and curry. No almond butter on hand, so I am anxious to see how the tahini works out. Delish!

    • Thanks, Liz! I think for me the tahini might be too strong of a flavor, but if you like tahini, go for it! Let me know what you thought about it. 🙂

  60. Hey Ricki,

    I tried this one today with rutabaga.
    Unfortunately they didn’t become crispy, ’cause rutabaga contains too much water.

    So I’m trying it with parsnips again, now.
    Hopefully it will work out fine for me =)

    Anyways, thank you very much for this inspiring recipe!


    • ba.c, it takes longer for these fries to crisp up on the outside than for regular fries. I found I had to bake them almost twice as long. But we love them even when they’re a bit softer! 🙂

  61. These are a regular staple in our home – thank you for sharing! As you mentioned, I found success in baking them for a longer period of time…I prefer them extra crispy!

  62. I just tried these for the first time tonight (using a mix of sweet potato and parsnips), and they were amazing! I used some rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil in addition to regular EVOO – highly recommended. I’m not exactly skilled in the kitchen, but recipes like this give me some hope. 😉

  63. Ricki,
    These fries were so wonderful. I love sweet potatoes and almond butter, so it was a perfect combination. Added just a pinch of cinnamon for a little sweetness. Great recipe!


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