Dog Day: Tricks for Treats

Elsie, what’s this I hear about Hallowed Eats today?”


No, silly, it’s Halloween.  Which means Mum might play trick for treat! Just follow my lead. . . .”


Oooooh, YEAH!  I’m READY!”


“Okay, so here’s a trick Mum likes: ‘Say Please.'”


Well, I can give my paw! Here, Dad!  Now where’s my treat?”


That’s nothing!  How about this?  Just call me Mum’s little angel!”


“I can be an angel, too, Elsie!  Um, except I’m a little scared of the halo. . .


“Think you’re pretty talented, don’t you, Chaser?  Well getta load of THIS! This will get treats for sure!”


“Okay, Elsie, you win.  I bow at your feet. But, um, we still don’t have any treats, you realize. Drat!”


“That’s okay, Chaser. . . at least she didn’t dress us in stupid costumes, like last year.”


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, EVERYONE!  (And don’t worry, they did get their treats . . . ).  🙂



  1. You’re dog friends are lovely and so intelligent. Very charming post! Posts about animal friends always make my day.

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Aww, they are beautiful. I love it how dogs become even more charming when they want their treats!!

  3. LOL-I smiled and giggled the whole way through…super cute post~and pups!

  4. Awww I LOVED this post! What sweet faces, their personalities just shine through each picture. I wish I could get both of them over here to play with our big boy Jack, he needs some friends his own size. Happy Halloween Chaser and Elsie!

  5. They look like really awesome dogs! You are lucky to have them.

  6. Too freaking adorable 😀

  7. Adorable silly dogs, and so sweet to pose like that (although they must have grown up doing it)! Thanks for the Halloween fun! Now really I must run and bake a treacle tart in honor of Harry Potter . . . .

  8. So sweet! I love the halos. I wish my cats would let me dress them um. They’d be Mo, Larry and Curly 🙂

  9. I have a real weakness for any post about dogs, and your two girls are especially clever and photogenic. I’ll bet they just love Halloween!

  10. Aw, too cute! Happy halloween to you too!

  11. Your dogs are adorable. Happy Halloween to you and the dogs 🙂

  12. Aww how cute 🙂

    Happy Halloween to you!

  13. SO adorable! After beaming my way through all the photos, I picked up the laptop and ran over to Zach, calling “look at the amazing cute puppies!” Zach agrees that they’re exceptionally darling… 🙂

  14. this was absolutely charming!

  15. Your dogs are so photogenic. You did a great job with captions. Loved it.


  16. as always, too cute for words!

  17. Sooo cute!

  18. Too, too cute! Happy belated Halloween!

  19. your girls are too cute! i just bought a dog bone cookie cutter to make some goodies for my friends’ dogs 🙂

  20. Oh, too cute! Hope all of you had a very happy Halloween!

  21. Adorable! We have a Chaser but in a different color scheme.

  22. Awww I have some serious puppy love going on!!!!

  23. Aww, how cute!! I love that last picture of Chaser looking very paranoid! LOL! 😀

    I’ve been playing with the recipes from your super fantabulous cookbook and will blog about them soon on my new blog! Though I still need to stop being lazy and get the new blog going!

  24. SO cute!! I love their expressions.

  25. LOL! They are a dynamic duo! Hard to choose a favorite, but it’s the nose through the ring. Priceless!

  26. Ha ha! Chaser’s expressions are priceless. They look like such sweeties.

  27. they are so beautiful!!!!

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