Zucchini Fritters (Vegan, Grain-free, Candida Diet)

During this month that was MoFo, I’ve been writing up weekly roundups at the end of each week to recap what transpired.  As you can see, I missed this past weekend, what with exciting events (both the “exciting-scary” and “exciting-fun” categories) taking place between Thursday and Saturday.  And since Vegan MoFo actually ends today, I thought I’d combine my farewell MoFo post with my roundup from last week.

I: MoFo, We Hardly Knew Yeh.

My aspirations were lofty:  write one post a day for at least 5 days a week. Sounds eminently doable, doesn’t it?  I mean, when I first began this blog back in November 2007, I was zipping off at least one post a day for quite some time (ah, chalk it up to infatuation of the newly enamored; such excess energy and enthusiasm comes but once in a blog’s lifetime.  Nowadays, my blog-love may be deeper and more permanent, but it operates a little more slowly, too. . . just like in marriage).  My usual pace of two to three posts a week feels much more natural, and much more achievable.

I enjoyed all the MoFo excitement, but was already scrambling toward the middle of last week. And when the HH was blindsided with a major car accident on American Thanksgiving (three-car collision in which his car was totalled. . . details here), I missed my MoFo post.  And then. . . missed another.  And here I am today, the final day of MoFo. (Is that a little too “Curb Your Enthusiasm” of me, to use the HH’s accident as an excuse for skipping blog posts?  Well, at least I’m not like Larry, using his bad news as an excuse for. . . everything).

So, so long, MoFo.  It’s been fun.  It’s been tantalizing. It’s been more fantastic vegan food than you could ever cook up in a lifetime. And also more reading or writing than I could master in a day.

See you same time, next year! 🙂

II. Cookbooks and other Prizes!

Last week’s Festive Freebie offers a cookbook of your choice!  The giveaway continues until midnight tonight, so skip over to the contest page and let me know what you’d like if you win!  Open worldwide. 😀

Also continuing until tonight is the SOS Kitchen Challenge, hosted by Kim and me.  I posted a sweet potato spread that’s definitely worthy of seconds, but my other ventures haven’t been quite so successful. If you’ve got a sweet potato recipe you made in November–lay it on us!  Details here.

Finally, the Gluten Free Holiday event is back in full swing this week.  On Thursday, we’ll be featuring holiday side dishes, so be sure to check it out then!  In the meantime, our previous topic, Gifts of Good Taste, continues until Wednesday evening–and you can enter to win one of seven cookbooks simply by leaving a comment on Alta’s post.

III. Food for Comfort, Times Two Three

[Mega comfort in a pile of zucchini fritters (recipe below), topped with a (mega) dollop of avocado sour cream (this recipe without the basil).]

It was a comfort-food kinda week.  First up, I made some easy, warming, belly-filling Pan Seared Oatmeal Wedges, great for either breakast (with fresh plum sauce) or as a savory starter, perhaps with a spoonful of creamy mushroom or tomato sauce ladled on top.  By the end of the week, after the HH’s collision, I was craving soup–hot, hearty, nourishing–so I mixed up some borscht.  Then, over the weekend, my inner mad pancake scientist came to life as I cooked up some quick and (also comforting) zucchini fritters–recipe below.

IV.  Presents! Is It Christmas Already? 

Gifts for Me: You know, I’ve said it before, but bloggers and blog readers are truly some of the most generous, supportive and big-hearted people I’ve ever “met.”  In the past month, I’ve received gifts from two other bloggers, both of which came as a delightful surprise.

[Rover Indulgence–upscale treats for dogs! Rawganic agave-sweetened chocolate (every morsel of which I savored), and Outback Pride combination spices for savory cooking.  The winsome backdrop, an original design linen tea towel, was also in the package.]

Way back in October, Johanna sent an incredibly thoughtful package of goodies from the antipodes (sorry it’s taken me so long to blog about it, Johanna!).  Not only did the box contain amazing, edible gifts for me, but there was even something for The Girls! (“We really appreciated that, Johanna! When are you coming to live with us?”). And wrapped around it all, of course, was one of Johanna’s signature tea towels.  (See how cute?)

Thanks so much, Johanna!  The agave-sweetened chocolate was a perfect occasional treat for an ACD-er.  In fact, I rationed it out in tiny portions to make it last as long as possible.  And I can’t wait to use the spices!  Thanks for this very thoughtful, sweet (in more ways than one) gift!

Then, just this past week, I received this little guy in the mail:

Isn’t he too adorable?  I cannot tell you how loudly I squealed when I opened the envelope to reveal this cutie!  Thanks to the incomparable River, who crafted him (her talent knows no bounds–pun intended!) 😉  The design is flawless, each teeny tiny stitch perfect.  Todd (as we’ve named him) the Turkey now hangs over our mantlepiece, where he’ll remain through the holidays.  River’s had the brilliant idea to send his twin (Ted the Turkey) to Ellen and Portia with a request that they have me on the show (and y’all know how much I’d love that to happen!). Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Ellen finds Todd to be just as cute as I do!!

Thank you so  much, River, for your unending generosity, talent, and support.  😀

Gifts for YOU: I’ll be back tomorrow with the cookbook winner and this week’s Festive Freebie giveaway.  This next one was instrumental in helping kickstart my baking business back in the day. . . can’t wait to share these treats with you!

V. DDD In Your Kitchen

Finally, I love it when readers tell me they’ve tried out a DDD recipe and provide feedback, and I love to share these with all of you!  

Here’s a list of recent culinary creations based on DDD recipes over the past couple of weeks.  If I missed yours, let me know and I’d be happy to add it to the list!

Thanks so much, everyone!  😀

VI. Today’s Comfort Food Recipe: Zucchini Fritters

With Chanukah (or was that Hannukah?  Or, as we saw it on a poster in a restaurant the other day, Hanukkah?) around the corner, these are my contribution to the ever-evolving world of alternative latkes (okay, they may not really qualify as “latkes,” but I’ve had traditional potato latkes in the past and wasn’t a fan).  A couple of years ago, I made some two-toned potato pancakes and enjoyed those a lot more than the conventional type.

But these zucchini-based fritters are my new favorite veggie pancake, whatever you call them: thin, soft shreds of zucchini encased in a light chickpea flour pillow.  The outside is browned and crispy with an airy, pancake-like inside, punctuated with the occasional crunch of black sesame seeds.  The mild, unassuming flavor whispers of fragrant tarragon and would happily be complemented by almost any topping (I used avocado sour cream).  Wrapped and packed to take along, they’d provide a great high-protein lunch or snack.

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Last Year at this Time: A Matcha Made in Heaven: Chocolate and Green Tea Truffles for Everyone (ACD Stage 2)

Two Years Ago: Holiday Brunch-Worthy: Tofu Omelet with Pesto, Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms (not ACD-friendly unless you omit mushrooms and nutritional yeast)

Three Years Ago: Leftover Pizza for Breakfast (not a recipe)

©  Ricki Heller

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  1. I’m so thankful DD was ok. Sorry ’bout the car, but they are much easier to replace.
    Love that sour cream – tasty and beautiful.
    That is the best package – mail is so fun, especially since the girls weren’t left out!

  2. These lookso delicious Ricki! Yum!

  3. i think you rocked MoFo, Ricki! i loved all of your posts – and i’m looking forward to a little break from all the posting myself. MoFo worn me out. ah ha ha!

    your fritters look perfect, especially with the avocado sour cream on top there. it’s the prettiest shade of green – like a little cap for the fritters. a little tasty cap. ah ha ha! mmmmmmmm!

    that was too sweet of Johanna to send you all the goodies, and i remember seeing River’s turkey on her site a bit ago – it’s absolutely adorable. gobble gobble!

    • Aw, thanks, Jessy! I feel as if I’ve run a marathon (not that I’d know what that really feels like, ha ha!). The cream was a perfect accompaniment. And yes, I am so thrilled to have received these gifts–blogger buddies really are the best. 😀

  4. The fritters and avocado cream look delectable. I love the addition of black sesame seeds to the fritters.

    I continue to be relieved that the HH wasn’t harmed in that awful crash.

    Both Johanna’s package and River’s turkey are gems — you’ve received some wonderful gifts, the HH included. 🙂

    • The black sesame really did kick them up a notch. And I’m relieved, too! Thanks for the nice comment about the HH. . . I feel that way, too (most of the time) 😉

  5. Oooh those fritters are beaaaautiful!! MoFo has been loads of fun, but I’m ready for it to be over. Thanks for including me in your DDD recipe roundup 😉

  6. Taking part in the MoFo is good fun and you get to learn and try a lot of different recipes…
    I really liked your zuchinni fritters and the avocado topping makes it a perfect bite.

  7. I totally understand about the daily posting being too much. It’s a fast schedule for me too.

    The fritters look great. I’m sorry I’m out of chickpea flour–drat.

  8. Awesome, Ricki! I love using chickpea flour in pancakes and burgers.

  9. Ricki – you should know, I think you’re amazing!

  10. I have made those dried cranberries 4-5 times now–thank you so much for the recipe!

    And I canNOT wait to try these zucchini fritters. I love zucchini sooooo much, and chickpea flour is one of my favorites…this recipe looks amazing!


  11. oh my gosh, so many great recipes i can’t keep up! These look awesome. i’ve totally done something like them and they were delicious. can’t wait to have good zucchini again 🙂

  12. lovely fritters – I love besan flour

    glad you enjoyed the package – I love those judy horacek tea towels – her little people are so cute

    and congratulations on making it through mofo with so many great recipes and giveaways and only one car accident.

  13. Oh my goodness, the zucchini fritters look fantastic! I better go get some chickpea flour (been meaning to, anyway). Do you think they would do well with winter squash instead of summer (since, I’m probably not going to find zucchini at the farmers market this time of year)?

    • Hmm, that’s a good question. I think winter squash are generally dryer than zucchini–you might not even need to extract moisture from them. Then again, I’m not sure something like butternut or acorn would cook completely in the time it takes to brown the fritter. . . you could try it, but I bet you’d have to *really* brown them! Let me know if you give it a try. 🙂

  14. I don’t have chickpea flour – would millet or sorghum flour work? I noticed you mentioned above using soy flour, but I can’t eat soy. Is there something a bean flour adds that a grain flour would not?

  15. I love the Curb Your Enthusiasm reference!

    I like to spell it “Hanukkah” but really, any of them work. Since it isn’t an English word, I don’t think there is really a correct spelling. I could be wrong, but I’ve seen it spelled so many different ways. And I’m not a huge fan of latkes either, but these look very good. I love chickpea flour.
    So glad that HH is okay 🙂

  16. It’s so hard to make fritters without eggs; thanks for the recipe. (Semicolon FTW!)

  17. Aww, Todd looks so happy to be home! I love his name, and Ted’s! I hope Ellen calls you soon!! 😀

    How nice that the girls were treated to some gourmet goodness! I bet they felt like the fanciest pups!

    The fritters look so perfect! I do have a lonely zucchini in the fridge…

  18. These look extraordinarily delicious!! Especially topped with that avocado sour cream.

  19. Hi! I attempted to make these and loved the flavor, but they were way too wet and never really cooked. Any tips on how to fix it? I followed the recipe very closely, and am in desperate need of candida friendly ( and reflux friendly) recipes! Thanks!

    • Hi Fleur, sorry you found them wet! It could be because the zucchini wasn’t squeezed quite enough, or the patties were too thick, or there was too much liquid added. But since I wasn’t there, it would be hard for me to know for sure. These aren’t like bread inside–they are supposed to be moist–but not wet or uncooked. I do a variation with a bunch of chopped veggies as well and don’t have this issue. Maybe it’s the brand of flour. . . could be a number of reasons! You might want to try the Toronto Sandwich instead since it doesn’t have the vegetables added to the batter. Hope that helps!


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