Groovy Green Smoothie

I have to admit, it was reassuring to read all the like-minded comments on my recent “I Hate Winter” post (even though it meant that a bunch of you are also having to endure it, too).  Thanks, all.  Despite my best intentions to abolish my abhorrence of winter, the Season of Slush and Ice just keeps on giving me more reasons to loathe it:  this time, a flu bug that’s been dogging me since Monday.  Dizziness, fever, chills and general malaise have been my constant companions for the past couple of days.  Come to think of it, I retract the word, “dogging” to describe winter’s effect on me–I wouldn’t insult The Girls by associating them with it in any way.

“Thanks, Mum.  We appreciate it.  And, you know, if you’re feeling chilly in that big, soft bed of yours, we don’t mind if you break the rules just this once and let us hop up there with you to keep you warm.”

Since I’d already prepared this smoothie for breakfast a couple of weeks ago, it came to mind again this morning when I needed something quick and detoxifying.  I called it “Groovy Green Smoothie” because the particular shade of green reminded me of a psychedelic collage The Nurse used to have hanging in her bedroom as a teenager.  As a quintessential Child of the Sixties, The Nurse was involved in all things “hippie.”  The oldest of the three siblings, she was awarded the coveted bedroom in the basement, sequestered away from the rest of the family and complete with a private bathroom.  She would spend hours with her friends locked in that room as they listened to rock n’ roll or did whatever hippies did in those days.  Occasionally The CFO and I would be watching TV in the family room and catch a few muffled giggles or the craggy wailing from a Janis Joplin album (her voice rendered even more gravelly by the cheap record player my sister had) emanating from beneath the closed door.

And on the bedroom wall was a collage made from magazine clippings that The Nurse stuck on a bristol board and framed. I clearly remember one image of a Twiggy-like model with spider-leg false eyelashes, glittery lipstick and a sleeveless paisley sheath in shades of neon turquoise, fuchsia and sky blue. The background was a shimmering shade of chartreuse–just like that smoothie you see, below.

I knew that sipping on this green drink would be both comforting and nourishing, the perfect antidote to winter’s harsh chill.  It did perk me up a bit, long enough to write this blog post. And if that’s not groovy, I don’t know what is.


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“It’s not bad under here, Mum, but I sure would like to get on top of that bed with you.”


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  1. Mmmm, I LOVE me a green smoothie (although mine actually often end up being a purplish grey, or some other fairly unappetizing hue). Recently my big thing has been spinach, banana, and strawberry, and I think I have my heart set on that with carob powder for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂
    I will have to remember this kiwi business though- it has never really crossed my mind to use kiwi in a smoothie, but this with the kiwi and lime sounds like a delicious blend of flavours!
    Take care, and here’s hoping the wintery weather heads down my way and keeps us both happy! 😉

    • I ended up using kiwi because we got a whole bag in our organic delivery, and I knew I couldn’t eat them all! They work well in smoothies once frozen, too. 🙂

  2. those ingredients in your smoothie are really unique compared to others. i’m for all things green, so i’ll be trying this asap! thanks!

  3. Wow that sounds really great! What a beautiful smoothie! I could drink that and picture myself on a beach instead of being in snowy VT.

  4. Oh dear, I do hope you’re feeling better – the smoothie sounds great, and I’m sure it boosted you to feeling better…at least I’m hoping so!

  5. I really hope that this smoothie helps chase away that nasty flu and also the winter blues. Love those extra little ingredients. I’m with you on the winter thing. Positively ecstatic that the sun has been shining here the past few days. Thanks for mentioning the give away!!! N xo

  6. I am so sorry you have been sick 🙁 I hope you are feeling better soon! That smoothie certainly can’t hurt–lots of healthy greens and vitamin C to boost the immune system… 🙂


  7. I’ve never tried blending up seeds before. How high-powered are we talking here? Vitamix strength? man I want one of those…

    • I do have a VitaMix, but I think it would work in a regular blender. . . but to be safe, I’d use nut or seed butter instead of actual nuts/seeds in a regular blender. 😉

  8. I guess your body needed a real rest Ricki! Hope you’re feeling refreshed and back to your normal self soon! I love the idea of putting kiwi in a smoothie. YUM! Thanks for the idea. Did I tell you that my Blendtec arrived? I am soooooo excited. And sooooo in love.

  9. I have seen a lot of posts about green smoothies but I have yet to try one.. I like how yours has kiwis, too, Ricki! 🙂

  10. oooh, this looks yummy. i need more kiwi in my life. every tried throwing some (peeled) cucumber in a smoothie? refreshing 🙂

  11. This looks great, I love green smoothies. The ingredients are interesting as well!

  12. Gorgeous as well as green and groovy. This month is giving me a list of smoothie ingredients to add. Kiwis. Never thought of it. Feel better.

    • Thanks, Wendy! I know, I’ve been checking out the D-Tox January submissions, too, and loving all the ideas for different kinds of smoothies!

  13. Ricki, I always love a green smoothie. I will have to try lettuce next time. So Marli sleeps under the bed, too. Under my side … how loyal is that. Gotta love ’em.

    : )

    • Me, too–I never have a smoothie these days without some kind of leafy green added. And that’s so funny about Marli! Chaser would be up on top in a second if we let her–but then we’d never get her off. 😉

  14. I hope you feel better soon Ricki, I had that too and it is horrible feeling like that.

    Your smoothie looks like just the thing to help you feel better, although I am sure it will take it’s own sweet time to clear.

  15. Oh, what a splendid green your smoothie is, Ricki! Kiwis are such a great idea for smoothies. 🙂 Loved your lead-in per usual … well, except for hearing about the flu bug that’s been visiting you. Hope that’s behind you now. Sending you lots more groovy green smoothies and thoughts of warm weather with no mention of winter. 😉


  16. That really is a beautiful smoothie. It almost looks luminescent.
    I’m humbled by your ability to eat raw in the winter. There goes my excuse!

    • Thanks, Sarah, and thanks for visiting! 🙂 I was actually surprised at how much I enjoy raw in winter–as long as it’s paired with some cooked foods, too. 🙂

  17. I wish I had a groovy collage on my wall and a glass of your smoothie on my breakfast table – unfortunately my older sister wasn’t quite so cool in her musical tastes – but it was the 80s so she can’t be blamed!

  18. Though not exactly my drink of choice, green smoothies are definitely something I’m trying to get more into. It’s the harsh, bitter, dark greens I can’t stomach. On the other hand, this one sounds nice and mellow, certainly worth a try!

  19. Hi Ricki,

    I would love to have your Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies receipe.
    Can you see my email address? I would love to converse with you about candidiasis. You are quite knowledgeable about what you can and can’t eat. I need some help!
    Thanks and Blessings,
    Jeanie (Jeanene)

  20. that smoothie sounds extremely groovy. I’ve never tried kiwi and spinach and it sounds grand!


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