Dog Day: Mothers and Mothers of the Heart

[“Happy Mother’s Day, Mum!  Don’t forget to check out that Mother’s Day card that Dad Chaser and I got for you!”]

For a long time after my own mom died (way too young), I wouldn’t even acknowledge Mother’s Day; I pretended it didn’t exist.  It was too painful to see all my friends taking their moms out to brunch, or making them breakfast at home, or lavishing them with flowers and gifts and cards. 

But eventually, I realized that I could still honor my mom in my own way on this day. Today, I’ll light a candle in the morning and have a little “talk” with my Mom to let her know how much she meant in my life.  I’ll let the candle burn and flicker all day, so that every time I pass by, I’ll think of her.  

I hope everyone enjoys their Mother’s Day today! After all, it’s not just birth mothers who supply love, comfort, nurturing or “mothering.”  So grab your favorite “Mom” and tell her (or him) how much s/he means to you.

And have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

[Wait a sec. . . Chaser, this could be serious. . . do you think there’s a chance we might be adopted–?”

“No way, Elsie. . . only a real Mom would love us this much. . . or, for that matter,  pick up our poop.” ]



  1. Happy Mom’s Day, Ricki!

    Did your guys get you anything? I received nothing from Molly and Henry! Not a thing!

    Oh well; I love them anyway ;).

  2. This is a fantastic post! Thanks so much for sharing it, and wishing a you a beautiful Mother’s day. And I love the girl’s commentaries.

  3. Happy Mothers day to you too! Happened upon here and i love it.. i have a food and a dog blog as well! love to cook and love them wagging tails! Have a great day!

  4. Christy says

    Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day!!

  5. What a precious post! My little furry babies decided to honor me with extra meowing and lap cuddling. 🙂

  6. That’s a lovely way to remember your mum Ricki. We had our mother’s day earlier in the year. I always get a jolt and panic when this one comes around, before remembering we have already celebrated it.

  7. I was just thinking “Oh I hope Ricki posts more of her dogs soon” and here they are!

    I too had to hint to get a dog mom gift. And one of it was really to cover up dog/cat stink. Incense.

    I am a little intimidated of the carob challenge since I’ve always been vehemently anti-carob pro-cacao. But I am up to the challenge and will try something this month. If only to grow as a cook.

  8. ps: sorry about your mom being gone. my husband’s is too and many other people I love have lost their mom and it can be a hard day. But it can be one to honor them too.

  9. Happy mothers day!! Mothering dogs is way under-appreciated.

  10. happy mothers day ricki – sylvia thinks it is her day as she loves the card e got me – it is her new favourite book – so it is not just for mothers 🙂

  11. Very sweet remembrance, Ricki, and always love the girls’ conversations. They are just so smart most of the time (when they are not chasing other critters). 😉


  12. ‘Mother’ means more than having a child – it is a nurturing spirit that cares for and validates all of those in our lives be they human or otherwise. You are ‘Mom’ to a whole community in your blog world and you are greatly appreciated!

    • Gretchen, thank you so much for this! It really means a lot and I so appreciate your comments, your presence, and your feedback on the blog. 🙂 I hope you and Rita had a wonderful Mother’s Day of your own!

  13. My mother passed away too early as well and I was young, 14. I understand how you felt. What a lovely post! Your “babies” are adorable!

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