Some Patriotic Eats


It’s another long July weekend for us here in Canada and all our American cousins in the US–yay!

Happy “I Love My Country” Day to both of us! 😀

For those of you looking for summer/ buffet/ BBQ/ patriotic/ festive recipes for your long weekend, here are some of my favorites that would be appropriate for either July 1st OR July 4th. (And hope you caught a glimpse of my Cinnamon Crumb Coffee Cake for Our Panera’s Gluten Free Dream Day yesterday, too!).

Have a great long weekend, everyone–and celebrate!

[Note: Recipes marked with an asterisk * are gluten-free; others use spelt or or barley flour]

Appetizers, Hors D’Oeuvres and Snacks

Salads, Soups and Side Dishes

Main Courses


Breakfast and Brunch

“Mum, does this mean we’ll have to listen to those horrible fireworks again?  Ohhhhh. . . . just wake me when it’s over.”

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  1. I’m just so thankful that I’ve found your site. It’s so helpful!

    Our Sophie kitty hates fireworks, too. Thankfully the pups are okay with them.

  2. Happy I love my Canada Day to you!

  3. happy canada day – hope you enjoy your holiday

  4. Canada day has me homesick (despite the fact that I can drive to Southern Quebec within 3 hours). I may have to make some Canadian favorites for dinner to get me through it. And with my new healthy ways I’m pretty sure my body wouldn’t handle poutine. Thanks for the list of ideas (especially the tarts)

    • Yes, cook up something red and white! How about a strawberry coconut-milk ice cream? Mmmm–patriotic AND health/delicious! 😀

  5. My gracious! This is such a treasure trove of recipes.


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