Carrot Hummus

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It was almost 3 years ago that I first came across The Blissful Chef, aka Christy Morgan. I remember hearing quite a bit of buzz about this classically trained, macrobiotic-leaning vegan chef (who had received glowing reviews from her client, Alicia Silverstone!). Shortly thereafter, Christy and I somehow became friends on Facebook, and a dialogue began. I admired what she was doing and agreed to review one of her ebooks, Cooking with the Seasons: Summer. I recall being pleasantly surprised at how much the recipes focused on real, whole foods, unprocessed and without a lot of added oils or salt.  I loved the dishes I tried and was happy to move on to a glowing review of Christy’s first cookbook, Blissful Bites, half a year later. That book remains one of my favorites to this day.

Today, I’m happy to share with you Christy’s latest venture: Wellness Reboot, a healthful, all-in-one online culinary and exercise program that will help you reboot your wellness goals. But Christy says it much better than I can, so take a gander at her answers to my questions, below! And don’t forget to check out the giveaway after the interview!

Q. Can you explain what Wellness Reboot is all about?

Wellness Reboot is a 28-day online wellness program. It’s an accumulation of all that I’ve learned both in culinary arts and in over 10 years in the health and wellness field. The program includes more than 15 videos on cooking techniques (stocking you kitchen and pantry, etc), a 28-day meal plan of delicious whole food plant-based recipes (no oil, no processed foods, no refined sugar, mostly gluten-free), a Getting Started Guide that explains everything one would need to know about eating healthfully and living a plant-based lifestyle, continual support from me through a private Facebook group, and bi-weekly conference calls. Not only does it have all of this, but I’ve partnered with an amazing vegan personal trainer, Chad Byers of Beyond Fit, to include a fitness element to the program, so you’ll get a workout that’s easy to do at home, along with workout videos. It’s unlike any other online program!
Q. Sounds very comprehensive, Christy! Who can benefit from taking this program?
This program is great for those who are ready to transition to a healthier way of eating and living. Whether you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or maybe you have a health condition you would like to treat naturally, or maybe you recently switched to a plant-based diet but need guidance, this program is for you. I have a lot of people email me who have watched Forks Over Knives or another documentary and they are ready to change their diet to plant-based. This program will hold your hand and show you the healthy way to transition. Wellness Reboot is endorsed by Forks Over Knives, Dr. Neal Barnard (of and many more people in the health and wellness community.
It’s also for those who have already made the switch to a vegan diet but need help in the kitchen. Wellness Reboot is being dubbed as a “cooking boot camp” from participants. If you aren’t good in the kitchen you will be after this program. So be prepared to cook your butt off (literally and figuratively). Even after one week, our Rebooters are losing weight, no longer having sugar cravings, and controlling health issues like IBS. The power of plant-based food combined with a fitness program are unbelievable!
Q.What prompted you to include the fitness element? And who inspires you to be more fit?
I’m a strong believer that we need to eat healthfully AND move our bodies on a regular basis for optimal health. Studies show that those who exercise have better physical and mental health, have stronger bones, a better sex life, less instances of disease or common illness, and live longer. But you can’t out exercise a bad diet. You need both. My boyfriend is a good example. He is a bodybuilder and ultramarathon runner. He looks about 10 years younger than he is and continues to excel post-40. He and my trainer (and fitness coach for Wellness Reboot), Chad Byers, inspire me to become more every day. I’ve signed up for a triathlon in September and I’m ready to take my training to the next level! [Congrats!]


[Carrot Hummus–oil-free and flavor-packed!]

Q. Can you tell us which are your three favorite recipes from the program?

indian chickpea wraps
[Indian Chickpea Wraps from the program]
Honestly I’m kind of in love with all the recipes. I feel like it’s some of my best work because they are all very easy recipes packed full of flavor using whole food ingredients. If I had to choose just a few it would be: 1. Breakfast: Maple Pumpkin Seed Cereal Parfait, 2. Lunch: Indian Chickpea Wraps, 3. Snack: Edamame Guacamole Dip, 4. Dinner: Polenta Pesto Pizza and 5. Dessert: Chocolate Coconut Pecan Bites.
Q. You mentioned that the recipes are oil-free. For those who don’t follow an oil-free diet, can they include healthy oils and still benefit from the program?
The program is kind of like a cleanse so it’s nice to eliminate oil so you start to enjoy the taste of whole foods. We have become addicted to fat, and while some fat is better than others, we leave out oil for this program. There is plenty of whole food fat like coconut, avocado, and some nut butters. It’s not about deprivation but retraining our palates and creating new healthy habits in the kitchen.
Q. If someone has time for just one form of exercise, what would you recommend as the best thing that can be done daily?
I think High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go. I’ve been doing it for years and that is what the fitness program is based on. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a series of moves that use body weight (or other equipment) in fast, short bursts where you push yourself as hard as you can and take a small rest in-between each move. All the exercises in our program are shown in video and pdf form and we also have a LIVE workout class with our fitness coach, Chad Byers of Beyond Fit.
How cool is that? If you’re intrigued, you can learn more here on the Wellness Reboot FAQ page.
Thanks so much, Christy! I’ve really enjoyed learning more about this latest venture of yours. 🙂

And now. . . GIVEAWAY TIME!

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered! We have a winner:


Congratulations, Jessica! Christy or I will contact you via email for more information.

Christy has also generously offered to give away a FREE spot in the next Wellness Reboot ($350 value!) to one lucky winner! In addition, she’s offering FIVE spots in the program at a huge discount ($100 off) for the first 5 DDD readers to claim their places.  All you need to do is contact Christy here if you’re interested in one of the five discounted spots–but remember, it’s first come, first served for the $100 discount!
(Note: This is NOT an affiliate product; I am receiving no monetary or other compensation for this review.  I was, however, given access to the program materials and recipes so that I could review it for you all, and I thought it was a great program.).
Wellness Reboot is a comprehensive program that not only provides healthful recipes, but teaches you how to make them; and the video workout component is something I’ve not seen anywhere else.
To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling me which aspect of the program you’re most interested in: cooking classes, recipes, or workout videos, or something else! You can also gain extra entries by doing any of the following (then come back and leave an additional comment telling me that you did):


This giveaway is open worldwide. You can enter until midnight EST on Wednesday, January 30th, after which I’ll choose a winner at random. Good luck, all! 😀

Christy also shared this recipe for Carrot Hummus from the program, as well as one participant’s comment about it: “I took the Carrot Hummus to work and shared with a coworker. She *loved* it and the wrap I made with it today was awesome! It was the perfect portable lunch for work. I can’t believe how much my meat-eating husband is loving all the recipes too.” I have to say, the HH also enjoyed this hummus, and I gobbled up my serving. No need for oil in this one–totally delicious!

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  1. I am loving all things carrot right now, Ricki, so this looks perfect. Bring on the beans! 🙂

    BTW, have you considered interviewing Tess Challis? I must be her #1 fan. 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to try this beautiful hummus!

  3. “quality or state of being healthy in body and mind”

    I need the mind part. This isn’t a diet its a lifestyle and sometimes I am feeling alone with it 🙁

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  7. Pick me pick me! Great giveaway Ricki. I’ve been following Christy’s work for a while now and am even considering heading to the States for the chef training program at the Natural Epicurean where she also trained. The Wellness Reboot sounds like a fabulous program- don’t think I could pick one standout feature as part of the appeal is its completeness.

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  12. I am interested in the cooking part of it. I am trying to move to a plant based diet, and while I love beans & most veggies, I have no idea how to make them into meals that aren’t boring. I also have a dislike of certain veggies that are mainstays of a plant based diet, further complicating things.

  13. I’m interested in the pantry stocking and getting started portions of the Reboot. I’m transitioning to a whole-foods plant based diet but I keep faltering with what to prepare to eat.

  14. I am most interested in learning new recipes for a plant-based meal plan. I would describe my current diet as pescetarian. Although, I eat a fair amount of processed vegetarian items. I would like ideas for vegetarian products that are processed as little as possible.

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  17. Jean E C Skerritt says

    I have been reading everything under the sun regarding veganism.
    I love to cook, and feel that both my husband and I could benefit greatly from a comprehensive program to tie it all together! Thank you for your blog, you have contributed a great deal to our knowledge!

  18. Hi! I met Christy at the Texas State Veggie Fair and was amazed at her demo and bought the book on the spot! Thanks to her I now LOVE kale salad and other items I never thought I would love.

    I am struggling with sticking with a program and would love to be a part of this but I cannot afford it at all.

    I am interested in cooking classes, recipes and discovering how to regain my overall health!

    Please consider me for the free program.

    • Thanks so much, Lisa! I just want to confirm–the winner is chosen at random. So while you sound like a great candidate, it’s not up to me! 😉

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  41. I subscribed to DDD and Wellness Rebot on pininterest as

  42. Hi
    I would be excited to check out some new workouts as well as the cooking classes. Also good to be inspired to try something new.

  43. The workouts! I’m a fitness fiend. Reboot is a dirty word with me right now (laptop issues, oy!) The hummus looks like my whipped kabocha squash — very yummy.

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  50. Yum! I’ve been using light miso in dips for years, never used nooch. I’ve been making a macrobiotic dip with butternut squash, tahini or sunflower seed butter, a little miso, mix, and yum, great dip or spread on GFV waffles for breakfast! I just wing the proportions to taste, but a whole squash (because I love this so much) and 1-3 T nut butter of choice (could be almond too), miso to taste. The squash is oven raised/baked. I can’t wait to make this carrot hummus tonight. I’ve always made hummus with alternative legumes too, ESP when out of garbanzos. Yum is in the way!

  51. I’d be most excited about the workouts, but I love the combination of all those things to promote wellness. I would love to try this program.

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    already followed you on twitter I now liked wellness reboot on fb too. I’d love to learn more about cooking. It’s barely my 2nd week as a vegan and although I am happy with what I’m eating I don’t want to always cook the same, specially ’cause I have an 11 year old daughter so I have to keep it fun and delicious for her to want to eat the healthy food. Thanks for all the postings they are really helpful for a new vegan like me 🙂

  54. want more of raw food guide, deep breathing exercises, enemas, detox, workouts etc

  55. I would love to win this. I have been recovering from an eating disorder for the last year and transitioning my family of six over to a whole foods diet and am just now considering becoming vegan. We are currently gluten free and mostly vegetarian and dairy free although the kids still enjoy the occasional glass of milk or bit of cheese. I love cooking and would really like to learn more about stocking my kitchen and the exercise component would be helpful too.

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    Liked all FB pages. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE the recipe component of this program 🙂
    The workouts sound fabulous too, I think I need more help in the kitchen tho 😉

  83. I’m in it for the recipes! Any healthy substitutions or updates to recipes are welcome.

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    BTW, that’s an awesome pic of y’all doing handstands!

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    So, I would say that Recipes are what I would like to take away here.
    I have liked you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter & Pinterest.


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