Grain-Free, Bean-Free, Oil Free Vegan Pizza Crust

[A quick and easy pizza crust that’s grain-free, bean-free, oil-free and totally delicious! Vegan, gluten-free and anti-candida friendly, too. Make two smaller or one large–either way, you’ll love this.]

Grain-Free Pizza on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

Hard to believe, but today is the HH‘s and my 16th anniversary! (Wait, how is that possible? I still feel as if I AM sixteen–well, internally, anyway. Externally, it’s more like, “where did those 16 new wrinkles come from?” or “how did I suddenly acquire 16 new aches and pains in my knees?” or “sixteen new gray hairs?! Wahhhh!!!”.  Okay, I guess that every kind of “sixteen” tends to creep up on you).

Our friends often tell me that the HH and I perfectly embody the expression, “opposites attract.” (Think “The Odd Couple,” but heterosexual). It’s true, he is all about engineering, science, cars and an omnivore diet, while I am more about pop culture, psychology, kitchens and vegan cuisine (I’ll let you guess which of us is the slob and which is the tidy-freak).  But what has kept us both firmly entrenched in our relationship over the past sixteen unpredictable tumultuous outlandish years is that, at the core, we both share the same basic values. That, and the same puerile sense of humor. (“And don’t forget us, Mum! You share us, too!“). And, of course, we share The Girls.

Another key factor in our relationship, I’d say, is the fact that I retained all my close girlfriends, and regularly schedule time one-on-one with them, sans the HH.

Having separate interests and friendships doesn’t mean a couple must lead separate lives, in my opinion. When I was in grad school, my friend Gemini I was good friends with a woman in a long-distance marriage.  She and her husband had been married for 18 years, yet they had only lived in the same city for about 12 months, total.  Because of her work, she was often sent to live all over the globe (the most exciting location, as I recall, being Maldive Islands) for perhaps 10 months at a time.  Rather than uproot both their lives, she remained the peripatetic one while her husband was rooted in  their permanent residence in Canada. I found them a bit of a curiosity, but it seemed to really work for them.  Worked, that is, until she finally landed a job that allowed her to stay in the same city as her husband for the first time. Within a few months, the marriage dissolved.

Well, the HH and I still enjoy dinner together every night and take our vacations (such as they are) together.  And when it comes to someone I love talking with, whose conversation is always sharp and witty and engaging; someone I would choose to spend time with above anyone else, well, the HH is still my Number One, even after 16 years.

Just don’t ask us to eat the same food, okay?

Grain-Free Pizza on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

These His N Hers pizzas came about because of the HH’s continual grumbling about being unable to put cheese on his pizza (I felt bad enough that by sharing my vegan and gluten free crust, he was missing out on his own preferred version. To ease the pain, when I first switched my diet, I agreed to allow him a sprinkling of cheese on his half, but quickly realized that wouldn’t work for me because it was too difficult to keep the two halves separate.  Cutting the pizza first and sprinkling his cheese on it later didn’t work for him because the cheese didn’t melt enough before he was ready to eat it.  Ergo, grumbling.).

Why not just make two smaller pizzas, I reasoned, and allow him all the variance in toppings his little heart (and stomach) desired? I’ve been playing with various forms of grain-free pizza crust over the years, and finally hit on this recipe that is now my all-time favorite.  It’s firm, crispy on the edges and soft in the center, and holds its shape no matter how much you pile on top of it (his case: pepperoni and cheese with onions, olives, peppers, garlic, jalapeno, artichoke hearts and whatever else is on hand. Her case:  onions, garlic, red pepper, jalapeno, black olives, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, whatever else is on hand and some kind of green pesto as a base, usually with a sprinkling of nut-based parmesan).

Now that we can create our own individualized pizzas, the HH is a happy camper once again.  We experience true couples’ togetherness while we chow down on custom pizzas that we’ve each dressed ourselves.  Then, if the fancy strikes us, we can go off to our separate forms of entertainment (he: listening to classical music on the stereo with Elsie at his feet; she: gabbing on the phone with the The Nurse or CBC with Chaser sprawled under the desk) and meet up again at bedtime.

Sounds to me like the perfect arrangement for at least another 16 years, don’t you think?

[For those keen-eyed readers examining these photos, you will notice that our two pizzas look virtually identical.  Yep, that’s correct: that particular evening, the HH had no pepperoni left in his stash, we were out of artichokes and he miraculously didn’t feel like adding cheese.  In other words, there was actually no need for two separate pizzas that night!].

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Grain Free Pizza on Diet, Dessert and Dogs

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  1. These look beautiful, Ricki! Psyllium seems to be the new ingredient de jour. I’ve never used it much and I’m going to have to get some ASAP!

    • Aw, thanks, Cheryl! I’ve been experimenting with psyllium (it will appear in about half the recipes in my new cookbook) since so many people are disenchanted with, or can’t eat, xanthan gum. I actually like psyllium much more, and the bonus is that it’s a great source of fiber! 🙂

  2. Love the tale, Ricki! Mr. GFE and I are very similiar to you and the HH in so many ways. Mr. GFE would not be listening to classical music though. He’d be more likely to be reading a sci fi book, looking up archaelogy news online, or watching a movie (old classic, sci fi, Western, etc.) while Sonny was at his feet. We, too, do our separate things but always come back together for meals, our vacations (although I have my girlfriend trips and he has his diving trips), etc. Happy Anniversary to you guys!! The His ‘n Hers Pizza is a great idea. 🙂 I really believe that I can actually “taste” this pizza crust by looking at the pics and reading the ingredients! YUM!


    • Thanks, Shirley! I think Mr. GFE and the HH would get along just fine. The HH loves sci fi, too (though maybe not the Westerns). 😉 And thanks for the anniversary wishes! It’s been pretty low key so far, but I guess that’s what happens after 16 years–? 😀

  3. Is there any alternative to potato starch. I am unable to eat anything potato.

    • Hi Trish,
      You could try an equal amount of tapioca or arrowroot starch, but I will warn you that I haven’t tried it that way. I’d love to know how it turns out if you give it a try! 🙂

  4. These make me very excited! I haven’t had pizza since eliminating grain a few months ago. Thanks!

  5. Oh I must try this – I know you have been working on finding a good pizza base for a while so if you think it is right it must be! And I love the idea of a grain free pizza base – though I know most in the house prefer our ordinary flour one. But at least E is always willing to try new things and eat what I eat, even if I can’t say the same of sylvia.

    Congrats to you and the HH for 16 years – you sound like a great couple to me and the girls seem very happy with their mum and dad. Hope you have a celebration worthy of your yumminess 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Johanna! And since you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning, you’ve been around for a good part of that 16 years!! 😉 The crust is definitely not like a soft, bready deep-dish type, but more a thin crust with crisper edges. I loved it and the HH did, too, which I guess is saying something! Hope Sylvia does, too. 🙂

  6. Can you use chia meal instead of the psyllium?


    Or maybe gelatin? Have you ever used gelatin as a binder?

    • Thanks, Chris! I don’t use gelatin in my cooking (my diet is vegan) so I’m afraid I don’t know whether or not it would work! I did try chia in an earlier version of this crust and while it was. . . . okay. . . . . it really didn’t come close to the texture and binding power of the psyllium. My inclination would be to suggest a combination of both chia and ground flax, just to provide more binder.

      I don’t know where you are, but over here psyllium is easily obtainable through bulk and health food stores. And that reminds me I forgot to add a link so people can find it on amazon–about to do that right now! If you try the chia, let me know how it works out.

  7. Courtney says

    Happy Anniversary, Ricki! I am glad you found a pizza crust that will allow you both many more happy years of marriage 🙂


  8. Happy anniversary! Isn’t it funny how some couples just work? There are no set rules about compatibility or how couples should live for a happy relationship.

    Looking forward to trying out your pizza crust. I love your toppings choices too. I don’t avoid either grains or beans but it looks yummy in its own right and I like trying out new things.

    • Thanks, Emma! 🙂 I do consume grains (and of course, beans), too, but I have found lately that I do better when I go very light on grains. Since I already have a grain-free pizza crust made with beans on the blog, I thought it was time to go with something a little different! And I agree about couples and relationships. . . who knows what makes one work and another not? I’m glad we’ve stuck it out this far!

  9. This is the dream. Love this post (and you and HH!).

    • You mean you dream of a grain-free, oil-free, bean-free pizza crust? 😉 Thanks, Hannah. I am dreaming the same for you. 🙂 xo

  10. We love to have our pizza nights too Ricki. Pete’s usually has lots of mushrooms 🙂 I’m always in the market for a new crust. Congrats on your anniversary. xo

  11. Happy anniversary!! I have to meet HH (and you!) one day. I now have this image of the two of you together and must see it in person.

    You tackled an egg-free coconut flour recipe – brilliant!

    • Thanks Alisa! Yes, you DO have to meet us in person. 😀 And I can’t really take credit for egg-free and coconut flour, since the coconut flour is only one flour in the whole recipe. . . egg-free and *just* coconut flour, well, that would be a miracle!! 😉

  12. Whoa, I’m a little late to the grain-free pizza crust party… this looks amazing! I’m trying to decrease my grains so this is perfect. Can’t wait to try it out 🙂

  13. happy anniversary!! here’s to another 16 😉 These look great! I haven’t yet picked up psyllium husks, but i’ll have to come back to this when i do!

  14. Hi Ricki,

    Such a gorgeous recipe! I can’t wait to try it. Love your pictures too.

    Hey, I was thinking about you this week. Have you seen the Mad Men season premier?? I won’t give away any spoilers, just saying it was pretty, um, wow! It was two hours long. Curious what you thought about it!


    • Hi Amber,

      Thanks! Glad you liked it. And yes, we did stop all activity on Sunday evening to watch! Funny how Don and the gang all seemed to age about 2 years during what was supposed to be a couple of months?! 😉 But I think I’m getting frustrated with their non sequiturs. . . so many scenes that introduce something or someone and then the thread is never picked up again. I do hope they tie it all together (or at least some of it) soon. . . how did you enjoy it (or not)?

  15. Ricki,

    Scott said nearly the exact same thing! Too many story lines going with no connection. I was quite surprised by Don’s latest adventure. Scott was so disappointed, like, “Come on Don, what are you thinking!” He has trouble figuring out his character. I told him that’s part of the package, he’s a character you: (1) love/feel sorry for (due to his past), and (2) hate (due to his decisions). I was pretty shocked that Don is back to his old antics. I’m very curious where they are going to take all these story lines. Overall I enjoyed it. They tried to introduce everything after the break, and it, although did feel a little pressured, with a combo of interesting and somewhat mundane at the same time. I’m usually intrigued by the weaving of political issues here and there. Such an interesting time.

    Have a great weekend.

    Be Well,

    • Totally agreed! I was disappointed more in the writers for putting Don in that position –but then again, as the HH commented, there would be no show if Don didn’t get up to his old tricks (or, at least, it wouldn’t be as interesting). But I think the story has lots of potential if Megan finds out, since she is the only person around who could really hurt him with the knowledge of his past, right? (I don’t think Pete is going to say anything at this point). Ah, the intrigue never ends!! 😀 Hope you have a great weekend, too, Amber!

  16. I was out of almonds this time and had luck replacing them with 1-3/4 c + 2 Tbsp almond flour ( brand). I only pulsed all the dry ingredients a few times in the food processor until they were mixed.

  17. Is there a way to not use psyllium? I am allergic.

    • Chris, you could try xanthan gum instead (not grain-free then) or ground chia seeds–but then the crust will not hold together as well. I do have two other grain-free crusts on the blog without psyllium if that’s what you’re looking for! 🙂

  18. Made this tonight. I needed pizza after a month doing the ACD! Very good, easy to make! I put homemade spinach/basil pesto, asparagus, tomato, oilves and onion on top. Thanks for another great recipe!

    • Glad it worked out for you!! Even when I’m grain-free, I find I need things that taste “bready” (and I’m not even a fan of bread!!). Pizza usually does the trick. 😉

  19. I made this today and it was great! Is it strange that the dough changed colors while it was cooking? It went from a brown to an almost grey color. But nonetheless is was yummy. My super picky 2 year old even ate it 😀

    • Thanks, Erin–whoo hoo! So glad it’s even toddler-approved! Mine usually gets a bit lighter when baking, but I wouldn’t worry about it. Some nuts/seeds will change color depending on the chemical interaction with leaveners (for instance, sunflower seeds turn bright green when baked!). 😉


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