Creamy and Comforting Chickpea Pasta Casserole for Attune Foods

Vegan, gluten free, creamy chickpea pasta casserole recipe for Attune Foods

Does this casserole bring back memories for you, too? Yes, it’s vegan, gluten-free and made of whole foods, but it’s modeled on one from my childhood.

Although I’d been baking (with Mom’s help) since I was six, it wasn’t until my teens that I cooked my first savory dish. The first dinner I cooked for my family was a classic tuna casserole. You know the one: canned cream of mushroom soup and canned tuna stirred together with macaroni and frozen peas, all topped with crushed potato chips.  Talk about salt, sugar and fat on a plate! It was truly horrid in terms of its nutritional value, but boy, did my sisters and I love digging into it.

It’s been decades since I ate it, but I guess I never really lost my affection for Tuna Casserole.  I decided to re-create a dish with the same appeal in this healthier, vegan and gluten-free version, a mix of protein-based, creamy and crunchy textures in a flavorful casserole base. It may be plant-based, gluten free and lower fat–but it is just as delicious as my childhood favorite.

Vegan, Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Creamy Chickpea Pasta Casserole on

To get the recipe for Creamy and Comforting Chickpea Pasta Casserole, visit the Attune Foods blog.

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