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Today please welcome Amber of The Tasty Alternative!

Nutty-Roons from Amber of the Tasty Alternative | RickiHeller.com

I’m delighted to welcome Amber to the blog today! Amber is yet another blogger whom I’ve met online and can’t wait to meet “IRL” (in real life) one day. Amber’s health journey began with some unusual symptoms that ended with a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease (you can read more about her story here). As a result, her recipes are grain-free and whole-foods based, in many ways very much in line with my own anti-candida diet (in fact, Amber followed the anti-candida protocol herself when she was first trying to figure out her symptoms).

Apart from her yummy recipes, Amber’s blog also offers a series of posts on holistic healing, tips for green living, posts about different healing diets and gardening tips. I always find something interesting there! Some of my favorite recipes are the Chocolate Pumpkin Hemp Smoothie, Raw Strawberry Chocolate Cereal, Kalamata Olive White Bean Dip and the Radicchio Salad with Warm Fennel and Apple.

As you can see, her recipes are also delectable and healthy. These Nutty-Roons had me drooling! (Thanks for making these candida-friendly, too, Amber!).

Recipe for Nutty-Roons from Amber of The Tasty Alternative | RickiHeller.com

I’m beyond thrilled to share a recipe while Ricki works her culinary magic to bring us yet another fabulous cookbook (thank you, Ricki).

Recipe for Nutty-Roons from Amber of The Tasty Alternative | RickiHeller.com

Hi, I’m Amber and run the alternative foods blog The Tasty Alternative.  I found Ricki’s blog shorty after I started blogging (about 2 1/2 years ago). I distinctly remember visiting Wellness Weekend for the first time to share a recipe and instantly fell in love with Ricki, her writing style, and (of course) her recipes (of which I’ve made many)!  Personally, I suffer from candida, so her blog is of great interest and value to me.  I reference it constantly and refer friends and family to her site.  Ricki’s cookbook Naturally Sweet and Gluten Free is one of my favorite cookbooks with so many healthy treats for my family.

Recipe for Nutty-Roons from Amber of The Tasty Alternative | RickiHeller.com

For this guest post I wanted to share a recipe for Ricki’s readers reminiscent of her cooking style with common ingredients used by Ricki herself.  And I think Ricki will love this recipe!  I call these “Nutty-Roons” because they are like a macaroon, but with a nice nutty bite to them.  Made with only a few simple ingredients, these raw little bites of coconut bliss are sure to please.  I made about 10 batches of these as Holidays gifts last year (I kid you not) and they were well received by all.  I hope you enjoy them too.

Recipe for Nutty-Roons from Amber of The Tasty Alternative | RickiHeller.com

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Amber authors the alternative foods blog, The Tasty Alternative. The Tasty Alternative is a blog dedicated to holistic healing and green living.  Amber was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (an autoimmune disease) 10 years ago and has been healing herself holistically with food and lifestyle.  She shares recipes specific for healing diets such as SCD, AIP, Paleo, and Gluten/Dairy free.  You will find other fun things on her blog in addition to recipes, such as homemade lotion recipes (great for dry skin and eczema) and homemade non-toxic beauty products.  Amber shares many tips on how to live green in your kitchen with practical, easy tips on how to decrease waste and live with more environmental compassion and mindfulness.  You can connect with Amber on Facebook and Pinterest.

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  1. Beautiful recipe from a beautiful person! Thanks for sharing it with us Amber!

  2. those look so cute – and sound delicious too – I misread and saw nutty-rooms and kept thinking how they did look like cute mushrooms 🙂

  3. oh wow – I must make some of these – macaroons were one of my absolute favourite treats when I wasn’t vegan:) thank you – they sound so easy to make and look so sweet (sorry, yes, pun intended!!)

  4. So happy to have found this recipe as I’ve been buying packaged raw coconut macaroons at Whole Foods. While they’re tasty and satisfying, they’re expensive and in plastic packaging (the worst part!).

    Can’t wait to try these ~ thank you Ricki and Amber!

    • Yay–so glad, beachmama!! And always nice to recreate something from WF at a more affordable price–and homemade. 🙂

  5. Had to pin this it looks so good and easy to make.

  6. Hi Ricki,

    Thanks so much for having me! It’s a joy to share a recipe with you and your readers today.


  7. Thank you Amber and Ricki Amber thank you for this awesome recipe I am going to make this for our Passover celebration these look so professional I know they will be a big hit! I got to take a peek around your Blog …my goodness you are sharing so much helpful information,Thank you!

  8. Amber, these are gorgeous! <3 Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Amber is amazing and WOW on this recipe! Totally beautiful and I can only imagine how fabulous these Nutty Roons taste! I love the cute name, too! 🙂


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