The Pitfalls of Gluten-Free with Jennifer Fugo

Jennifer Fugo is the founder of Gluten-Free School and Club GFS. She’s an expert in all things gluten-free and I’m thrilled that she’ll be joining me to share her expertise with all of you!

In this LIVE Google Hangout, Jennifer will share her experience and key information on important points to remember when you adopt a gluten-free diet. Beware of the common pitfalls: not every food that’s gluten-free is guaranteed to be good for you! Jennifer will talk about why not all gluten-free foods are healthy, and the best way to eat a gluten-free diet.

This video was broadcast LIVE on April 28, 2015.



Topics Discussed in this video:

  • types of foods to watch out for when you first go gluten-free
  • why so many gluten-free products aren’t healthy
  • the best foods to eat for a healthy gluten-free diet that won’t lead to chronic diseases like candida or adrenal fatigue
  • why most gluten-free eaters are focusing on the wrong category of foods
  • how to avoid too much sugar in your gluten-free diet
  • Jennifer’s best advice for how to start a gluten-free diet for best results

Links to information on the video:

Jennifer’s site, Gluten-Free School

Club Gluten-Free School

Jennifer’s recipe for Strawberry-Cucumber Salad 

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