How to Stay on Your Special Diet While Traveling, Part 2

Warmer weather means more vacations–and more travel. Or maybe your work takes you on the road more than you’d like.

When you’re busy traveling, what happens to your special diet? Do you feel as if you’re compromising your food choices because you’re not at home? 

In today’s  video, I talk about how to stick within your dietary boundaries and still enjoy delicious food in restaurants and hotels. Here are some tips on what to order and how to ensure it won’t harm your health, whatever your diet.

Please help expand the list of tips! Add your own best food-and-travel practices in the comments. 


Highlights and Links from this Video:

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  1. HI Ricki! I do the same as you and call ahead and ask many more times. I also brings salad dressing as my go to so that I know I can at least eat a salad.

  2. This is definitely the hardest thing for me! Most of my traveling I spend drinking some tea with no appetite for any of the food they are offering… And as soon as I get to my location I’m like “WHERE’S TE CLOSEST MARKET, I NEED SOME VITAMINS” 🙂

    Kind regards.

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