Is Chocolate Bad for You?

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If you know me, you know I LOVE chocolate. So I had to think twice when I answered a recent email from a reader, in which she wrote that she’d just heard an expert mention that “cocoa is high in lead and cadmium and that we should be concerned about this.”

You may recall reading about these heavy metals found in chocolate back in 2015, related to this article. So yes, some chocolate is high in lead and cadmium.

Plus, some experts suggest that there are other reasons to be concerned about chocolate as well–everything from its addictive properties to the anti-digestive properties because of certain compounds in chocolate to its relationship to migraine headaches.

In this video, I talk about the major negative issues related to eating my favorite food, as well as the health benefits--and come to a conclusion about whether or not I think it’s a good idea to keep eating chocolate or not.

Are you a chocolate lover? What do YOU think? Please share in the comments below once you’ve watched the video!

Do you enjoy chocolate? Did the 2015 study change whether you eat chocolate, or how much? What are your feelings about this superfood?

Video Highlights:

  • Which heavy metals were found in chocolate & where they were found
  • Which are the safer brands of chocolate
  • Foods & other substances you can eat to chelate (remove) heavy metals from the body
  • Which foods interfere with cadmium absorption to keep cadmium levels low
  • How chocolate is related to kidney stones
  • Why to keep chocolate far away from your pets
  • What chocolate has in common with heroin or cocaine
  • Oils in chocolate and how they affect the cardiovascular system
  • Chocolate flavonols and their relationship to cancer
  • Which forms of chocolate are the best to eat
  • How much chocolate is “safe” to eat?
  • Which prepared chocolate bars are best to use
  • How to make your own chocolate


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