Anti-Candida Superstar Foods 4: Immune-Boosting Foods

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We all know that an anti-candida diet is essential when you’re fighting the beast that is yeast, and there’s a whole list of “do not eat” comestibles. But I think there’s a special category within the anti-candida diet that I refer to as “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods.” 

Superstar foods are the ones that can actively help your healing along, in one of four main ways:

  1. They actively kill off some of the excess fungus and yeast in the body (ie, anti-fungal foods);
  2. They help to reduce inflammation, thereby allowing your own immune system to operate more effectively (anti-inflammatory foods);
  3. They help to heal leaky gut, which is almost always an issue with candida (healing foods); and
  4. They actively boost the immune system, allowing your body to effectively heal itself (immune-boosting foods).

I’m going to add one more “Honorable Mention” category, too: Hypo-allergenic foods–that is, those foods least likely to spur allergic reactions–which will also lessen the load on the immune system.

I’ll deal with each of these categories in a separate video as part of the “Anti-Candida Superstar Foods” series.

In today’s video, I address four main categories of foods that boost your immune system. With candida (or any chronic illness), the immune system can be taxed and may not function optimally. Eating these foods will help to keep your immune system running effectively! 

Question: Did you know that certain foods can actually increase immune function? How many of these do you eat on a regular basis? Are there others you use? Share in the comments!


  • A nifty acronym you can remember so you know which vitamins and minerals are most important to nourish your immune system
  • Which mineral is used in more bodily processes than any other, and is essential for effective immunity
  • The one fungus that can be used in an anti-candida diet!
  • Why probiotics are so important when it comes to your immune system
  • The one immune-boosting food that made Ricki choke up (literally)


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  1. This is so helpful, Ricki! With flu season coming and a toddler in daycare, our immune systems can use all of the help they can get! Toddlers are just sweet, adorable cold and flu delivery systems.

  2. Really helpful video 🙂 I love your videos

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