Little Known Candida Symptoms, 2: Sinus Problems

candida symptoms chronic sinus problems

Sinus problems can indicate any number of ailments, from the common cold to seasonal allergies.

But did you know that sinus issues are also extremely common for people with candida? In fact, one expert suggests that up to 93% of ALL sinus infections are actually fungal in nature, rather than bacterial (which means antibiotics would do absolutely nothing for them).

In today’s video, I talk about the second little-known candida-related symptom of sinus problems. 


  • How candida can cause different types of sinus issues
  • The link between candida in the sinus and oral thrush
  • What to do about chronic sinus problems caused by fungi
  • Which essential oils I like best
  • What I use instead of a neti pot
  • The best way to clear sinus problems caused by candida


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  1. I have chronic chest congestion from candida. When I cough I sound like I am a smoker. The only thing that seems to help is renew life candizyme…taken at night. But I don’t want to have to take that forever. In the morning and at night I start that horrible throat clearing. It is very hard to sing in the choir on Sunday morning when you are hoarse and clearing your throat constantly!

    • Sorry to hear that, Robin. Have you seen a holistic or functional medicine practitioner to try to assess/help with this? Over the years, my sinus symptoms have waxed and waned, but overall, I’m pretty sure I’ll need to take certain supplements for the rest of my life to keep it under control. I’m totally okay with that.

      • I’ve been working with a holistic practitioner for the last 4 years but she can only do so much because she is not an MD. She is a PhD. I have a slew of issues that complicate everything. I am always a challenge to doctors. LOL I have had airborne mold exposure and I am highly allergic to mold, a car accident….and all that triggered epstein barr last March. I’m on a slew of stuff from Standard Process.I break out in hives for what seems to be no reason. I could be in a store, in the car, or at home. I start itching on my arms and bam. Hives. I have hypothyroidism that has never been treated properly (endos here only care about your tsh being in the “normal range”. I have seen just about every one of them in south NJ since 1995), leaky gut, migraines(since age 13, I’m 51), allergies to just about everything outside, candida overgrowth (that doesn’t seem to get much better even tho I have not had sugar in years and do cleanses). I have been dairy free since 2010. Giving up dairy CURED my restless leg syndrome! I have a severe intolerance to soy so I have been reading labels for 4 years. blah blah blah.LOL
        BUT…I recently found an MD who is integrative (who is listed on the list of functional docs online) who also takes my insurance. That, in itself, is a miracle. LOL In southern NJ….they are NOT into holistic let alone functional medicine. It’s a shame. The few who are “sort of” don’t take insurance and charge over $300 a visit.
        But this new doc knows his stuff. I am having alcat testing done (again..last time was 2012), having a thyroid ultrasound (it hurts when my neck is touched, even by a shirt), and having a slew of other tests as well. I’ve had stomach issues since I was a baby, had enough antibiotics for 50 people(LOL),and been undertreated and ignored for way too long. I am SURE I am on the right track now!!!

        • It sounds like you’ve dealt with a lot, Robin. Kudos to you for going forward and continually looking to improve your health. So glad you found a good MD, too! Wishing for the best possible outcome for you. 🙂

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