Make it a Sweet Life Thanksgiving this Year!

One of the HH‘s favorite holidays is Thanksgiving (which is coming up on October 9th here in Canada!). Although his family did celebrate Christmas, too, when he was a kid, for some reason that holiday didn’t make its mark on his psyche in quite the same way as T-Day (I know, he was a strange kid. . . which explains a few things).

I’m not one to refuse a feast in any situation, but for me, this new focus on Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to experiment with novel recipes as well as spend some time musing on the things in my life for which I’m thankful.

It may sound strange, but one of the things I truly appreciate is my journey with candida. After all, candida led to this blog, a new career and three published books. I’m also incredibly thankful that, through the diet and lifestyle changes I’ve implemented, I’ve been able to live many years relatively candida-free. When flareups do happen (as they sometimes do), I have strategies to get back to a sense of equilibrium as quickly as possible.

And. . . I still enjoy great food! For anyone who thinks that a sugar-free, gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free diet needs to feel restrictive, just look at these pics of our upcoming Thanksgiving menu this year. These recipes are all part of the Sweet Life Health Club, and I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about it!

Here’s what the HH and I (and TSL members!) will be eating this Thanksgiving:

Vegan, candida, sugar-free, gluten-free Thanksgiving menu

 [clockwise from top left: Stuffed Thanksgiving Roast (with Miso Gravy on the side); Sweet Potato Casserole with Crumble Topping; “Balsamic” Glazed Brussels Sprouts with Coconut Bacon Bits; and Classic Green Bean Casserole–all vegan, sugar-free and grain-free (or grain-free option)!]

And let’s not forget dessert–or brunch the next day:

Vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes

[Clockwise from top left: Easy Cranberry Sauce; Grain-Free Pumpkin Pie; Pumpkin Cinnamon Swirl Muffins; and Cinnamon Pumpkin Blondies with Pumpkin Buttercream Frosting. We’ll be topping that pie with French Vanilla Cashew Ice Cream! These recipes are all vegan, sugar-free and grain-free.]

And how about this other classic Thanksgiving pie recipe, too? Chocolate Pecan Pie has a rich, silky chocolate ganache layer topped with toasted pecans, all in a grain-free crust. Swoon!

Candida diet, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan chocolate pecan pie recipe

If you ever thought that eating on a “restricted” diet couldn’t taste great. . . well, I’m here to disabuse you of that notion! I created The Sweet Life so I could share the very best special diet recipes with you–the kind you will be proud to share with anyone. The club also offers live monthly Q&A calls with me, expert interviews and more. It’s all about living well on a special diet!


Get a taste of the exclusive club recipes for a limited time with this digital cookbook!

A Sweet Life Thanksgiving digital cookbook is now available to anyone–but only until Thanksgiving!

These are the same Thanksgiving recipes I created for The Sweet Life Club and they’re available only during the Thanksgiving season.

Just click the “Add to Cart” button below for immediate access:

Add to Cart

Residents of EU countries, please click this link to purchase A Sweet Life Thanksgiving digital cookbook (same book, same price!)

Until then, have a great week–and a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving coming up! 🙂

(For full details about everything in the cookbook, just check this page).

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. If you choose to purchase using those links, at no cost to you, I will receive a small percentage of the sale.

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