Two Toned Potato Pancakes (Latkes)

[Latkes are great for Hanukkah, but this version is so yummy, you’ll want to eat them all year round. These Two Toned Potato Pancakes are vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, egg free, soy-free, nut-free and yeast-free. Suitable for Stage 2 and beyond on an anti-candida diet.]


The weekend began like most other mornings:  a wet, cold nose against my ear (that would be Chaser, not the HH) rousing me from sleep; a quick (warm, dry) kiss to the HH; and popping (okay, more like fizzling) out of bed before stretching, going through the usual ablutions and tramping over to the office to turn on the computer and check out some blogs.  For our lazy Sunday morning (after shovelling the additional 15 cm./ 6 inches of snow that arrived overnight, of course), I thought I might make some pancakes for breakfast–maybe banana; maybe apple.

Then I realized it was almost Hanukkah (or Chanukah) and before I knew it, I was craving potato pancakes (aka latkes).

Which is weird, because I hate latkes.
Let me explain.  Over the years, I’ve sampled many different kinds of potato latkes in many different kitchens; and I can honestly tell you I haven’t enjoyed a single one. (Sorry, Mrs. D who kindly invited me to her Rosh Hashanah table back in university; sorry, all my friends who’ve been generous enough to share; sorry, Aunty M. and CBC; sorry, all those caterers whose miniature pancakes I’ve sampled at festive tables in the past).

Given that I adore home fries and even hash browns, this latke enmity always seemed odd to me.  But whenever I’d try again, the results were the same: the pancakes in question were very heavy, very greasy, and fairly bland, with a high-gloss exterior and mushy, mealy insides.  Was I missing something?  Is there some kind of Freemason-like secret latke society that knows something those of us using the regular latke recipes don’t know? Or was I simply hanging around with horrible cooks?

Whatever; I decided to change all that.  That plate of latkes dancing in my head simply caught my fancy, and I had to have some!


After a quick web tour, I uncovered a large selection of options.  There were traditional potato latkes, those made entirely from sweet potatoes,  traditional latkes with cool toppings, and a whole bunch of trail-blazing atypical latkes. I was inspired to combine both regular and sweet potatoes, both for color and nutrition, and I thought a lower-fat version would be good at this time of year as well (I did add 2 Tbsp./15 ml. olive oil to the mixture to enhance the flavors a little).  This was also the perfect excuse to use my cast iron skillet yet once more–something I’ve been doing at every available opportunity the past few weeks as I endeavor to render it truly non-stick (so far, no luck).

I’m happy to report that the Latke Loathing has been vanquished, once and for all! (Must have been those sweet potatoes).

The HH was also a fan.  We had ours with a slightly unconventional topping, a balsamic-fig sauce that was given to me a few weeks back  (more typical accompaniments include sour cream or applesauce).  What a fabulous combination!  The cakes were decidedly not mushy, as I remembered latkes of old; they were crispy on the outside and supple on the inside, the potatoes just cooked.  They held together beautifully and offered up an alluring aroma of caramelized onion and fragrant dill as they were grilled. With the sweet-tart contrast of the fig sauce slathered over the top, these were the perfect Sunday breakfast.

Now, it seems the Sunday pancake options are limitless. So glad I start my days the way I do.

To those who celebrate, Happy Hannukah!  (and Chanukah!) 🙂



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  1. will regular all purpose flour work? Also years ago a woman I knew swore by adding a little mayonnaise to the potatoes right after grating. I’m wondering if a little vegan olive oil mayo might substitute for the olive oil and maybe even for both the olive oil and the ground flax seed and water which appear to be intended as a binder? Any thoughts? Of shall I just give it a try and report back?

    • I assume regular flour will work, Ruchama, though I’ve never made them with it. If you use regular flour, I suspect the mayo would work, too–but not with gluten-free, since it needs the extra binding power. Again, since I’ve never made it that way, I couldn’t say for sure–but would love to know if you give it a try! 🙂

  2. What a great idea to mix up the potatoes! These look and sound delicious.

  3. I love latkes! I’m so happy this recipe is gluten-free!

  4. I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like. This latke recipe speaks to me!

  5. This is such a genius idea! I love the idea of using sweet potatoes in latkes.

  6. These look so good! We make something similar in Indian cuisine. I’ll definitely try this recipe out and thanks for posting vegan recipes – I’m not yet a vegan but I’m considering veganism and these recipes motivate me to become a vegan and live the healthier life!


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