Candida and Cravings: The Common Links and What to do About Them

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Today’s video covers a topic close to my heart (and stomach): candida and cravings. 

Why do we crave what we crave? Even those of us who don’t suffer from candida related complex are likely to know the power of food cravings and how they can sabotage even our best intentions. If you’ve ever found yourself wandering to the refrigerator for that piece of cake that’s been calling to you all day, or if you’re drawn to the chips and snacks aisle in the supermarket when your intent was to buy salad fixings, then you probably understand how cravings can derail you.

But what causes cravings in the first place?

And how does candida play a role in our cravings? Virtually all of my clients who come to me for candida coaching deal with some kind of food cravings.

If you, too, find yourself drawn to foods that your conscious brain doesn’t particularly want to eat, then today’s video about candida and craving is for you.

Question: Do you experience sweet cravings or cravings for other foods (such as salty or crunchy)? What brings on the cravings, and what have you found to deal with them? 


  • The candida and cravings connection
  • The types of cravings
  • How much of our food is designed to increase cravings
  • Why cravings aren’t related to willpower
  • Why cravings for salty foods are actually sugar cravings in disguise
  • How consuming fatty foods can lead to cravings
  • What are hyperpalatable foods and what effect do they have?
  • Do people with candida always have cravings?
  • What comes first, candida or cravings?


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