Candida Diet Myths #3: Starchy Vegetables

Can you eat starchy veg on a candida diet?

Recently, while I was going through a 10-day detox (I’ll post about it here anon), I shared some of my meals on instagram.

When I posted one of my meals that contained sweet potatoes, almost immediately, I was met with a comment: “You can’t eat sweet potatoes on an anti-candida diet. They’re too high in sugars.” (The author has since removed her comment.).

Well, it is true that sweet potatoes taste sweet. And it’s also true that there are many anti-candida diets that ban sweet potatoes--as well as all starchy vegetables–while you’re on the diet.

On the other hand, there are also many anti-candida diets (the one in my book, Living Candida-Free, included) that allow sweet potatoes as well as other starchy vegetables.

So how do you know whether it’s safe to eat them or not?

In today’s video, I talk about why you should or shouldn’t consider eating starchy vegetables on your anti-candida diet.

Question:  If you’ve been on an anti-candida diet, did you eat (or are you currently eating) starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, orange squashes or carrots? What kind of impact did it have on your healing or the way you felt? 


  • The anti-candida diet I originally followed
  • How my views have changed over the years
  • Prevailing views about low carb and keto with candida
  • Two important factors to consider about starchy foods
  • Research about how candida lives and what the cells eat
  • New research about sweet potatoes
  • Bottom line about whether to eat starchy vegetables on this program


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