When People Try to Sabotage Your Diet, Part 3: The Benefits of Saying NO

Ricki is glad she says NO to food saboteurs on her candida dit

In this third part of this series that deals with other people who try (knowingly or not) to sabotage your candida diet, I share the reasons why it’s so important for your health and well-being to learn to truly say “no” when offered food that’s off the plan.

As you saw in Part I and Part II, there are many reasons why people might try to push non candida-friendly foods at you, as well as many compelling reasons why it can be difficult for us to say “no” to those offers.

In reality, this is the kind of challenge you’re going to face when you begin (and continue) to follow a candida diet plan that’s designed to help you clear your body of excess candida and all the uncomfortable symptoms that come along with it.

If you truly want to heal–and remain clear of candida for the rest of your life–you need to know why it’s so imperative that you do learn to say “no” in these situations.

In today’s video, I offer the main benefits of sticking to your guns and refusing the “off-plan” foods and drinks.

Question: If you’ve said “no” to people, what was the outcome of that response? Were you glad that you did? 


  • How your response impacts your diet
  • What happens to your symptoms when you eat foods off the diet
  • How your response has an impact on your relationship with others
  • The negative impact on your own self-image
  • Why saying “no” actually makes your life easier
  • Long-term benefits to your mind and body


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