People Who Try to Derail Your Eating Plan

It seems to be particularly common around the holidays, but truthfully, this can happen any time.

You’re at an event, or a party, or a celebration of some sort, and there’s food all around.

But you’re dedicated to your healthy way of eating. You know exactly which dishes (if any) you can eat, and which fall on the “taboo” list. And you’re just fine with that.

After all, you’ve been eating this way for a while, maybe months now, and you feel okay with your choices. In fact, you’ve been celebrating how good you feel lately.

And then. . . someone asks you, “Why aren’t you eating the [insert specific food here]?”

They have a piece of chocolate cake, or some cookies, or a creamy crab dip, or something else on a plate, which they are holding aloft, looming in your face.

You try to explain, politely, that you don’t eat that kind of food. That you have a health issue that requires no sugar, no gluten, no. . . creamy crab dip.

But no. They simply won’t accept that as an answer.

“But it’s the holidays!” they insist. Or maybe, “Besides, this only happens once a year. C’mon, live a little! What is one bite going to hurt?”

It seems the more you protest, the more they shove the food in your face.

And then finally, you just take it, because. . . who wants to be the rudest person at the party?

If you’ve been dealing with similar food pushers recently, you’ll want to watch today’s video. Sometimes a deeper understanding can be all you need to move forward–without eating that “taboo” food.

In today’s video, I talk about the kinds of people who try to derail your diet, and what their motivations are. 

Question: Have you ever been pushed off track because of someone who insisted you eat something that wasn’t on your healthy plan? How did it make you feel? 


  • The major challenges I hear about at the holidays
  • The two kinds of people who try to convince you to eat unhealthy foods
  • Motivation behind these kinds of offers
  • What to focus on so you can change your perspective
  • How to determine the response you would give people
  • Get the Sweet Life Thanksgiving cookbook for your own full, candida-friendly Thanksgiving menu!


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