Why Acceptance Can Be a Good Thing

Ricki Heller talking about acceptance

“I’m just going to accept that this is the way my life is now.” 

When I heard those words from my client, my heart sank. Not because I think acceptance is bad–I actually think it’s a good thing–but because the meaning behind her words was, in my opinion, far from accepting.

And that, I thought, meant that she would still need to find a way to truly accept her symptoms, so that she could eventually move away from them, and fully heal.

Have you truly accepted your condition, whatever it might be?

For those of us dealing with candida, we might need ti accept our symptoms and the current condition of our bodies. For people with other chronic conditions, it might be physical disability or a specific life situation that requires acceptance. You could even apply this kind of acceptance to your financial situation or the circumstances with a loved one.

Whatever the situation, I think acceptance is a critical first step to moving forward and eventual healing.

What do I mean by acceptance? And how can it be a truly positive action? Watch today’s video to find out. 

Question: How do you feel about accepting your situation? What does that bring up for you? 


  • How my chat with a client got me thinking about acceptance
  • Why saying “I have to accept this situation” may not be a positive move
  • How I’ve accepted my chronic candida (20 years and counting)
  • What I believe will make all the difference in my healing
  • What you can do to truly accept what’s going on so that it allows you to change and move forward
  • How acceptance is different from giving up
  • What changed for my IBS symptoms since I was first diagnosed


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