The First Step to Healing from Candida

Ricki talking about the importance of acceptance with candida

It can be a real shock to be told you have to change your diet dramatically, no matter the diagnosis that accompanies it.

Whether you have to cut out sugar and simple carbs because of diabetes, or grains and legumes to follow a Paleo diet, or gluten because of Celiac disease, or sugar, gluten, eggs and dairy due to candida or Lyme disease. . . in the end, what’s important is that a major change to your diet requires an equally major change in lifestyle and, to a huge extent, your own thoughts about the diet and illness. 

Having spent over 20 years living with and helping others with chronic candida, I’ve learned a few things about what helps–or hinders–healing from these types of chronic conditions.

In my own case, I’ve had to learn to live with recurring symptoms over the years while still working to heal my body from fungal overgrowth. And although I was incredibly keen to get better, it wasn’t always as easy to stick with the diet that I knew would help to improve my condition, especially when external factors (like work, other people, family events, etc) came into play.

If you’ve been struggling to get better and still feeling like your diet is “heavy” in your life, today’s video may help to provide a slightly different perspective that could change the way you feel and open the door to faster, and more permanent, healing. 

Question: Does acceptance feel like a possibility to you? Why or why not?  


  • The question that will help you determine how difficult it could be to heal
  • Why the typical perspective people have when they begin a restricted diet isn’t helpful
  • A short exercise to help you understand what might be blocking your own healing
  • How to get into a mindset where you truly understand your situation so you can improve it
  • A practical definition of acceptance
  • The best first step to help you move forward with healing
  • One new way to approach your food restrictions
  • My reaction to symptom flares today and what it allows me to do
  • The counterintuitive approach that can really help


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