Why you keep slipping up (and what you can do about it)

Ricki looking upset about slipups

Just last week, I noticed something different about our (relatively) new puppy, Zoey.

Ever since we got her, we’ve been putting Zoey in the crate at night when we go to sleep. Even at a year old, she’s still not mature enough to know that she shouldn’t eat tissues out of the waste paper baskets, or nibble on the edge of our comforter at the foot of the bed.

It took her a couple of weeks, but after that, she’s been pretty quiet every time we lead her to the crate and secure the latch. In fact, we’ve sort of developed a little routine.

In the evening, when it’s time for bed, we dim the bedroom light, and as I begin to wash up for bed, my husband tends to announce to the dogs, “Time for sleep!”. Then he leads Zoey to her crate and secures her in it.

Well, a few nights ago as I was brushing my teeth, I glanced around to notice little Ms. Zoey already in her crate, lying comfortably on her fuzzy mat (ie, her “bed.”).

She had trotted into the crate all by herself, noting the usual cue–we were washing up!

Well, that got me thinking about the power of habit and how this relates to our human habits, especially when it comes to sticking with (or not sticking with) our restricted diets. 

In fact, I think Zoey’s story has a lot to do with why we tend to slip up–and what we can do to prevent future slip-ups.

That’s what I talk about in today’s video. 

Question: Do you find that you keep slipping on your ACD? What have you done to try to rectify the situation, and how successful has it been?


  • What has changed with our puppy, Zoey, and how it relates to your candida diet
  • The typical pattern I see with coaching clients that results in slip-ups
  • The motivation behind the typical pattern
  • Why this is a false solution that only leads to problems later
  • Why loving yourself is the true solution here–and why we don’t practice it
  • How to make eating the right foods easier
  • What it’s like for me now
  • Did you miss the live workshop? You can grab the recording and materials here!


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