How I Got Out of the Symptom Swamp

Ricki talks about how to stop focusing on symptoms so much

One of the worst parts of dealing with candida, for me, was the recurrence of old symptoms each year.

Every year around Christmas time (the same time that my symptoms first blew up and my body was covered with a horrible rash), I’d experience a flare-up of the old rash.

For the first 6-7 years after I’d cleared the candida, the skin along my bra line on my chest would turn pink, sometimes red, and sometimes even blister as it had when I was first sick.

I was eating a totally compliant diet, with only whole grains, organic veggies and even homemade nut butters and condiments. Most of the time, I had no symptoms. But during that time of year, the rash would inevitably return, like the Ghost of Christmas Past to haunt me.

I almost wondered if I should go back to eating frosting from the can, or sugar donuts (okay, not really–but it was a fleeting thought). 

Every year, I’d pull out the old treatments, the tinctures or sinus irrigation to ensure nothing got worse. I’d revert to the cleanest diet I could possibly eat, and within a week or two, the rash disappeared again, retreating into the background as my skin cleared up.

Then, a while  ago, I realized that I’d spent the past two Decembers without a rash at all. Even this year, with all the stresses of COVID, the rash has remained dormant.

So what changed?

In today’s video, I talk about the two most important factors that I think helped me to get out of the symptom swamp and stop seeing the recurrence of this rash. 


  • How all the stresses of the holiday season can affect you if you’re on a restricted diet
  • Why I dreaded the holidays for many years, even after I had cleared my candida
  • What happened that caused me to think my candida was coming back again
  • The first step that allowed me to make a huge leap ahead in my healing
  • How my candida diet was different from the one the “gurus” recommend
  • What changed a couple of years ago, and how it connected to my candida diet
  • A lifelong process that I started that made a huge difference in my healing
  • The two key factors that, taken together, made the biggest difference for me
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