What does it take to quit sugar?

Ricki talking about how to quit sugar for good

We’ve all been there (except for my husband, apparently): You’re working at home, producing great work. . . but suddenly, mid-afternoon, you’re overtaken by a massive sugar craving, and go searching for something sweet.

If you’re anything like I was as a supreme sugar addict, you might even start to ransack the kitchen (looking in drawers that haven’t seen the light of day for years, maybe even carefully piecing through the garbage. . . .) in the hopes of finding something sweet.

When that search comes up empty, you might move on to less obvious places, like the shoe box at the back of the closet where you used to hide chocolate bars, or maybe the boxes of Christmas decorations. . . and then–SUCCESS!–you find a couple of old candy canes and finally assuage those “sugar crazies.”

I’ve definitely had many (many!) occasions like that, and, at the time, thought I’d be stuck forever in the cycle of “eat sugar-free, then go through some crazy sugar withdrawal, then the sugar crazies until I find something with sugar in it, then finally relax before being overwhelmed with disappointment, shame, frustration and pessimism about my ability to give up sugar for good.

So. . . how have I managed to quit sugar for good–at almost 20 years and counting?

Now, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I currently eat only the very low glycemic sweeteners, like stevia, sugar alcohols (xylitol, erythritol), monk fruit or yacon syrup.

Sweeteners such as these won’t mess with your blood sugar, so you’ll be able to enjoy sweet things without the kinds of sugar crashes you experience when you start the day on sugar (or refined flour products), and then feel the crash later in the day, leading to a hunt for sugar.

So, why do you get to that point? Well, it depends on the source of your cravings.

And there are only 3 reasons why we tend to eat sugar when we consciously don’t want to eat it. 

In this video, I talk about my own experience cutting out sugar, how I quit sugar for good, and what you need to do if you want to be free of refined sugar (and even other high glycemic sweeteners) for life.

I’d love to hear from you: do you eat sugar-free, or refined sugar-free? What was the transition like for you? And if you struggle with eating sugar, what trips you up?


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  • JOIN ME for the SUGAR FREEDOM workshop on February 11th! Find out all the details and register here.
  • What happens to most people when they are addicted to sugar.
  • Why you crave and eat sugar when you don’t want to: it comes down to only three reasons.
  • My own experience with sugar addiction and sugar crashes, and why that happened
  • The easiest “fix” that works for some people, but not all
  • The second reason people crave sugar, that requires some practice but works fairly easily
  • The most challenging reason people crave sugar, but the one that gives the most long-term and positive effects when addressed
  • I’ve found, 100% of the time, that when you deal with all three reasons, you will STOP craving sugar
  • The approach that worked for me, and how I addressed these reasons in my own life



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